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When I tell you I'm in love with headband wigs, the girl is not lying! Attach and dip. Boom, lol. Thanks for watching you guys! Love ya'll!

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel. It'S me got a great video for you today. Let me tell ya it's gon na be wonderful. I don't know i don't know, so i'm excited to be reviewing this trend that i've been seeing everywhere, which is crazy because it takes me back to the 90s. Remember to snap back some people with blue girl, blue um, the tracks to the to the cap, and then you could i mean you get up. You got to go to the grocery store, you're. Not trying to do your hair, you don't! Maybe you don't want to wear a bonnet at the store that day. Maybe you want to put on the hat. It'S got the love. You know the janet jackson braids in the back. So when i was on instagram - and i saw these headband wigs, i was like girl - we did that back in the sixth grade, but listen, listen, i didn't think i'd be as excited as i am. Headband wings are coming back yo, which is bad bad for you guys out there who got no hairlines like me, how do you wear a headband wig if you got anyway? Let me tell you something all my edgeless friends out there who are just like me, my sister, my brethren. If you don't have edges pep bam, wigs may not be for you. So let me tell you what i did. I said i am not going to let anything hold me back, i'm going to go on youtube and i'm going to find out how to make some edges. If you don't have edges, you can create them. I saw girls, pull their hair down, cut it and then swoop this oops. So i said you know what i'm not going to cut my hair, but i am going to try to do these edges, so this is what you get. This is what i got. It'S not that impressive uh and it took me far too long to do it, but i did it proud of myself. Okay, i got swoops. I can make the s. This is the highlight wig, which i'm very interested in because it's been a while, since i've worn any color and i'm looking forward to this, let's brighten it up bring in the springtime. This is the cap, which is very interesting to me, because it's got this stretchy. Can you see it's got this stretchy elastic band that has been sewn to the perimeter of this cap? The cap itself is somewhat stretchy, but the elastic band obviously is more stretchy than the cap and it's got security this boom. So that's for the front. Your forehead and then we have these two temple cones boom. We got one right here, so this adjustable strap. That'S in the back, that's like the other wigs, but the elastic band portion of the cap has this velcro attachment. So that's extra tight nobody's taking this off your hand. Okay, so if you want to knock, if you book you better get your hands out, not only am i going to try on the wig and i'm going to show you how i install it and adjust it. We'Re going to try some headbands, because you don't just have to wear this, although it is an option just to wear this black headband as the headband, you can cover that black headband off with another headband. Let me take off my ratty bonnet. This bonnet has been with me through it all child. These have been wigs that, instead of putting them right here, i like to put them a little bit further back so that you can see your head you'll see what i'm talking about when i put it on, but this um. This headband looks like it's about two inches long, so let me go around my head. Okay and now i'm going to engage temple cones y'all. This is the quickest hair, walking, look and feel okay put these two and try to keep it out of the way of the hair okay. So this hair is super silky. Now i wonder if you can okay, so it's really smooth right here. I don't feel anything. Sticking up there's no bumps or anything, so it is pretty flat. Oh my hair's sticking up okay! So now i'm going to pull this headband down because it can bunch up. You see how wide that headband is pretty boring and it's over and you're done and you're ready to go pick up. The groceries with the kids at daycare just go okay, and that took me literally opening up the bag and putting it on my head. Like me, i mean, depending upon what kind of weight you get. Obviously, if you get curly or if you get wavy you're going to have to tend to the hair a little bit more, but i'm just going to rock this style light straight because you know what i don't know what my curling iron is. I tried to do some um some spring cleaning and i don't i don't know but um so straight - we're gon na wear it straight. I wanted you to see how long this bad boy is, because i have all four cones engaged. I have that velcro and i got that um adjustable strap. This thing feels so secure. Yes, i love it. This is giving me gulls. Oh my gosh. I didn't see that i wasn't covering up the head man, sure, okay, all right, will you adjust it the way you like you can wear any type of headband like or this one or this one or this one, five heads united. These are cute too, because they're long, i could see you wearing a high puff one of these i'll. Put this one back on yeah. I like this, so that's it super quick and easy um protective style for your hair. That is cute. Okay. I like this wig, so that was it honey. That was the quickest time it's ever taken for me to put a wig on and boom boom boom boom boom you're at the door. Don'T have to worry about it, although i will say when you go store. Your wig make sure that you attach the velcro pieces, because you don't want to just pop your headband wig in the closet and then come back out and all the hair is stuck to the velcro. Thank you guys so much for watching all the information about hair will be in the description you

