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Bedhead wave crimp

Got 2 be glued spray

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Best edge tamer ever i mean it


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All right, y'all, so hey y'all, welcome back to the channel. It'S your girl shining star, i'm trying to fit my body up in it or whatever, because i'm really just trying to focus on the hair, but i had to come and say: hey girl, but yeah. So y'all today's video comes from you nice. They was kind enough to send me over their blonde ombre head bang unit. Now you already know how i feel about blonde hair. I feel like on me. It just looks prostituted like i should be walking long beach boulevard for those of you ain't familiar with that. That'S just a street in kelly, where all the hoes do they stroll or whatever. I ain't never been out there. But if i had to i ain't, even gon na lie wood, but i ain't giving my money to know pimp at the end of the night but yeah back to the hair video y'all. So this is their straight ombre human hair, headband unit. Now i love you. Nice, hair - i'm not gon na lie. I love it now, a long time ago, when i reviewed it, it did not hold a curl. So this time i'm not gon na curl this one, but i will be crimping it today. So this is the headband unit y'all. Let me show you all the back. This is the headband, so it has velcro on each side came with this little protective lace, i'm just throwing it down there. It has velcro for you to snap it right there like that. So, let's take a look at the cap construction before we get into the flat iron and whatever now y'all. I did wash this hair already, because sometimes units come with a smell and you got ta wash them. You got ta wash them before you put them on the head, because y'all know these things from china or whatever i'm shocked. Sister ain't got kobe, but yeah. So the cap construction on it. It has three cones in the front. It has one near the ear one in the middle and another one near the ear tab. It also has one in the back and it comes with adjustable straps seen that in a minute but y'all, it's blonde. It'S like a 30 27 613. I'M scared of that one but yeah. I love it because of the mixture. So we don't really see how it's gon na look on me or whatever, but the hair is soft. It is layered throughout like real human hair, whatever because we all know our hair in one length baby. It'S not please y'all. I do want to say this: i'm working on getting that hair video out to y'all, i'm working on it, i'm working when it's it's a lot of work. I got all the products i use, even though some of them gone. I'M gon na have to work with what i got so putting these pins in it to hold her on here. For now these are like t pens, okay, so got that taken care of. So next y'all. I can't find my holding spray, so i'm going to be using got to be glue spray or whatever i really don't want to be in it. Y'All don't look over there. That'S my hair corner in my living room shouldn't be there, but it is. I want y'all to really be focusing on that um. I do want to say this y'all. They also sent me another unit of burgundy, one or whatever. I'M gon na show y'all. I'M gon na show you how i look. This is a burgundy wave now. My edges, ain't burgundy and this one's not dark rooted, but i do want to show y'all like a quick little put on or whatever, even though i will not be reviewing this one. So, let's see okay, i think it could work work, even though i don't got dark roots, but i just want to show y'all this one. This one is from them y'all the hair is soft. I do want to say that i'm not reviewing this one. They told me not to they didn't, say: yo girl could keep it so y'all already know i'ma keep it. I'M gon na keep it i'm gon na. Keep it. I don't like it with this white headband. I might have to get a different one, but sarah's gorgeous yeah, but i'm gon na just keep it on. While i flatter on this one or whatever, so i'm not flat on it so y'all, i will be using this crimper i got from amazon. I will leave the link down below y'all. It hit crimp those big deep waves, so i'm going to be using it on this unit. I got the heat set at. Is it even on uh y'all it ain't on no more but yeah. I got the heat set at 400 degrees, so it's coming back on i'ma, let it have to heat up for a little bit or whatever, but oh she's, cute she's actually cute. I wonder why, anyway, they said i could have it. So i got something to tell y'all they said i could have it but yeah. I ain't telling y'all yet, but i do have something to say, but not right now making excuses yeah. I do. I want to show y'all, i'm gon na. Do it in the middle. The top part to cover it, so i want to show y'all how it looks without putting holding spray on the hair. I like the holding spray. Look because once you comb it out, it starts becoming soft, but i do want to show y'all both now. I have it on 400 degrees as well, and i just want to show y'all how it looks with no holding spray and spray. I love this one better. So this is not when i told y'all that the edge control gives a white cast and all you have to do is spray oil on it. So it's been dried and i got a little white cast, disappeared, disappeared, disappeared, disappeared, disappeared like it's that easy, but it's only doing that because this time i use my temple bomb under it. Usually i do that's what i do but yeah, so i got it war. So y'all i got it all waved up and now it's time to see how i'm about to look with this honey blonde, so yeah i'ma come on i'ma just finger comb through them a little bit to keep the wave. So now! Oh, i like it like this. I could have just braided it and probably dipped it in some hot water, but yes, this is cute, so yeah. What i do like about it is that it has the dark roots, unlike the burgundy one that i had on it, doesn't have dark roots, which i wish it did, but it don't so. I do want to say this y'all, ladies, if you're watching this guess what it's a giveaway. There is only two rules to this giveaway. Well, three, but the third one is really not a rule. So all you have to do is share. Share share this video. Yes share my video y'all, looking at my bro thumb but yeah. That'S not the focus of it, but y'all share this video because this hair right here is gorgeous. I love you, nice hair, i'm just going gon na be honest. I love it. I love it. I love that it has the dark roots as well like this. Color is bomb and it even looks good on me, even even though y'all know, i really really don't like blonde hair. So this is how i look with black headband. I did my baby hairs. This time, like a little more subtle, because i didn't want to take away from the blonde hair or whatever, but yes back to the rules of the giveaway, the number one rule is make sure we're getting the flyaways you share share share this video. I cannot stress that enough now they had sent me this and then they said i don't have to review it because i didn't like that and they have dark roots and at first i was just gon na rock it because, as y'all could see, this looked bomb On me, like it really really did so at first, i was just gon na rock it and then sell it, but i could give back because y'all support me without y'all. There'S no me so. I'M gon na take this time to give y'all this human hair. Burgundy, headband wig, you must share this video and you must follow you, nice on instagram, my instagram is open, but the only two rules is share. This video and follow you, nice, that's it and that's all all i want y'all to do is comment down below and let me know that y'all done and that's just it holy so yeah, i'm just in this video and i'm gon na say this y'all. The only thing i did get with this unit is shedding it does shed like you, probably could see it yeah a little on my clothes. It didn't shed too much, but it did say it. It did y'all. I like it. I like it. I, like it a lot i like this straight and i liked it now. So don't forget y'all what i told y'all in the video and may the best one win.

