Must Have $15 Copper Curly Wig | Motown Tress Headband Wig


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In my way, hey guys welcome back to my channel, as you guys know, I like to get right into my videos, and today I want to show you guys this beautiful curly wig, it's actually originally a headband wig and it's by Bishi or Bishi. I'M not sure. If I'm pronouncing it right but y'all, this color is in the um. This wig is in the color, copper and it's so beautiful. All I did was cut off the headman part and I just uh cut some bangs that framed my face. Plopped it right on, and I would definitely say this is big head friendly. I have a lot of space. It has a comb in the front, a comb in the back and combs on the side as well. So it's it's pretty snug. It'S. I feel like it's a wig for everybody's head honestly, I feel like it can fit anybody's head. It'S just so beautiful. Like look at this. It is such a look. I am so loving this color, it's perfect for fall. Oh, I love it, and so this is the price that I paid on ebony line. It was about 22 dollars and then you know with shipping, and everything came up to like 28 dollars, but look at this stock card. I recently discovered something there is another site in another brand. That'S selling this same exact, headband wig has the exact same stock card girl and it's by um Motown tress. I'M gon na put the link down in the description box, they're selling it for fifteen dollars. They have the same color I mean it's the same girl same curls. So if you want to save some books, is selling this exact same wig under Motown. So, like I said I'll leave the website down in the description box. If you're interested in purchasing the same wig just for cheaper

Ashley Allure: Thanks girl I’ll try it out!

Tanisha Peter tv: Absolutely beautiful

Awaken Spirit: BEAUTIFUL

Russell Talley: Please make a Rumble. Your TikTok has been removed. Do you have another TikTok account?

Alisha Bush: Tytyty!

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