Headband Wig | Worth The Hype? | Affordable Wigs For Beginners | Luvme Hair Review

Hi guys,

In this video, I will be reviewing a headband wig from the company LUVME HAIR.

Here is the link to the exact wig I bought:


(All the best. Hopefully you don’t end up with a trashy wig)


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Hi guys welcome back to my channel back again with another video and this time around, as you've. Seen in the title is gon na be a hair review. So i stated in my first video for this year, which i posted, i think about two or three weeks ago about how i have a new wig, headband wig, that i would like to review for you guys and yeah. I wanted to do a first impression video, but i was like i was a bit skeptical about the hair company, so i wanted to wear it. Try it out for a couple of weeks before i come to you with my honest opinion about it and so yeah. I'M gon na give you all the tea about this company about this hair, whether or not this headband weight trend. That'S going on, it's really worth the hype and all that. So if you want to see more about that, then kindly stick around don't forget to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video and i placed my order for this wig, and i think i got it 13 days after i placed the order. I believe i would have gotten it faster, but immediately after i made my payments, i went online and i saw some really horrible reviews about the company and i was panicking. I was like, oh my god, have i thrown my money away and all that, so i sent them an email on a friday and i think they got back to me on monday explaining to me how it's legit and if i want to cancel my order, then They will refund my money and i was like you know what let me just do it because some of the people i watch their videos on they were pretty excited about the wig that they got and all. But then there were others who absolutely hated it. So you know in everything else, positive reviews are negative, so you really have to take the risk and so yeah. This is the packaging. So it's called love me, hair and the box. Is i like the box, the feel the velvety feel of it and all that? So i got it a month ago and i worried two weeks straight monday to sunday monday to sunday. I didn't skip a day because i really wanted to have a feel of it. I took it out of the box. Initially, this was how it came. It was a pamphlet or like a brochure or whatever, and it has to make how to care for your wig, how to use your wig like. If you want to dye it. If you want to straighten it and curl it up, and then some frequently asked questions about, if you can see it about the product and all and the packaging is really spot on, you know it came with five headbands. The wig came in this like really cute pouch, a wig cap which i was dying made of, and i like the fact that it's brown as well also comes with this case like a pencil case back in the day. That'S the case, sort of, and then in there we have. I haven't actually opened this. I haven't used this before, but it comes with a an elastic band. Maybe you want to sew it on for more security like something to lay your edges an edge brush. You can use this to swoop your edges, some of course who doesn't need some paints hairpins, and then this love me hair piece and some tweezers. So it's like a full-on case. You know yeah for the money that i paid for it. How much did i even pay? I think everything came to like 120 dollars or so, and that includes shipping. Now, what caught me was the fact that they were having a sale, so i actually bought the wig itself for 80, something 86 dollars or so with a headband as well. You get five options and these two are the ones that have been really like rocking. I love them: yep, yellow and the cheetah print five headbands. Now, let's get into the weight, because i know that that's what you're waiting for so when i took the wig out for the first time. My first impression was that this wig is like super soft. It'S so soft - and this is my first colored wig normally i would go in for black, just be on a safe side, but you know i just wanted to step out of my comfort zone and what better time to do it than with the headband wig. So this is how it looks like this is how it looks like on the inside. So you have one comb attachment at the front two other sides and then one at the back, and then you have this velcro attachment that you give you maximum security. This wig is not going anywhere like when i put it on okay, i'm gon na try it on and i'm not going to use the side combs because i was using it for my first week, but i realized that i started feeling pains on my temple area. So i just wanted to avoid it and also probably breakage, so i usually use the front and the back combs and in terms of shedding it doesn't shed as much. Actually surprisingly, you will get some shedding, but it's not like so much that you, you feel overwhelmed. Yeah, the shading is pretty minimal and yes, i'm gon na go ahead and try this one for you like. How am i going to put all this under the weight, but that's the beauty of twist. You know i don't have cornrows, but i believe i can make it work yeah. I know it's not the best part for the purpose of this video, just something to keep my hair away. Whilst i try the wiggle so i'm gon na put on my wig cap, i gave you all the true rest of me. You, like the view from behind, but you won't make a mess of me guys. I suggest you do this with cornrows so that it sometimes you have to hold the hair up so that it doesn't get caught in there, because my hair is not braided, because my hair is not braided, it's not as flat. Can you see how so this wig is, and even when i straighten it? Oh, my goodness, it gets even better. Who do you think you're talking uh yeah and if you are somebody who really likes to lay their edges, then i suggest that you would push the headband back a bit and then lay them. But you know today's not id so normally just leave it right on the forehead and, yes, let me have a guy. So i'm going to try on all the headbands. If i got ta choose i'm going back, i'm yeah you get a drift, i'm not going to put on all the headbands but yeah. So these are the other three so yeah. For my for this love me company. I give them 100 like because it's very convenient you don't have to lay your edges to just wake up through it all and you are off, but i will advise you to be careful because you know who knows, you might probably be the one to get that Week that doesn't go so well. You know these companies. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don'T forget to give this video a thumbs up, don't forget to share it like the video drop down your comments, let me know which one is your favorite headband. Are you gon na purchase this wig or not and yeah, let's get into the highlights, though i got ta is what i got ta do

Samira Wilson: I love the colour of the hair and especially the fact that it came with all the bands. Well done

Ekua Ortsin: I’m not a fan of wigs but you may me fall In love with this one...definitely trying it!

Sandra Agyemang: Will get one, love the color.

PamelaWorld: Thumbs Up I love the color

Afiba Ndede: I really liked the hair...I got vim to try it. I will definitely try this wig

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