This New Updated Headband Wig Will Replace The Old One Ft. Yg Wigs

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Hair Structure: Lace Headband Wigs

Hair Style: Loose wave

Hair Length: 24 inch

Hair Color: Natural Color

Hair Density: 180%

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Hello, beautiful welcome back to another video if you're new hi, my name is esther today. It is all about this beautiful unit from y g wigs. Now i just wanted to show y'all what you should receive when you get your package every time i get my yg wig package. It is always in a box and then it comes with this nice bag that i usually use. If i want to store anything in there and then it comes with the goodies like two hair clips, a few headbands in case, you want to um switch it out and stuff, but the wig that i'm gon na be sharing with y'all. You cannot switch the headband out if that makes any sense, so you just lay these headbands on top. So that's really nice and also comes with hoop earrings, which i will be using rocking them, and then it also comes with a edge brush to sweep out your edges and then also a wig cap. As always, you should receive it wig cap, and i also love how they make this uh cute flyer. If you can say, because it shows you all the units that they also have or that you would like to check out and also tells you how to maintain your units, i really really love that they took the time to put this in there as well. Now, if you've watched me for the longest time, you already know, i rock a lot of units from yg wigs now this one is a new one. If you're a fan of the headband wigs, this girl right here will probably be one of your favorites. Now this is just an update of the old headband wig. This wig does have lace on it. Guys can see the cap construction detail for yourself. The width of the headband is 3.5 centimeters, which is more convenient to wear, especially for the summer season. Y'All know it's about to be getting super hot here pretty soon. The way this unit is customized is actually perfect, because it's going to be very, very much breathable inside of your head. Y'All know how summer gets super hot. I also do want to mention the fabric of the headband has been upgraded. It'S softer. It absorbs sweat and rings away moisture, it's very much comfortable as well like i mentioned earlier, and you can rock this even if you are doing sports, because it's just breathable overall, so i'm just grabbing my concealer brush and applying a little bit of concealer on that Lace because girl want to tell y'all this does look more natural in my opinion than the old headband wig, especially if you don't let out any baby hair. This unit is a lot more better than the old headband wig. So if you've been looking or just thinking about getting your hands on a headband wig, i think this this one right here might be the best route for you because of the overall update and construction of this unit. Now i love the texture of this hair because not only did it come very, very, very much body wave, but it's also super full. I did not expect it to be as full as it looked when i brush it out and i am obsessed yg wigs. Does it again with your units, i love love, love their units been rocking it for years. I never really have nothing negative to say about yg wigs, because i really haven't experienced anything negative about them so yeah all the details to this beautiful unit will be in the description box so definitely check that out. But i am just messing with this girl trying to fix her up. Oh another thing that i do want to mention. This unit does come with two combs on the side and one at the back, so you're very much secured when you have this unit on and it's also light weight. I know one of you guys will be in the comments section asking if this unit is lightweight. So i had to make sure i mentioned that, because the way it looks super full, you would think it's pretty heavy, but it's not end up grabbing my slick and shine serum girl when i tell y'all this this this product right here is a bomb on units That just kind of look dry or overall just need a little bit of shine. This product takes care of that. You guys are going to see how beautiful it just oh y'all, see that shine brings moisture makes it looks, makes it look really really nice in sleek. I love love, love, love and it also adds a little bit of um scent to it. I don't know what it is, but this product smells amazing, so this is pretty much it of me talking about this unit. If you want to get your hands on the newest, okay, updated, upgraded, um, headband wig. All the details to this unit will be in the description box. So definitely check that out. I am giving you guys a hexia on this hair. It is luscious, it's beautiful. It'S full overall, it's just bomb for a headband wig. Oh my gosh, i'm in love. I actually do prefer this than the old headband wig. Maybe it's because of the lace on it and it's just overall breathable. I don't know i love it, but check the description box for all the details. As always, i love you guys so so much now pandasana and i will see you guys in another video bye, beautiful you

Shamese Kibby: I’m loving this. I’m definitely going to purchase it. As always you look gorgeous

MyBarbiegal: Love love this wig,it looks so good on you. I'm buying it asap

Shella Dionne: I love this wig!! You look amazing!! I’ve never ordered so quick! Lol thx!!

Ryan Evans: Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 145 sentadillas son unos QQGIRLS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados Saludos desde la Cd.. de world los mortaless abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k

Izo A: Skin is glowing

Venezia Paris: This is pretty. I ordered the same one doesn’t look like this and I didn’t get all those items with my wig.

Cocoa AlmondJoy: Hair is GORG!!!


Tania D: Hi Esther you look beautiful

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