Wigs For Natural Hair: U Part Wig Install On 4C Natural Hair

Get ready with me, I'm actually throwing a wig over this old wash and go today, I'm only using two products to style. I really like using this density. Serum and I've been including it in any style that I'm pulling my hair back, I'm wearing a u-part and look how close that pattern matches. I put my hair in some extra chunky twists and then pulled it back into a low Pony. I like to brush back my hairline, but it's really not necessary. This is what it looks like on the inside and I just used the little Combs to secure it in it's super easy part, my hair down the middle and then use mousse to just blend the two together, and I really like this wig because it blends with My hair so easily. I really wanted to go for the wet look, so I ended up adding in some gel and just raking that, through after adding all of my products, I'm always so convinced that this u-part looks like it's growing from my scalp

Alexis Hawkins: @jorinedorcelus I just have to say your hair is amazingly beautiful I have always had an obsession with, and please don't take offense to this, but I've always had and obsession with black curly/wavy hair, I've always wanted my hair like that, but I was "cursed" with the straight flat hair. Would you have any tips or tricks at all for me to accomplish getting wavy/curly hair? I appreciate your time and help hun. Much love to you and yours from me and mine here in north Carolina USA

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