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What up peeps this is tracy's world, i'm tracy, my friends call me willy and, like i always say, if you, my friend, you call me willie too, look check this site. I have a unit from love me hair bam. I purchased with my own coin. I want you guys to come on. Go with me. It is a headband wig. I have a special way that i'm going to be doing this because i don't have a hairline, so i'm going to be using boom this hairline and i'm going to take you guys on this journey with me, but first, let's get into what's in this box. Packaging is always so pretty lift this up. Oh, it fell out. We have the headband wig right here. It looks like they gave me. I don't know at least five, maybe four headbands not sure this is pretty nice. You get a five dollar off card. You got some goodies in here. We have a cat and you guys know i don't keep my caps, but i do save them for other people, and then you have a brochure, love me brochure how to return it. What to do you do's and don'ts in here? We have got a pair of tweezers in here. It'S a headband, hey. They gave me a bunch of headbands here. This is a nice wide one and then here what you tie up your hair with when you get ready to do your hair, you just tie it up like that. Some love me bobby pins. All right. This is just in case. We need extra bam, extra velcro. All right now, let's go into this here before we get into the wig. So here are all the the headbands is one two three four is five extra headbands okey-dokey smokey, let's get into this headband wig this unit right here is it's called a jerry curl, affordable, headband wig. I got this in a 12 inch only because it was cheaper. It'S a 100 virgin hair, it's natural black. So that means that, if i choose to, i can bleach it or uh or color it. It is a medium cap size on the inside. It has four combs. You got one in the crown two on the sides and one in the back, and it has your headband. It goes all the way around. It is stretchable up top here. It'S really soft it doesn't it just smells like a factory smell, it doesn't have a stinky smell or anything. Now i'm going to cold wash this, but let's put it on so you guys can see what it's going to look like now. Look, you see how the curls are the curls. Are it's not, i wouldn't say curls they're like wavys, i guess, but that's because it is jerry curly. You know this thing is super soft. It really is, and if i choose to i could wear it like this, but i don't want to. I want to pull it back a little bit, i'm going to glue this hairline on i plucked this hair plucked it and um. I bleached the knot. I think i did i'm telling you i had this thing for so long. I don't even know whether i bleach it. I know i plucked it, but i don't know whether i bleached it or it came bleached, i'm not sure. But anyway, when i plucked it a lot of it did come out, but you can't tell because it's so thick, so what i'm gon na do to keep it from coming out anymore bam. I got a product called, not sealer. Now i purchased this with my own coin, and this came off for amazon. What you do with this is you, after you finish, whatever you're going to do with it, you spray inside of here this seals, the knots so that it won't come out all right, we're just going to spray it there we go so we sprayed it. We'Re gon na let it dry, i use tape and glue, and the reason why i do that is it's because when i use tape - and i put - i don't - put the glue on my skin all the time i normally hold on to turn this around - i put The tape right here, where i want the beginning of it like right here there now you see how i got some here, i'm probably going to end up having to put some glue there, because i don't i put this too far - it's too far up or back Or, however, you want to put - i usually put it right here around the perimeter of my head, but because i've already did it i'm gon na have to there. We go all right, i'm just going to put the glue on the tape, so i always use this type of glue and it um. I don't know it's waterproof. I can get in the water with it. It'S sweat resistant because i work out sometimes um and to me i just like it now have. I used other glues. Yes, i have, but this one here is my fave i'll leave a link down the bottom. You can buy this on amazon or at your local uh hair. What you call it at your local beauty, little at your local beauty supply store. Now, i'm gon na tell you guys. If you have a hairline, you don't want to do it like i'm doing it, because this will pull your hair out. I'M telling you! I don't have to worry about it, because i don't have a hairline. That'S one reason why i don't like to do other people's hair because they have a hairline. I don't want to be at fault, but your hair come out because of me see. I'M gon na have to cut some of this off because it's actually too long. So i'm gon na wait until after it dries then i'll cut it off. This is why i use my black gel now. You can buy this at your local beauty, salon store too. So hmm. I went in my bathroom and i sprayed this on it. It'S just water, and i also have this. This is what i use for curls. I got this actually on amazon, very good smell to it. This is another gel, it's called eco eco styling gel, and this is pretty good too just going to put this down. So it's not sticky. Now i want to make it look more like it's mine, so i'm gon na pull this back kind of like in a little ponytail, because it's got these little pieces and i don't want to cut them. Put that like that. I just want you guys to see me with this on i haven't washed it or uh conditioned it actually is what i'm just going to do to it. So let's get this on yeah! I'M going to use this wig grip to make sure that this unit doesn't come off my head, because i don't. I can't stick combs in it, because i have nowhere to put the cones. So i'm going to put on my wig grip, i'm going to cut off all the combs, except for the back one all righty. Now i could wear it like that. If i wanted to put some a little bit more gel right here and a little bit more right here and we're gon na take this little piece and do it right there yep that works actually put my glasses on yep hold on get rid of some of These little light areas with this uh black gel. That'S my cover up there yeah it's cute. I like it hey. This is the bomb all right, i'm gon na go and um. I don't know i kind of like these curls like this. To be honest with you, i might rock her like this for a little bit. That'S that cold war, this right here, you might as well call it a day, you're, never going to get these curls back like this. Unless you do a twist, i guess so. I might just keep it like this just to see i'ma rock this for a little bit and then i'm gon na see how it is and then i'll comb it out in the meantime, in between time, like this video subscribe to my channel, if you're not subscriber And check out sunday with the sisters, some girls, they bound to make you laugh, but we guarantee we're gon na make you smile i'll talk to you later i'll, leave all the links down the bottom about this lovely unit. It is a headband wig that i absolutely love it is secure on my head. Yes, and i even got that hairline so and it feels so good gosh. It feels so good on my head. Yes, it's not hot, i don't have no hair back here. You know it's just a hairline and that's it. It feels good. So anyway, i want you guys to uh. Is that it yeah thanks for tuning in i'll talk to you later bye, bye, you

Tom Breault: I've had alopecia since the third grade. I got hair back on my scalp in my sophomore year in college, but all thin hairs. Still missing my eyelashes and eyebrows unfortunately. Hope you're doing amazing!

Bertha Staton: You can do a wonderful job,on your hair,

deb: Great idea! Do you have information the Frontal?

CarrieBrooks: So creative with that hairline...dd u find unit to be bighead friendly? I just wish you had styled hair rather than left leave it in that condition

Yolanda Kennedy: Looking very cute on you I love it On you

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