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Foreign welcome back to another video today, I'm wearing a new shirt, it's actually a dress, but I feel like they look real cute with like a hoodie over it, but it's real cute anywho today we're doing a wig video. This wig is so cute. I can't even like explain it y'all and it's so cute. My face feel a little dry because I just washed my face. I should have put some stuff on it. This wig is really cute. It'S short, it's it's a short queen and I'm living for it. It is actually from Elfin hair. This is my first time working with them, so I'm excited to see how this goes. My first impressions always of red hair is to wash it before you put it on your head. Do not just put that on your head because once you start to glue it spray it whatever you do, it's gon na bleed because they obviously dye it this color. So that was my first impression. Second impression was very easy to pluck very easy. So, if you're looking for something really quick and we're gon na actually do like a quick look today if you're looking for something very easy, beginner friendly and quick, this is the wig for sure, because it was so easy to plug y'all know I'm not the best At plucking it did its job, it is a frontal Bob, it is 200 and or it's 200 density. It is a transparent lace and it is a 13x4 and the color is considered 99j. If y'all want to know she's giving. I know beyond we got ta say it. Y'All know me. I do not wear short wigs like that, like I said we're just doing some real quick, I'm about to just braid it back put a wig cap on I'm not even going to glue it on. I'M just going boom and we're gon na go about our day. Okay, I was thinking low-key. I want to take this blonde out my hair. It was too wild lasted. I don't care enough to keep updating it. Maintaining it is the actual word. I don't care enough. So I'm like, why do I still have this in my head, cute wig, I'm a cute wig, cute style. I did something different, very new um, but I just I don't know I don't care enough like it's like I just. I just want my old head back. I guess I don't know, but y'all gon na see me put this wig cap on, because this is the best fastest easiest way to put it on. Usually I put on my wig caps before the video, because it just takes a little while and I feel like it takes up a lot of time in the video when it's unnecessary and like, if you're just here, for a wig review and like not a how-to. Because I don't do those which, if y'all want me to do a how-to, let me know down below, because I have a lot more experience now. I always want to educate people, and I always want to help people out, and I usually do those type of videos when I'm not that educated like if I learn something I'm like y'all have to learn how to do this like right. Now, like oh my gosh, I'm so excited, but I'm glad that I I mean, I'm pretty sure I've probably done a how-to video before, but I just know that, like I have a lot out of knowledge now, where I could do a how-to video I'm like so I'M just like talking for real, I'm just going from one to the next real quick, so I'm just gon na braid, my hair and I'm not even gon na braid it from the scalp like we're just gon na braid it down here I feel like personally for Me because I don't keep my wigs on for 10 years, um, that's not being shady! I just don't keep my wigs on at all. It'S the best way to get like the flattest look, especially if you don't know how to cornrow. This is the best way to go just braid it from down here, and I do this almost all the time I feel like if I braid it from the scalp it's because my hair was already braided, so I'm just pushing everything back like pushing all these extra Little flyaways back and putting the wig cap on. But if my hair is like fresh like this, then I'm just gon na braid it like I'ma braid it from the head down. I'M not gon na do all that extra stuff, because it's just not necessary to me. So the best way - I guess this is kind of a how-to. I mean it's not a how-to, but it is a how-to. It'S like a mini how-to like without how to win. I'M about to put this wig cap on so easy, like your mother, can do it. I'M just going to spray all this stuff that would potentially come forward and then blow dry it to make sure it's all dry honey. So there will be a couple pieces. I don't really care. My Edge is already gone so like what do I have to lose and then we're gon na tie this bag. I get a big clip. I had this big clip as like an accessory, but it works very well for my wigs, I don't know which one I have three. Sometimes the wig caps be super tight, but they may fit like that. I don't know, they'd be fit and funny and we're just gon na put on we're literally just look at this, and usually I do it from the back to the front. But the only reason I'm doing this is because I'm not gluing it down. Do this boom and then we're just gon na make sure all this is straight and pull it back right. That'S obviously not gon na go back right here. It'S perfect! Then I'm gon na grab my spray wax. I bought this thinking that it was free spray. These are not the same. I want to let you know so if this is ever out in stores just go to another one, do not buy this instead, because that's what I did and I messed up pretty bad, but I'm gon na spray. Just this little. This little part, and then I'm gon na put makeup on it or not, probably makeup on it. First I used a bronzer. I tried to use the foundation, I think, because I'm not putting it like I'm putting it on a part. That'S way lighter than my skin tone: it's not going to blend well, so this is the best we're gon na get baby and we're just spraying that to keep it in place. So when you put your wig on it doesn't fly back this one's gon na be cute. I love a little short moment and you know that's what I love about. Wigs and people always say why don't you just dye your hair? If you want your hair, this color, because I could put on a wig I'm very much - I'm I'm educated enough to make the wig look decent. Okay, so I'm just gon na put me on a wig. If I want a short red look boom, it also comes with a strap. The strap doesn't work for you and we're about to see right now. All you have to do is cut it off, I'm actually about to put foundation on this first. I don't know why sitting here