My Response To Man Creating Headband Wig With Waves!

This summer's wild, i'm pissed first hoochie daddy shorts. Now this those summer in the grave [ __ ], went from wave caps to captain land. They got waves, not for real. How you do that. I thought a wave cap was like a do-rag duke stop. This is a do-rag. That is a do not definitely your wild, but i know the 2000 nelly will be proud ridiculous, where, if the wind start blowing too hard, you finished, but it might be smart cause. This is gon na put some waveries companies out of business and imma stop hating cause yeah. Ladies i've been faking for years with that.

Rhameses Hamilton: Can we just respect this brother's hustle? He just made himself into an entrepreneur. Whether we like the product or not, it's a good idea.

Flaming Flower: As long as a brother can profit from it, I ain’t mad at him. It’s still funny tho

Tamerra: “First hoochie daddy shorts, now this.”

Xzy Zzzz: Wait, wait, wait! Let's keep a open mind about this. If we wear weave and wigs men should be able to cover that bald spot

Shalayna Beauty: “Wave Caps to Cappin Like they Got Waves”

Chauncey Reidout: "This is a du-rag, that is a do- not!"

The Smoke Lab: Bro said “if the wind start blowing too hard… you’re finished!”

alfonso m: I like your video's young brother, but I have to disagree with you on this one. It's actually quite ingenious of this guy , it's going to make him money And provide an option for those who need it. More importantly, I'm glad to see a black man invent something and sell it to our people vs some Chinese or Koreans....definitely no reason to hate.

It’s JesLyfe: Hey I guess do what ya gotta do. Girls do it ‍♀️ my whole thing with ALL the fake (rubber boob, booty pads, this thing, etc) is what good does that do for when you are meeting someone? Shouldn’t they see the real thing so they can like you for you? They have to see the real you at some point, might as well just be honest. They can take it or leave it right. Well, as long as it makes you happy then do your thing everyone

Da Real Beretta: I'm dead bro u killed this

Tusweet08: It definitely screams "2000 Nelly."

🌟A.T.🌟: What about these Men with the “Extension-Braids & Extension-Locs”?? Freakin Man-Wigs

dark matter: Man if you got health problems or you gradually losing your hair and it's hard to accept its ok to use this as a crutch to gradually weem yourself into the bald look

Quentin Duhart: Wow never seen that before and it actually looks real. I have been growing my hair out a long time but when my hair was low I had even all around and my waves was actually similar to this cap. It's seems waves out of style now. Used to be times where men literally carried brushes on them.


K.LEONARD: Genius idea somebody gone buy it, he gotta make ‘em without headband too

Vaughn McGregor: Where do I buy one ?? My hairline is on some Stephen A. type ish and my wave game ain't been spinning like that fake wave cap in the past 20 years .

dadada396: Great product for those going through medical issues!

Kelvin London jr.: Went from wave caps to capping like they got waves

Roy-Harold Thompson: LMAO I can't take it!!!

Sandii LovesU: If the wind blows to hard finished took me out

David H Jr: He's a for that...Drake and em with the is happening???

K.Nichelle: I just ran ‍♀️ as fast as I could to get a Q-Tip to clean my ears out some more because I thought I heard him say “ first hoochie DADDY shorts”.

Ace Da ATLien: Aye my mans said “if the wind start blowing to hard…. Ya finish”

PsychXylo: I can't do shit but laugh I can't stop laughing somebody help me! man said: when the wind start blowing, you're finished dead why this man short keep popping up lol

Guerilla Gospel: This equivalent to magnetic earrings back in the day or butt implant pants

Rich: I been loosing my hair since I was 19-20 I'm 40 now yeah I could use one of those


China Love: You are so talented! Keep spitting facts and waking people up with your words/gift❤ Love your videos

Ashley Earls: Its really no different then cap fishing! you know wearing a ball cap to hide the baldness. I applaud him, he rebranded and redesigned a cap and now they don't come with a brim but come with fake waves and a sweat band.

Jay Beast: Duwag THATS A DO NOT........

Kevin's Great: Spoken like a young man who still has all his hair. I'd wear it, not lying.


Yaya: All he needs is some glue!!!

It’s Patra: I would wear. I need the link ASAP!!! Black people will create anything!!! Now trademark it before they get they hands in this.

VeganBliss: Why does dude have a WHOLE SATANIC SHRINE in the background

Lioness Goddess: I think this is awesome that the man made this and I think it’s even more awesome than me and are going to have a choice in what they were on top of their head I’m pretty sure has some type of glue to your scalp you’re so cool it’s all about innovation and making yourself feel good this will probably make someone feel really good and women been wearing wigs for the longest so…….

REAPER GANG RADIO: Cash wanna laugh so bad... Come on slim

Evening Glow formally and legally Dyreatha Hinton: Best One Ever!!!!!!!

B G805: I'm blown!

