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Hair Details: Rosebony Gypsy Locs Twisted Wigs for Ebony Women

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Oh first of all, let's talk about the bag. I love when wigs come with a nice satin bag. So some of y'all like oh, i love that lockwood. Does it come in a color bam? I found the same lock wig in this lovely. It'S like a to me: it's like a number four throughout and then like a number 30 at the tips, and this company also has a 27 at the tips as well. Yeah y'all, nice, sturdy headband. You have a comb in the front and a comb in the back. So let me just snatch this one off, and this is what i love about: headband, wigs they're, so freaking easy, like you see how i did that literally i snapped it on my head, throw it back. Oh this headband is actually very roomy and then yeah you're. Pretty much pretty much done. Okay, i like the color. What do y'all think i used to stare away from like lock, wigs but they've been looking so much more natural these days. I really wanted to stress this one out. I really do if any of y'all get this wig and try it. Let me know, send me pictures but yeah. This is what we're working with with this wig. Oh honey she's, pretty she retails for about 39.99 on amazon. Oh my god. I look like my auntie. My auntie has had locks for, like all of her adult life and i've always loved her locs. You see what it's looking like. Look at the back look at that color, i'm here for this y'all. I think this is so pretty. Let me tell you if you were to like wash this wig, maybe throw it in a dryer. Oh my god. This would look even more natural like come on 39 with this wig right here. I just saved you about four years of work and waiting four years. Three to four, depending on you know how your hair grows, but yes, and look at these locks like look at each individual, lock, y'all, look at that who's on the website. What else do i need to say you know? Locks are definitely trending right now, not sure what it is about right now in this period of time of life, because to me locks have always been the, but you know it's not too late to hop on all right, y'all, i'm back, so i wanted to show You what it looks like when i use this sleeve here to just put my hair up, and i'm really feeling this i mean. I think this is a no-brainer get it if you've been wanting to try locks for a very long time, but did not want the lock commitment honey get into these lock wigs get into these headband lock wigs. How easy is this y'all come on now, y'all know. I don't steer y'all wrong, and i'm just so here for this color and that's another thing if you have been anti-color or apprehensive about color, since we gon na stop that in 2021. I think now is the time to venture into these blondes. Okay. This is a 30 color which i think is a very nice type of blonde to start with. Yeah come on now. This is so pretty

GymBarberella *: You’re so beautiful. You look just like my little sister. Doppelgänger I really want this wig but it doesn’t come in grey or salt/pepper. It’s so pretty. It looks so realistic on you. Thank you so much for the review. New subbie

Marie Osme: Awesome

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