acting like I don't need Foundation. I'Ve been using this to put on my wig caps. Oh, let me show y'all. This is transparent too it's transparent, but you know I like to do the most. This is a 1.5 light to medium glow. It'S four in one glow, it's perfector, so you could use it as a primer, concealer, highlighter, BB cream base, corrector Illuminator. I don't like using it as any type of cream as in like a BB cream, because it's it's too shiny because like if I could use it as a highlighter. Why am I putting it all over my face? But that's just me. I don't like all that extra, like sparkly stuff on my face. I want my face to look solid so, but I use it for my laces and it works really well, and it's super easy put it on like look at that all right, let's determine if we keeping this on or not because sometimes it'd be a little too Tight, I know it's perfect wow, it's perfect, it's good. We good y'all, we good y'all, I mean my plucking skills is not a one. It is actually this can be put on a long head. I mean I have a long head, but, like y'all see how far down I go, I'm not going so you're, just gon na put it up to your ear, because, obviously we're not gon na put it all the way down there. You'Re gon na put it up to your ear, but you got to make sure both sides is doing the thing. Where'S your ear, like you're right here, we're gon na cut right here, y'all see it it's perfect. I'Ve had a new technique that I've been trying to do and I'm gon na show y'all right now. So I'll do that and then I'll do this I'll come over here and see where it needs to be cut over here and take this right back off my head reason: I take it back off. My head is because trying to cut that without actually seeing what you're cutting is not fun at all. So you want to make sure that you can see everything, so I just go through and oh, let me show you. Let me show you. I also cut the band because I wanted to - I don't know, but y'all see how perfect that is, you just go straight across boom. Then you take it off your head. You could cut it easily. Okay, so now we're about to. I wasn't gon na spray, but we're gon na spray this puppy on. I first want to make sure that it's on my actual hairline, because usually I won't put on my hairline because I'm I got a big head and not a big hair. I got a big forehead and I'll try to make it look smaller, but if I do a middle part, I can't do that because it looks so weird so we're gon na do my actual hairline push it back boom. Come it out so it'll, stick together when you're trying to I've had to happen plenty of times where I'm trying to do my edges and stuff, and it's all stuck together. Okay, so now we're gon na plug in our hot Combs, hot Combs are the essentials. If I were to make an Essentials of what you need for wigs - and this is for everybody - not even just what I personally use - you would need a blow dryer, a hot comb. This is a hot comb. You need one of these. I personally don't use them. I probably should right now I don't ever use them, because I don't care enough, but you could use one of these. A baby hair brush a wig cap got to be glued freezer spray and The Styling glue, and one of these it's just like a wax stick, and maybe some foundation and a like a foundation brush we're waiting for this hot comb to heat up and while we're Doing that, I'm about to cut this lace. Thank you, foreign. You see all this stuff lifting up or looking like it's lifting up. I got ta. Do boo, do not get overwhelmed, grab your spray and spray, it blow dry it and it's all gone literally. It'S gon na leave like it was never there. What I am gon na do, though, is wipe off some of the excess that you could see on my skin. Still this whole thing came up. Yeah I was gon na say that whole thing came up. My real hair, showing so I might do edges right there might depends on how I feel when I'm done now. We'Re done. I'M shocking. I should add edges, I'm gon na add edges, I'm gon na. Do it I'ma, Do It? Oh okay, just without styling and like just the edges, it's really giving and like oh, I can't it's so pretty and so cute, and I just I love the length I didn't want to be too short, because I've had wigs that are like here and like I Just feel like my face, isn't made for really really really short hair. I'Ve actually had my hair cut and it was like to here - and I was so pissed when I left like that girl. I hope she got better. That'S all I got to say I don't want her to go out of business or nothing, but I really hope that girl got better foreign middle part, because I laid this part down and at first I was like no I'm not gon na do it, but once I laid it down, it looks so much better, but I'm actually just going to go through and hot comb it. I don't even have to use the whatever that's called flat iron. All right. I'M done sorry y'all, my girlfriend came home, so I was spending time with her, but this is the wig. I love that I stuck with the middle part because it just looks perfect and it's nice and flat, like I said - and I have to do much like this took me an hour - tops I'm loving it. This is the back. This is the front I got ta. Do a little Cameo, real quick, so just give me a second all right, y'all! That'S it! Thank you, elephant hair for sending me this wig to show you all on my page. I appreciate it so much. This wig is beautiful. It will definitely be getting used up. Baby, because it's so simple, it's not too long, so you don't have to do too much to maintain it. I'M gon na give this wig a 10 out of 10.. It ain't that easy. You get a 10 out of 10 out of me, but this week's giving I loved the process of getting it ready. It took two seconds to flat iron into two seconds so below dry to two seconds to wash. It took two seconds to get on my head. Like I don't know, it's giving, I love it and thank you so much to Elephant hair. This wig will be down below, hopefully with a discount, so you guys could shop. I got the 16 inch if anybody wants to know if you have like the same head size body size whatever. This is a 16 baby how long ago, as well as all the information to their company will be down below. So, thank you guys so much for watching give this video a thumbs up, make sure you follow all my social media at the end of the video and I'll see you guys next time, bye, foreign