Kie RaShon: the blonde does look bomb sis!

Ree Herndon: I'm feeling both of the units!!! The burgundy is beautiful! I love the blonde one on you as well!!! the blonde unit fits your complexion!!!

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Atrice Dudley: You made that unit life sis Beautiful❤

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Audrey Davis: Beautiful as always !

Melinda Ward: okay... Shared to my daughter on facebook... following on IG!! I have YET to see you NOT rock a unit!!! You are ALWAYS beautiful... hahahaahahah even with your street walking blonde!! hahahaahahahhaah

ONLY.FIRECRACKER: Done and you did rock both of them though as always beautiful

A Higgins: Done. Yes that blonde looks gorgeous on you.

Classy Beauty byT: Sis!!!! That blonde is I love this on you

lea perry-trunnell: Both are beautiful but I have to agree with the burgundy on needs dark roots and the blonde look very pretty on you and I’m done followed unice hair, shared video.

Michelé Alexander: Done and you look gorgeous !


Shuawn L: The overall color of this wig is a 27 with highlights so this color will look good on you.

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Valerie Watkins: U rock it all the time

Cherelle Harris: Crimps on point!! What is the name of this song your playing while styling the hair please??


april G: That's so Nice of you ❤️❤️❤️

Tasha Moore: Love video and your makeup cute as usual

MzLene: Done that blonde looks good on you

Deneshia Hodge: Done and they both cute on you.

Valerie Watkins: I followed UNICEF and shared

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