#Elfinhair Review Super Cute Kinky Curly Bob Headband Wig Easy Install Tutorial

Sis, this kinky curly bob headband wig is so pretty and easy to install! Watch our [email protected] Hunnay how to slay it! Now can save $10 off with code "SASA"~ Try it if you don't want to use glue on your hair~

Hair info:Kinky curly headband bob wig 14inch

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Save $10 with code: ✨SASA✨

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In my mind, there is only one reason for divorce: there's always a payback time shower. That'S what I know hi guys, welcome back again to the channel, guess what I have here: Mumsy hi, guys anyways in today's video we're just going to be having a little chat session talking about um. What are we talking about? What are we talking about anything bring anything anything she's? Okay, if you ask me questions that comes to my mind as we go on and yeah, this wig is really really nice. It was um sponsored by Elfin hair and I'm so glad that I can. Finally, you know give my mom a nice wig because she's not really a weak person, but I think she really likes this one because it really does the most it does the most without like touching her neck. That'S why I went for something short, but they definitely have longer lengths if you want that, but she doesn't like hair. That rests too much on her neck and this one is really lightweight. Isn'T it very light and it's so soft, very, very good quality as well? I really like it: it's really really doing the most, so we're going to be transforming her today and chatting alongside. Oh, I forgot to wear her jewelry. The bracelet is not necessary because we're not going anywhere but we're going to be using the neck hold on. I like this one, it's like the flat prints as I wanted to show you, this lovely hair and it's from Elfin hair. I wanted to show you how I'm going to be installing this 16 inch kinky curly hair, it's 250 density, and it comes with all these accessories that I'm showing you. It also comes with like Combs and hair brushes, but I didn't show that in this clip and just look at how full and fluffy the hair is, you can definitely combat the curls if you want, but my mom didn't really want the clothes to be combed out. That'S why we left them that way, but it definitely has combs in It Fade to secure the wig just so that you're sure that your wig stays a put is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Now I'm going to go and install the hair on my mom, and I'm super excited about this, really because this is the first time in recent times that she's going to be installing her hair, and I asked her to take out these braids she's literally had them. Since she came for, I asked her to take them off and she was like. Oh I'm, gon na, take it back when I I'm gon na take them off when I go back to Africa. So I'm just really glad that now that we have the elf in here, she can wear it anytime. They were going out, especially because it's really really lightweight really really fluffy and it is so beautiful and gorgeous I'm going to show you how we eventually do it with the headband that we choose and if you guys want to get your hair from effing hair. All the details are going to be in my description box, so you guys can definitely check them out. It'S super affordable. I believe that this wig was about a hundred dollars which isn't bad at all, considering um the prices of things nowadays. But again, if you want all the details, it's going to be down in the description box, I really like it just because of how it looks on hand. I also think it's really age-appropriate as well. Just look at how cute she looks with this is absolutely breathtaking. Before we get into the gist of this video, I really wanted to ask you guys to please subscribe to the channel. If you guys end up enjoying the video and to give the video a massive thumbs up, it really does help the channel do better and so guys that is it for this video. Thank you so much who is breathing the first truck is the respiration anyways guys. Thank you so much for watching the details for this hair is going to be down in the description box. Special shout out to my auntie, Danny, okay, sorry from to my cousin for coming to join us in this video, I'm adding a bit of spice spice because it gave everything that he needed to give it period. Anyways like share, subscribe and all that good stuff. And I will see you in the next one:

Elfin Hair Tips: Hair info:Kinky curly headband bob wig 14inch Click link to order same wig: http://bit.ly/3E9iRCT Save $10 with code: ✨SASA✨

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