Dopamine: Your hair is filling out and growing

ALAYNA: This color always looks so good on you.

shanasvntn: you did great! I'm definitely following this when I get my first wig

Caye Bee: Yess! This look is giving ! Per usual

Bee: You are great at wig installs keep it up

Patriana: Crissy girl we need vlogs !! I wanna see you outside of your apartment! Would love to see more of your personality!

Candace Amanirenas: This is beautiful... I wanna get this wig.

Bree J: PLZ do a how to!!! You know what you’re doing stop talking bad about yourself ❤

Waltesha Trotter: Looks so good!!!

Eclectic Nerd: The blond streaks in your hair is/was super cute!

Morgan's DCIM: That is a REALLY cute one.

Eclectic Nerd: I love that color and style on you. Will you do an updated on how to wash your wig before you use it?

jlana93: love these! Keep it up

Rebeka: Pretty color on you

Asia: I love color hair crissy hair color look so pretty on you


Alexus todd: Can you do a how to ? ❤

VALERIA I COTTO-VAZQUEZ: your hair is growinggggg

Eclectic Nerd: Umm Crissy luv, I don’t care how much you say your edges are leaving you don’t want to have a George Jefferson. (IYKYK if you don’t google is user friendly). Take care of your edges!❤️

Special Treasure: I can watch you, watch TV bc

WOW Yummyyy: LIKE

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