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I just wan na have a good night. I just wan na have a good night, any money, it's money, so I spend it on a while.

CurlyMe Hair: Same headband kinky curly wig in the video:

Honks: Omggg it makes me happy for some weird reason to see someone wearing a wig that’s my hair type! I’m so used to seeing other black women wear wavy and straight hair. I’m proud to see this hair type!!

Ramla Warsame: Beautiful black woman

Mo Minor: Looks natural.

Ja Nay: It's always nice to wear beautiful big curly wigs.....those are my favorites but we must not neglect our real hair. It also needs TLC like the wigs do.

AB: There’s no way a wig can look this good-

DuckSammy: Doing all of that must have taken forever but it looks fly

Starboy 1988: I know she wears wigs but she shouldn’t neglect her natural hair.

Bunny Girl: This is when u have the same hair type as the wig but you don't have the same volume.

5STAR HANNAH: I love all the positive captions in your videos

iAmNiaSuccess: If I am hadn’t seen it for MYself … I would have sworn this was HERs like home grown out her own scalp.

ALL Wynter: I Love My natural hair but I really need to start exploring with some of these wigs fr!!

Revonia Keel: The way this is so similar to my natural hair is crazy

Lightskinstaresquidward: As much as I hate the proliferation of wig wearing among Sistahs, this one came out nice. You look good girl

Maria Genita Jose: Lindo trabalho

Sandra Brown: That wig looks like my real hair love it

Euqinom: Let's work on having our natural hair be healthy and maintained underneath these wigs. Take care of your crown bw

Bingi Baby: Damn that’s my natural hair texture I do not appreciate my hair enough if people wearing wigs of it

CHASSY ARI: Pretty for no reason ❤

Daniella: Same wig on Amazon for $60‍♀️

Nonhlanhla Dlamini: Beautiful

Cold Blooded: Big forehead girls like myself could never

Chloe Hawkins: Beautiful so what did u use for the coiling I'm looking for a product that truly works.

Mang: Ok that’s what I’m doing wrong you finger twirl it.. it looks so good.. mine just is a big poof lol

Kitty dollsXo: I expected the coiled look

Devon Brown: Cute!

Nouheyla Aziz: Soo cute tho

Spencer Charels: The baby hair was different from the hair due to the gel used.

Squeaky Rantz: Looks natural Boo. Just clean up the baby hairs and it would be flawless

Robin Wells: Beautiful

lucilene ferreira Sanyos: Very nice

GetReal 4Real: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. Looks good.

Janaryann Greene: That’s cute on you

The Cool Kids Ultimate 127: Super cute


Joi Baker: Look so real

Queen Royalty: very pretty

Jamie Boomer: Looking good Queen

Antonio Flowers: Have you ever considered giving your real hair a refresh/ reboot. It really needs it like weeks ago.

Jon Smile: When you care more about taking care of somebody else hair you about to stick on your head then washing and taking care of your own hair

Diana Matthews: I’m concerned with what’s going on under that wig

Angels Song: what's the white product you used?

Caliesha Mattaha 🦋: Could do the same with your own hair

Deborah Swearingen: Real cute

Makenzie Ranae: So early love it❤

Camille Yvette: What’s the length?

Prettylulmauri: Cute

🔥Joycz⚡: Im here before its gonna blow up

Joy LaVerne:

Veronica Lindsey: no you always do right just saw a response below you got view no advice

i.heartjk: her face:

D. Davis: You look like the chic from The Chi


nafeesah melvins: Put more effort Into the wig than her actual natural hair thats not good

SisterEgypt: Website for wig?

ven E: Nice wig but your own hair need some TLC

Brandy Smitg: I feel like you could do the same with your own hair.

Keepingup WithFavour: Please stop stealing content and credit the creators , is it that hard?

India Moore: cute boo

iwatchanimenowshutup: I though it said my Husbands wig

fandom encounter: Refresh the cornrows first

Nicole Rhule: Do you ever wash your hair?

Hshh Bsvg: Damnnn

Nugget🌚: God loves you all

Chrissy: Where can i get this wig?

Sphokazi Shabane: But u need to wash your hair

Georgia Powell: I thought u where DEAf Bc u said I are

Karlien Lubbe: Is it true that she is deff???

Isaac Sanchez: Que fealdad

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