Nthaby Abby: Maaan, I can’t even be mad at my sister for always going MIA on us because once she’s back my heart just smiles. That time I’m not a wig girl .

Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua: She just so freaking gorgeous ❤️❤️

Tamara C.: Hey Michelle, how have you been love? Definitely miss seeing your wig reviews. Hope you and the kiddies and your hubby are all doing well beautiful

Max: The beauty that is Michelle!! Praying you’ve been well ❤️❤️

Terri Sargent: Love the video, simple and cute and you brought life to the video without over doing it. Alright now

Sherberry: Always nice to see your gorgeous face and your wonderful smile ✨

God’sgirl761: You’re absolutely gorgeous

Ria Santos: I love this ready and go wig especially because I've lost my hair after Covid. I want this one! Wooowee

Bathesheba Beautiful: I have this same wig. I LOVE IT! I throw it on to open the door (I'm recuperating from 2 back surgeries). Everyone stay safe

Destinee M: This looks amazing on you!!

Marjorie Coleman: That wig is really cute! I miss watching your videos, good to see you girl.

it's Savonne: You make it look so easy I still can't get the hang of putting on wigs

Junk Mail: Love your energy and smile

Vintagelove: Fabulous as per usual!!!!

ronshamc: You are so much fun to watch! I laugh every time I watch your videos.

Source Light: love it... it looks so good on you.

Star Doll: Yeah I was bout to say she giving Beyonce vibes check up on it

Kahli: Great video! Also very entertaining

Diva Den: Michelle up there looking like Tamar in the clip she attached...gorgeous 3 people she favor Tony Braxton, Tamar Braxton and Ciara Wilson vibes. I need the cap wig cause 9 times outta 10 I'm not doing my edges....edges on full cause I don't fool with them #teamlazy

Juliette B: So pretty!!!

Sandy B: Soooo..can we talk about how beautiful you look in all that pink!!?!! You better work it Michelle the side pony at 7:24 took me back..all I need is my roller skates!  Nice wig as well. 

Mal H: This sweater is cute!! I mean the whole look is lol but I love that sweater!

hanna green: I love your energy so subscriber!!!!!!

Eboni David: I wish that you would just post videos 24/7 and get a reality show. I could watch you all day long. You are beautiful, funny, intelligent and so engaging. You're my friend in my head. Lol. If you and your family are in the Toronto area... I will take you all out. It’s great here

Shauna Rowland: Yay! Love when you post!!!

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Teri Smith: I just love her!

K'ristian Mixon: Heyyyyyy Michelle girl.. u funny . Glad to see u back doing videos..

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Claudia Brito: Beautiful

preese100: You are funny.....and so cute. Thanks for sharing!

underoathspen: I was 5 minutes years old when I found out the people were gluing hair to hats in the 90s. I think the only extensions I got back then were french braids but I GUESS I'M ABOUT TO BE DOING SOME YOUTUBE SEARCHING I SEE

Marta Słoma: You look very nice ❤

Lisa Johnson: if yo fold the black band back it won't show under your headband :o) Pretty!

underoathspen: Okay but where did you get those long bar earrings though

nathaline jean baptiste: Very beautiful unit, i enjoy watching your videos. this unit is too much $$ for me. So when you are done with it, you can send it my way.

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ladyiola: Hey girl hey!

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