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Thank you, hello. How are you I'm good thanks and you flowers? Yes, yes, I just called I just called. I think it was Leila yeah. I spoke to her and I told her we just here yeah I spoke to. I told her we're running a bit late. Could you not let you know delay now, I'm not sure if it's Layla, but I spoke to someone there's someone I called there, you can ask around all right, no problem. Thank you. Thank you. Bye foreign hotel at life Day Spa for spa station uh we're just struggling to get in with the parking ticket. I don't know we just I don't know how it works, but someone is here to help us anyways. If you are new to this channel welcome, I am Yolanda Commando, also known as sushi on Twitter Instagram and on the streets, and if you are a returning subscriber, thank you so much for the continuous support, truly truly appreciate it. Um GPS. I don't know guys we were struggling with Indo England to get in anyways we here and late, how embarrassing um. So as I was saying that we just getting a couple's massage at Last Day, Spa, I think I need it. I needed more than I think I do need it actually and I'm also just looking forward to the after chills the swimming and the drinks, the food and all of that um. I really can't say much right now, because I am busy panicking with the time I'm Gon na Catch You guys inside. Thank you, hey guys. I just got into the therapy room as you can hear the music so they're waiting, I'm just waiting for someone who's gon na massage me um yeah. She was just giving me a moment to take off my stuff. We'Ve got a couple's room, it's so big. So it's very special I've never been to a big one like this yeah. I can't wait to get this session um because I need it. Let me just let me just I don't know what time do they say? I don't think they'll shorten the time. I don't think they'll shorten the time. It is an hour. What time did we arrive? It can't be 30 minutes. I guess we'll see few moments later. That was so good um. As you can see India, China. They also gave us a glass of water. How was it babe what's supposed to take out laughs right now, we're just gon na go to the steam room. I really had a good session. I think it wasn't. It wasn't an hour. Maybe it was an hour Justice. I think they didn't do the potty. Okay, guys I'm taking a picture. Let me put my camera right here: oh hi, guys, I'm back, why are you saying you back yeah, but why are you saying you're back I haven't floated anything. Imagine how should I stand guys. They are so cute. They gave me some slops because I was actually wearing heels foreign guys. You won't believe it from uh. Well I mean it's still wholesome. I was gon na say from a wholesome day at the spot to ending up in Cubana thanks to iscom right now, we're going home just going to sleep, tired, I'm going to church homes in the morning. I'M not sure if I'm gon na do the eight 30 service. I doubt it though I think I'm gon na do the 10 30. and then I will start my day but gums. I just want to relax just wan na relax, relax, yeah and prep for work on Monday. Did you have a good time? Babe today was gon na. It was the Cubana worth it as well. We are done banging until next summer, language, okay, no I'm officially done like, even if it's load shedding we had four hours. So I was like. Let'S go out, I think now it's like you know, um, like he long streets, yeah, where you could just find any place. You want yeah. It'S been a good day, guys, I'm going to talk to you guys, I'm not drunk, I'm literally just tired. I just had two cocktails, those shisha shots that you get at Cubana and that was it, but we both are not drunk, which I guess is good. It'S not. I also wanted to be lit, but now that we're going home, I feel like it's good right guys. I'M gon na see you guys. I'Ve been thinking that I can't let you go. My one Temptation yeah a few moments later. Maybe I'm indifferent, maybe guys I'm currently a typo. Now I'm here to buy my 2023 Journal. As you guys know, I had a brown one. Last year for 2022, so it is a new year, so we are doing things I had this color last year. Actually this was the only interesting color that they had last year. Here these things go for about 169, each and guys I didn't know. I was going to use it because last year was my first time journaling, but I loved every minute of having it journaling and writing my thoughts writing my scripts at church. When I attend what do you guys think about this color? I think there's most of this one as well. It'S actually many pretty ones here, and I also want them to write my name on it. Sorry, we also have these now much more bigger ones. I don't think I actually need it. It'S okay! I think I'm gon na take this one. Oh decisions decisions much much much later, hey guys, um. This video was sponsored by love me hair. They sent me this unit a couple of months back and I've actually worn it a couple of times, and I must say I am happy with the quality it came with a lot of goodies such as the wig cap, headband, mirror and a brush to do your Edges this is the unit um, it's called a kinky straight hair and it is in the size 20 inch. It also has a 4x4 lace front in front there, as you can see I've already bleached the knots right now. I'M just gon na do a installation video for you guys, I'm sure if you have been in this channel for so long. You kind of probably familiar with how I installed my hair and yeah hope that you guys are gon na enjoy watch till the end and also stay tuned for the rest of the vloggy Vlog. I hope you guys enjoy playing the Vlog so far and yeah. It'S very very wholesome, I must say when I was editing the Vlog I felt like this. Is such a natural nice, easy Vlog, I don't know just anyways, enjoy the video if you're interested in purchasing this hair. You will hear the details at the end of this video and but yeah everything is in the description box. Ciao love me. It'S time is merciless time. We got older baby every night every day. Promise will