Amanda 4*4 Lace Deep Wave Wig Install By Info Phinknicey

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today, as you can see, i'm here with amanda hair, and this is actually the packaging, and this is how, when you order your product today to come in this way, you're going to receive these cute little um, hair packs. Here is super beautiful and you're going to receive your free makeup from amanda head. You know you all need a weekend to give you that strong, tight hold of your hair and let's get it straight into this hair, and this is actually a 22 inch and it's actually a closer wing. So guys. Let me just show you through how you can go about with this hair and you can actually install it so guys. This is how the coils are actually looking like this and it's a closure wing in 22 inches. It'S 100 human ready here, like you, can see how the coils are really popping guys. Then the interior is actually so beautiful. I'M loving it so much and it is. This is how it is like you can go ahead and cut out your lace, as you can see after that, you're going to install it with your spray or you can go ahead and rock it that way. If you want - and it's actually a center part as you can see - and you can use your powder or foundation to you - know, take the lace a bit and the interior is looking so much that guy just take a look at this clothes, like, oh, my god. So guys, kingdom, so hey so guys as you can see, we have come to our end of this hair installation. This was easy like super. It is very easy to install it's not like a close. Your wig and transfer guys delete the the center part like it's done for you, you don't need to do you do anything. You don't need to stress trust me guys and i'm loving the choice pattern of this hair exactly i do quality way between 22 inches and i'm loving it. The the lens is actually a 4x4 and super nice. Everything is done for you. It'S very split plugged. It'S very affordable, like there's, no tangling, there's no shedding everything came out so nice, so guys. Let me know your thoughts about this hair. Would you like to rub this hair? Would you like to give someone this hair? Well, just let me know your thoughts about this hair because for me i'm loving this hair and i'm not going to take your pictures of this hair so guys. Let me know what you want to see next. Would you like to see koi strange? You know kinky headband makes and all that good stuff, so guys. Thank you and i'll see you guys in my next video bye, guys


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