Unice Water Wave Headband Wig | I Actually Love! It!, Very Beginner Friendly!

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So hey my baby dolls welcome back to my channel today i will be um doing this wig that you guys been seeing surfacing all over youtube. I'M pretty sure you guys are familiar uh with this wig. I am doing a headband wig today and it's by you nice, so you guys. Let me tell you guys. Let me run like a little backstory on why i didn't want to do this wig um. First off i love the wig. I think it's super natural. It'S super it. It'S super easy um, very easy, beginner friendly. All of that great right personally with me, i didn't really care about the hairband wig is because of for one with this wig. I have not worn my real hair out in a very very long time. So with this headband wig, i do have to take out my real hair in the front i am natural. I haven't had no relaxers or perms, or anything like that, so my hair has been natural for a very long time now um. I do not know if this hair will blend in with my natural hair. That'S one of the reasons why. Secondly, i do not like my real hair line. Now my real hairline starts all the way back. Okay, so far back my real hairline starts back far, so i love my hair texture. I love my hair. Don'T get me wrong, i will be wearing my real hair out very very soon because i miss wearing my real hair out. I'Ve been wearing wigs and it's about time that i wear my real hair but um that's another story, but i have my hair sleep back in a ponytail. I did cut a lot of my hair again like a lot of my hair. So that's another story, but uh you guys. This is my hair. My hairline starts back pretty far. Okay, i have to sleep back in the ponytail um. I don't feel like. I need to wear a wig cap with this hairstyle. I don't not think i need to so i'm going to show you guys the wig that i do have. This wig is, like i said, a headband wig. This is in a water wave, texture um. I have this in 200 density and the length on here. I believe is 24 inches long, so this is the unit. It'S very full. The hair is super soft i have. I had already took out the packing like felt. It ran my hands through it, examine it and all of that but yeah. This is the hair. Very very gorgeous: now you do have this band across the front of the wig, it's stretchy, and then it comes with like this elastic type of band, for you close, open, um and then around the back. You have your comb, your adjustable strap and you do have a comb in the front of the wig too. So this week's supposed to be super easy. It doesn't supposed to take too much time, um or your hands to apply it to do it. So i'm gon na also adjust my straps in the back because i feel like it needs to be adjusted okay, so i changed my mind. I am going to put on um the wig cap and i'm gon na put it on like halfway, because, like i said i do, i am gon na take out my real hair with my baby hairs and all of that we're gon na do all of that. So i'm not gon na trap. This part until the wig is on so i'm gon na on my wig. Okay, so hold up. This is stretchy, so it fits snug really snug. So if you don't want to have no hair out, you don't have to have hair out with this wig uh. You can definitely just leave it like this. You could put out a little bit of your sidebar like i did. I already did my sideburns. I kind of like swooped it um, so i already did that part, but as far as that, you don't have to have your hair out. You can actually just leave it like this. They did apply. They did apply me with a couple of headbands, which i really like, so it comes with this yellow, with like some flowers on it, black, something simple, um, another one, just different cool, colors and patterns you can play around with with your outfits things like that. So i have some really really pretty ones here that they gave me so i'm going to put on this one here i feel like this is really really cute this headband here but y'all. This hair is so pretty like get into this hair, though it's so soft. It is very, very lightweight, so i'm gon na go ahead and put this on. You can fold this if you want to, because it is pretty wide. So i'm going to put this place this back on top, so that the black don't show too much that band. That comes on the wig and, as you guys can see my hair, my real hair is right here, which i'm gon na scoop, some baby hairs down and so far i'm actually starting to like it, because at first i'm telling you guys i did not. I was not feeling it for me, but on other people i really liked it, but on me i just i just couldn't keep myself wearing it. So i have my eco styling gel and i'm going to go ahead and just take a little bit of my um edges out so far, i'm i'm feeling it i'm not gon na lie to y'all. I am feeling it yeah. I have not did my real edges in a long time like actually doing baby hairs with my real edges, i'm so used to doing it with my wigs. So it's like feels so funny, oh my god. It feels so funny. Okay, so i did what i could my real hair curled up really fast because, like i did say, my hair is natural, so when i put gel on it under or anything like it really curls up so yeah, i would definitely have to lay down my edges And like really mold it, but this is what it looks like, and i really really thought that i was not going to like it. I did my best with my real edgy job. Like i did say, i have not torn my real hair in a long time. So it feels so funny having my hair out. It is just my edges, it's literally just half of my hair but um, and i haven't done my real edges in so long like it feels so funny, okay, but this is what it's looking like. I'M studying going back and forth like scooping because my hair is like it just curls right up, so i'm just, but my real hair is really really soft um. My hair, real hair is really really soft and it does it looks like my hair. Like honestly, i really thought it was going to be like a huge difference like you can tell like. My real hair doesn't match up with the weave. You know you know how i leave out to be when people have a really bad leave out with our sewing girl and the hair be super straight and then your real hair be all poofy like. I thought it was gon na forget, but it's not bad at all like this is really super easy and quick. I will definitely recommend wearing this when you're tired of your frontals because, like i did say, um frontals can be so tiring like honestly right now, i'm so tired of my lace front, wigs because for one it takes so much effort and work to put on that Glue lay down the lace, make sure it's blended like it's just so much. I feel like this is um easy. You can get up and go with this um. You can wear this with uh going to the gym, because i know i've been working out and i feel like wearing these. These uh my lace front. Wigs is tiring, because when i work out, i sweat and what happens. My lace starts to shift and it starts to move, and now i got to reapply more glue to put my you know what i'm saying. So it's a lot, so i definitely recommend getting this week at first y'all. I was so scared like i. I promise you. I did not want to do this. I was not here for it, but i'm here for it, and i really am happy that you nice sent me this. Thank you girl, okay, because your girl was tripping, but i really like it and i'm gon na stand up. So you guys can see the hair um. What is giving because it's really so pretty i love it. I can't stop touching it because it's so soft but, like i did say if you do, have questions down below baby dolls, please let me know um and if you feeling it, let me know too as well and if you're thinking about getting it, let me know So yeah, that's about it for this video, that's it literally. This is super easy uh. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and uh give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you're not subscribed yet - and i see baby dolls in my next video, you

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