never change. Me love me. Thank you so much for watching. My installation, video from lovely hair, if you're interested in purchasing that hair or any other unit from Love Me hair. I will link the information down in the description box today is Friday, so excited because we are entering the weekend um and I just got back from woolies. So what happened this morning? Sipo arrived early in the morning like around half past seven. He was here, and I am currently going, I'm currently in my monthly. You know it's that time of the month. So last night I went to bed well, not even last night. Actually, the day before I started my monthlies, which was on Monday, I was craving some chocolate cake and I was like, oh my God, I'm craving the chocolate cake. Then we went to McDonald's went to like because we're just looking for slice. We went to like several places could not fight to find it and then eventually they don't um. Can you give me space yeah? I need to finish this video. Give you all the space you need. You want to do what, because I just didn't be shy. I don't know it is anyway, so we, I then asked him to take me to Woody's to go. Get some cake also got some breakfast from McDonald's. If you can see right over there and then we - and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably also saw that and then we also went to Woolworths and I went in for cake. Let me show you guys the cake I got so got this cake from booties. This is not my fave, but I Trust and Believe by imnandi, and then I also bought like a new item for the kitchen, guys believe it or not. I have been I hadn't. I hadn't had a strainer for the longest time so, each time I cook like things like rice and spaghetti, it was such a hassle. So I finally got this at Checkers. It was 60 rounds, got some flowers as well. These were 139 and I got them at discounted 15 Rands, and this is for my kitchen. I love love flowers. In my kitchen, I don't think I'm a flower person, personal person, but I just like the way it looks in the kitchen, so I always just make sure that my kitchen has so I went to Woody's to go, buy Cake which was probably going to cost me. Let'S see okay costed 109, so it was gon na cost me 109, but then I also just decided to buy a lot of stuff because guys, if you look at my fridge, like I'm, not even being dramatic, like just look at my fridge, it is so empty. So I was like you know what actually oh it's not chilly. Now I was like actually maybe getting just cake is not going to be wise. I should actually like just buy a few stuff that I do need. I'M not gon na do like a grocery haul. For you guys, but I'm gon na show you one thing that I saw from some easy and I have been struggling with the fact that I'm like things like bread, it just goes off because maybe I'll use, maybe two or three slices or four slices from it And then Italy, maybe a couple of days and then the next thing it's expired, so I thought so music. He was doing a a sandwich and he used these. Instead, these are called White sandwich thins, it's like bread, but it comes in eight slices. I was like this is exactly like. This is perfect for me. Each time I feel like eating bread, I need to buy the White Salmon slices and they not even like expensive, because they crusted uh White sandwich white such thins. They, like 15 Rands for eight. I guess they are expensive because the loaf of bread is like around that price and you get like 22 or 23 slices, but oxalai at the like yeah. It expires. So I end up not eating that whole 22 runs so I'm wasting money. Essentially. So I think this is very perfect for me. I'Ll start buying these going forward instead of like a whole lot of a bit because it always just goes off these games, but I just wan na stop everything I'm doing stop cause. I'M not okay, walk away. I wonder: will you ever come back again? Cause every place has got an hint of pain. Maybe I'm indifferent. Maybe I'm not thinking straight. I know good morning guys today is Saturday and the time it's around five past seven, I'm actually going to my 8 A.M. Um lash appointment um, it's actually one minute past seven, I'm going to leave my place at half past seven because it's probably going to be like a 30 minute drive to the place um I've been having. I think I really think it's the load shedding like. I just feel like Andy. I don't know how to explain this thing I feel like I am you know when you like, very okay: let's leave the productivity like even just winner, you feel, like you have no structure. I feel that way, and especially last night last night, what happened is we had load shedding at six and then electricity came back at eight 30.. I was supposed to wake up and actually cook, and then I woke up at two and then I only started cooking. A two so I've been up since then, like I really I'm looking forward to my lash appointment, because I'll probably like nap, and I really hope that today we're not gon na be chatting or I'm just not going to respond. Oh speaking of that she said, she's got flu, so I should bring a mask so yeah like I've just been having weird days, and I really hope that I'm gon na get I'm gon na get it together. I had a mass appears, but I think at some point I threw them away. I think we don't need to wear this thing. It'S fine! I guess I'll have to wear my matosa mask anyways uh. Today I have a cleaning company. That'S coming to my place to clean my um couch and a mat, and also I just called my helper to come through today, um, because I'd like to get this place really clean. I want to change the bedding and stuff get it and I change my own bedding by the way, but I always ask her to help me with like ironing it and stuff um and then yeah. I just want to do like proper, proper, like cleaning of this place, because it is such a mess right now, I'm Gon na Leave You guys to be watching a update of my bathroom, because you guys don't know how my bathroom looks, and that is all because Of me, because I at some point I stopped being consistent with