Don'T Be Fooled By Marketing! Especially Yours Ellis Headband Wig

You may be familiar with Paula Young...but do you know her sister site Especially Yours?! Though these sites are marketed to different demographics DON'T BE FOOLED! They have the same great quality and sometimes even better prices! In this video, I am reviewing Ellis in the color 1B3326T, a realistic density, long, synthetic, headband wig. Check out all the deets and additional info below :)

Don't Be Fooled By MARKETING! Especially Yours ELLIS Headband Wig

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Wig Deets ▶

Brand: Especially Yours

Name: Ellis

Color: 1B3326T

Price: I purchased her for under $40

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Hello, welcome back to my channel welcome back to my channel. Welcome back to my channel welcome back to my channel, i'm tia. I do mostly synthetic wig related content here we are multicultural, we're inclusive, so if you haven't subscribed, please do so. If you have your morning, my dog is hot dog, baby, hot dog baby, i'm doing the running man in my chair. If you know what the running man is, you write that down right now, hi doll baby. How are you so happy to julia here? Okay, today, we have a wig review and this beautiful girl is from especially yours. This is miss ellis alice is a half wig and it does come with a detachable headband and we'll talk about that clips of me. Putting her on will be included. I have her in the color 1b 3326t she's, an average cap size. Okay, i scooped her up she's a clearance wig. I scooped her up for 19.99. Okay, and let me talk a little bit more about her. She'S got the light yaki texture um, which basically means it's slightly textured, i think slightly textured. Wigs are really beneficial for the longevity of the wig. Also, it really does help the the colors pop and the dimension, and it helps the uh fibers to stick together. A little bit so that they don't tangle as much. I have a bunch of videos on tangling and i will include those down below she's pretty long, i'm i'm five foot six and a half and she is going well past my chest area. So i would put her in the 24 inch range, yeah i'd say: she's in the 24 inch range she's a gorgeous gorgeous color the 1b slash blah blah blah blah, like kind of threw me off, because usually that means it's like more of a 1b as the Base - and this is just not the case, so don't let that fool, you let's go ahead and look at her from the back and i would say, there's only one con that i have honestly um she's, a great density. Very realistic could easily be put up in sort of like a ponytail um, there's not a whole whole lot of hair, so you could still wear her. You could still wear her sort of in the summertime she's, also one of those where, because she has these beautiful layers, she'd be easy to cut up like to here, and you just use these pieces as a guide. I have a video that shows you how to do that as well. My only con is, i understand where they were going, so this headband that it comes with, has these sort of like snaps, and it can snap into the headband i understand where they were going. I really don't like that, a because i feel like when it snaps in it's really hard to adjust around and if you need to adjust it or you know, move it forward or move it back to your preference. You can't really do that. Also, i think it unsnaps and it makes it kind of hard to put on um when it's attached. I don't know. I don't personally like that. Someone else might - and i like to change mine around two - the snaps kind of give this something to grab on to some. I don't hate the snap part of it. I just think that i see where they were going because then it could be all one piece. Um, but for me when i use half wigs or headband wigs part of the allure is that this headband does sort of help stay on. So, if it's like, if it's attached to this, then it's not going to help it stay on. If it all comes off. It'Ll all come off. This is like a little extra security, so i wish it wasn't attached um, but i don't hate it plus it's like 19.99. It'S a gorgeous color. The quality of this hair is amazing, so you know not gon na hate it, but i personally wouldn't do that other than that. That'S what i have to say about this. This is a great great, buy uh for 19.99, and if i were you i'd scoop it up. Okay, if you have any questions, please put that down below. If you have this wig or any other wig from especially laura's yours put that down below, if you haven't subscribed, please do so and hit the bell and get all the notifications. If you unsubscribe, please do so. If you have thanks so much i'll, see you in my next video bye, nobody else you caught my eyes and i've got a feeling. I'M falling show me the ring and i'll jump right through falling for nobody else. I'M i'm is nobody else. Show me the ring and uh

Clara: Looks great

Julianna Zelda Clark: Lovely ♥️

T2the_heyy: That singing though. ♥️

Lady Val Elaine: I would so not like those snaps either. Laughed at the end of the video... you're like...NAH!

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