ItsMoenisha notMoesha: Yall can say what yall want but this is innovative. Blew my mind like when I seen the headband wig .

Grande Golson: First its legging jeans, then coochie cutters , now velcro waves. Brooo these p zesty I mean diddy parties is getting out of control

Cynt 2 War'N: You gotta think bout those who like to look like us but ain't us....this helps make it easier for them to frame us...

DrPhil 4ril: Thanks for the heads up. Where can I find this.

highart69er: They gonna know u faking with the headband.

mrbigg151: Well, as the ladies always claim, that's his hair since he bought it.

mukhtaar landrum: Equal Rights. Women do this all the time

BX plays: The confidence on buddy face though! Doing the "sexy" gum chew with that rug on his head. Lmmfao

_hbg_: Lmao, why are so many people surprised? Men been wearing wigs since BC as well. Nothing is new under the sun. If it makes you happy, wear it. ‍♀️


Kevin Oliver: Look I’m bald so Yeah I would wear it from time to time. Life is about do you!

Donte T Bey: Now both sexes can have the hair they want women gonna be in for a surprise now ‍♂️

Spiritual Queen Vibes: Only thing that came to my mind is that someone's uncle or grandpop is definitely going to purchase one of these

James Jones: The Tupac do for love ❤ instrumental tho . Ya finished!!!!l

J.R.: What the fudge sickle ice cream pop is going on, in the background? ❤✌

Nellie Jones: Throw the summer in the grave❤️

Dj Jarvis: Hey man, a lot of guys go bald by 25. So why not? ‍♂️

POOH BABY: I totally disagree...I would rather see a man walk around with fake waves than a is very creative @

J T: Bet not see one woman that wears a wig, weave or extensions make one comment other than" You go king", in the video lol

Keith Coleman: These dudes outchea turning into females.

SpicyCitrus Kween: Some women may wear wigs, cause they have lost their hair they dont wannabe bald‍like a man that has the option and its fine...

Jay Rock: Uh men been wearing rugs on there head way back in day this isn't new just updated that's all, also they stopped wearing them because kojak made it cool to be bald back in the day guess real pride is just a thing of the past ...

CeCe: Innovation

Indigo_Phoenix🔥: Oh My, this one took me out

diplovely72: That joint is fire Because I’m not gonna stop faking it lmao

Erika Harris: These Cashflow rapshorts make my day. So clever and so funny

Anikas Way: The moment he get drunk and take off his cap ‍♀️ guys we love you don't please don't

Q Makes It Happen: Jesus Christ… The bars on point as usual “this is a du rag, that is a do not!” “the 2000 Nelly would be proud” you funny bro.

Yaiqab Son of Sears: Facts now couples can put they wigs on together!


J Bo: Wait til the studs see this. ‍♂️

Bwills: He smart ,because now you have to buy more than 1 unit.You have to have different color headbands for each outfit

Bee Kind: Wait...the satanic alter in the background is what's getting me.

A.D.S74: That’s a Dew Not

Jayty: Bro Always Going In

Deneen Harrison: Love his new York accent....well spoken as always me lmao

Trav M: I’m bald not gonna lie I miss my hair but there’s no damn way I’m doing that I’m good

Lakisha Winters: It’s ridiculous yet brilliant for the times

Trey: Capping like they got waves wave caps, this ish is getting out of hand.‍♂️

JAZZY CLEANERS: How did this man keep a straight face

YOLONDA Theodore: Sista's ain't discriminating like u said we all be on some new new.

exceptional sha: I wanna know where he got the perfectly waved hair

Rayzor Blade: Hoochie Daddy Shorts?! Lmfao

robertandsarah jones: Bro is fire every time

IKeepWinning: When the wind start blowing you finished

💜Laura💋Marie❤: Hoochie daddy shorts I'm done LOL

Sarahsimone: Some men have baldness or cancer patients or alopecia so this is good

MaalwithaK: Dawg made a hot in here wig

mainodastar24: Broo Harlem boy you got me in tears

Johnny Dayton: Lmao good stuff!!

Demetrius Evans: He saw how great weave sells despite the disrespect the owners of the stores show to BW. If people are willing to be disrespected, over charged and assaulted over a hair piece, perhaps this'll be a good idea...

Shawn C. T.: You're gonna' get roasted anywhere/everywhere you go with this contraption on your head, even in church, don't do it......

MrSFblack: Whoever wears one of these needs to stop the wave cap

EarthAngelwithLoVe: This just shows how some men are competing with women

Michelle Martin: Comedy

R.G: Just accept the baldness my brother . No , this is feminine and women be doing too much with them wigs too . Just some things don't need to be done .

luumari_5#@: This world has totally flipped Lord take the wheel.

Gilly Pow: If the wind blow too hard u r finished

China King: Not men in the comments comparing themselves to women. Chiiiiiiiile

Grand⚖️Scale🔥Damned If I Do Damned if I Don'T: too funny

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