Hair Tutorial Half Up Half Down Curl Headband Wig Ft- Hair Spells

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Hello, libby's, hair, doing logo parrots if you'd like to see how i got this complete hairstyle and keep on watching period. Make sure you like comment subscribe, join the global game, hurry anyways, as you can see this little head tutorial, wig, inspired or wig edition. One of those anyways, so this hair is from hair spells. You can't tell it they sent me this beautiful headband wig. If you have a headband weight, then you can definitely try this out and if you are interested in any of the items that i have in this video, everything will be a link and below and i'll also have the hair links and also my coupon code. If you want to shop hair spells, i got this beautiful blonde headband wig, i did not do nothing to it. This is the color that came, and i didn't curl this before so yeah looks like this in the inside. Oh so i came with a couple of goodies, so, let's get into it came with a headband. You could pick any hairband your choice. They have many different colors and patterns, but i personally like the cheetah print, and i also got this beautiful crown headpiece, where headband has little diamonds and they guess gold, it's cute, and it also came with this little um. What you call these? It'S a harris house. We go it's cute, it's like sexy because i'm 16 i'm getting through i anyway. So the rest of this is about to be a voiceover. So let's get into this hey y'all. So, as you can see, you can see my little head or whatever look like a potato, but it's fine about the fish standing stick but as you can see, i got a little column but they're coming in my hair. So you say sturdy because you don't want nobody's natural weave boxes. You don't want that party perfect, all right. So, as you can see, one slide the wig down cuz. You don't want that showing okay, yeah yeah yeah and then obviously connect the velcro from the back. So it can't be snatched then, as you can see, that's what i like now, obviously i'll brush them out before you cut it again, because you don't want no stiff, wear stiff, wear or whatever. So, as you can see about this part, my lowest half up half down style cause. That'S what i like! That'S what i like! That'S what i like yeah. We need to cover that asap because who gon na come on down there, like that nah y'all, hide that with a little heaven, whatever yeah, so we're using a little curling tool, acrylamide, whatever y'all call it. I was going to do the flat pressing and curl it myself, but i low-key still learning about day like sometimes i can create a bit. Sometimes i can't so this curly one it can do the trick party's gon na go by fast, so yeah, i don't know where i got it from y'all. So don't ask me: you got ta hold that curl. You got ta hold it, but, as you can see, i'm doing the same thing for, like my whole head so yeah, i'm gon na cry now because y'all probably irritated yeah. My mickey did you make a date all right, i'm gon na um biggest. This is the final look over there. I'M gon na come out with more hair tutorials soon with wigs and there's some hair y'all. Don'T i forget about my natural hair y'all? I, like you all right, so if you made it in this video make sure to like comment. Subscribe, join the global game. Show some love to your girl. I'Ll show a little bit yeah either you're gon na grow me and grow dummy parrots, and i will see y'all to find someone like you. My baby girl,

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