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I'M not talking hi guys welcome back to another video, as you guys can see, but the title of we are doing a hair review Once Again cannot wait to show you guys what we're working today and also we're sponsored by Elfin here. As you guys know, everything will be listed down below and also Happy Valentine's to everyone celebrating this beautiful day um. As for me, I'm single so might as well. You know mingles herself with a bit of beautiful hair. This is the packaging looks absolutely pink and beautiful, and this is the hair guys. I am so excited to have this on my head: it's actually a Bob. This is a 12 in and it looks amazing. This side looks inside. Obviously you guys know. I think the cap size is really small because it fits my head perfectly and you guys know I have this small head. So inside you have two wig caps. We have the instruction uh book and then we have the competition um thing in pamphlets and then we have. We have the code, we have the brush. This is actually my second one last the first one and then we have lashes, which I'm so excited. I think I'm gon na use this for today. So let's get into exactly so. This is the hair color not cut. Oh, I love it. It looks really. I like the fact that it's not too red, because I wouldn't like it. I like this color like Maroon and stuff like that, but yeah um, I'm gon na go I'm gon na go in detail today and show you guys the full steps and why I do them, because so many people be doing hair videos learning from me - and I See a bit of mistakes, and also some people come back and say, but why is this happening and so forth? So I'm gon na try by all means to be in full detail. Okay, let's begin with the first step now the first thing you guys always ask me: why is it lifting up? We use the glue, but it's always lifting up. Now. Here'S the tea! You need to use alcohol to wrap your skin before you apply anything because obviously your skin is moisturized when you put. Obviously it will lift up so make sure. There'S no moisturizer on the surface of your skin to lay the week so that it lays flat and lasts longer, okay. So the next step is to make sure that you have like Foundation or powder that looks like your skin, because we don't want to see the white in your wig. Okay. We know it's new, but like use some powder or Foundation the next up, we're gon na go in with the gospel and glue um. I think for me I like using this, because it actually lasts longer um, so many people do complain about it but like for me it does work as I'm, honestly speaking, the truth um, that's why I still use it today. You guys know I was using the cotton B, but I stopped and I'm really enjoying this one so um, I think, find something that works best for you. So you go, wig is laid on top of fat and I like this at the week. I think this cup is really just like very light. It'S not too heavy on the skin. Skin doesn't even feel like these hair. Also, the density is just like out of this world honestly for this clue I hardly ever use about, but I do put it back or I do use it because sometimes I'm gon na do my makeup and it just also lays properly, but you don't have to Because it's that strong, the hair is late, I'm just gon na use the comb um and try to Pat a line. I don't know if I want to go for a side, part or a middle part, but I feel, like a middle part, never really looks nice on me, so I don't know guys. I like density. I like how lightweight this is. It doesn't even feel like. I have hair on, but yeah I think I'm gon na go for that part. The side, part and other products that you guys were asking me about was the leave-in conditioner. I do use that to detangle the hair, but with this hair I don't think it needs much detangling. So usually I use it for curly, wigs and stuff like that, but I do have the spray that I use for my hair um. I think you guys have seen this so many times. It literally just makes the hair smell nice and it gives a bit of volume and also a bit of shine. So I just you know like that. This life, you see, I just put everything in my hands and I rub it in the hair, like that um, that is a bit of volume and it looks alive. Oh girl, who you know I am going in with my Foundation again and I'm just gon na dab here in the middle just to make that line, look visible like this, then I will use some wet stick. This is actually um used to flatten the hair, but I don't think I need much on this because already it's late like usually I use it like here in the front. It'S just like your body driving crazy foreign. Come baby. Come home. Try me we killed it. We really killed this right right, I'm not even sure if I wan na do baby hairs, because this is just Flawless like wow. Like I'm happy, you know what let me go do my makeup, so we can finish this off because wow also it feels so light. Yo guys enjoy this is my hair. I can't wait to be seen in this here. I'M thinking before I go. I want to do a bit of baby hairs. This is the mousse I'll be using, and I'm just gon na soup up this, because you guys know I'm really bad, but I want them to pop a bit like just a bit nicer wow. I think it's actually the first time where a company sends in lashes that I can actually wear, and I think you guys can see they actually look nice and the hair foreign. Honestly, I'm truly happy that I received this hair on this day, which is obviously Valentine's, because this is me on a date, highly recommend. What I like about this hair is the density. It'S not too heavy. It feels actually very light and um the hair color is not too much, I'm not a person that likes bright colors and also it feels very light like it feels like my natural hair, no problems whatsoever, guys highly recommend highly recommend. As I told you guys, the link will be down below, obviously I'll have a discount code for you guys. You know, you know, you know the story but yeah. This is the final hair, and this is the final hair and I love it once again. Thank you. So much to open here for sponsoring our video, we honestly will be coming back for more right history. But if you understand

Queen Moresh: It looks pretty

NOKWANDA M: OMG i love it

Nthabi Mokgwakgwa: Beautiful ❤

Nunu Tshambo: Singele ‍♀️

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