uploading videos and this video was supposed to be part of my vlogtoba. So yesterday I was going through my um, the folders in my camera, like in my SD card, and I was just deleting some stuff and I was like oh okay. This is something that I think you guys would enjoy like it's a very old old um video, because I shot that during vloktober. So in October yeah I shot that in October and I have like an update on my bathroom what I did, then you know um. It'S not what it is right now. It'S just like an update. I think I will probably do like a proper, proper update for you guys, but like it's just an update from what it was from the first time you guys saw it, which was. It was just plain there was nothing so while I do my lashes, I'm Gon na Leave You guys to watch that I hope you enjoy it to say. Oh just give us time. Looking back on pictures every night, every day promise will never change. Time took a toll on us there's so much improvement. Um! Wait! Let me just fix this part here this match. I bought a black mat that you guys are gon na see it collects so much of a cotton. So it's probably going to give me a tough time when it comes to dust and whatever. If you know what I can use to get rid of that, please let me know down in the comment section but yeah. So this is my bathroom so far I got this um basket at Mr Price home. I love it so much because it obviously fits in this corner. That was the whole idea the whole time I wanted something that fits in that corner. I love that it's wooden. Obviously - and I love this material - that's showing out here um and then I got this match from Mr Price home as well. It'S like a small mat and it also comes with the big one that I put over there right next to the shower. So when I finished showering, I can step on it and here, when I brush my teeth, I can step on it um that brush cleaner was bought during my house warming. So I've had that for quite some time and it also has a set uh. It comes with this. I think this, including the thing to wash the hands and then two days ago I received these bottles from Amanda Jane. I hope I'm pronouncing it well and I love the color. It is very um. I love it. It'S it's giving that look! Your band name Ali - I love the lookiamali, because that's what I'm heading for it's just rich. I love it. I think it fits well in the bathroom I I was also thinking of putting it in the kitchen counter, I'm not quite sure yet, but so far I think I'm gon na leave it here. It'S working for here so long, and then this thing this brown thing I got from Mr Price, home um. This was like very cheap. I saw this from tandigama and she used it to put her her lotion and her hand wash as well, and I thought that was pretty cool and then here we have a hand towel this hand. Towel was bought by my friend during the housewarming, Linda um. I still use that, and it also comes with the towel of its own. I'M gon na show you guys that, and then I've got those two candles right over there. Those candles I love so much and they smell so great. They were literally 29 rounds at Builders. I think I want to go back and get some more. I don't know what brand this is um. I don't think it's any brand and yes honestly, but it smells so good like during load shedding. I like these up, as you can see that they've been used like quite a lot, shame but yeah. I love this. I love that they also have a touch of black. They are obviously fitting very fitting into this bathroom space and then right over there. If you know the story about this plant, let's all laugh together right over there. It'S that plant. It'S exactly what I had imagined. I wanted something. That'S gon na fall like that, a bit of green in the bathroom, and I think it's working out perfectly fine love. It also from Mr Price home, there's really nothing in the shower. I'M supposed to have a eucalyptus there. I just threw it out, but I always have a eucalyptus hanging over there, but yeah there's nothing really much in the shower section and then last but not least, we also have this towel which matches with the hand towel there. This was also bought by Linda from Mr Price home, and I was given two by her during my housewarming. That is literally it when it comes to my bathroom and I'm very happy with weights at I'm happy with the progress of my place. Honestly, it's becoming a home and that is pretty exciting. Thank you. I'Ve gained I'm actually getting ready now to go to church. These jeans are so tight. I'M wearing I'll show you guys my outfit just now. I just shot content for a brand. I collaborated with on YouTube and that's probably going to come out after this video. Oh that's why I have my favorite stuff. The time now is probably like 20 to 10.. I usually leave like a 10 for church um because it starts at half 15 and I live like 15 minutes away guys. I am pretty much sure that this is the end of the video um. It'S quite long, there's so much going on in this video, but I'm really excited too, for you guys to get all of those Updates. This morning I woke up feeling so good. I don't know whether it's because my space is really clean, like from my couch to my bedroom, like it feels so light, and it feels so good and woke up had a really good breakfast. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would have seen it on the stories um and then I also shot content, and now I'm going to church like this is the type of life I want. I want a very Balanced Life all in trouble like this huh. It really requires a lot of effort, but we're gon na get there anyways. If you enjoyed this video, please do give it a thumbs up and also don't forget, to share with your friends and family and if you haven't subscribed as far please do subscribe and grow. The numbers of this channel, thank you all so much if you've watched this far. I truly appreciate the support. I love you guys, honestly on this red app. If you guys make me feel good, I'm gon na see you guys on my next video bye.

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