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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today at wig studio, one, I'm Marlene from Marlene, twig and chat studio, and today I have a brand new style for you from Renee of Paris. This is Phoenix in the color bronze hazelnut R. I'D like to invite you all to visit our private Facebook group, quick Studio, One wig and topper support group. This is a private group where we have over 23 000 members helping and supporting each other every day. It is a no judgment Zone. Lots of questions answered, you could show your wigs. You could ask questions head on over. It'S a really fun place to be. The link to Phoenix will be listed down below for you in the description box, and if you have any questions, please reach out to support. Wixstudioone.Com and the Consultants will be happy to help you Phoenix from Renee of Paris was sent to me from wig studio one, so I could review it for all of you. The first thing I'd like to go over is the color. This is bronze hazelnut R. What a gorgeous gorgeous color this is, it is, it has a dark brown root, but the root is so well done. It'S not Stark very, very nicely done that blends right through to with the rest of the colors. We have a blend of a warm blonde, a cool light blonde and a dark brown all Blended in together. I think that, because of the the blend of the warm and the cool, we really have a neutral color when I first took it out of the box. I thought it was a cool color, but once I looked at it carefully looked at it by the window, I realized it was a neutral, color, beautiful beautiful. I think it could go either way either as a brunette with highlights or if you're wanting to go from a lighter color to a darker color. The brown is gorgeous. Phoenix has a basic cap. Therefore we don't have a mono, we don't have a lace front. We don't have any monofilament, but I really don't think it's necessary for this style felt covered ears, ear tabs with nice stays, we have a non-extended nape and we have pull type adjusters. There is some nice stretch to this Renee of Paris. I am feeling some permatease, but that is normal. We usually find that or it's it's it's pretty much the norm rather on most not all but most uh basic cups, because it's used to conceal the wefts and also to give form to the wig. I'M going to put on my wig grip, this one is from Wix Studio one and it will also be linked for you down below. I love this wig grip. This wig grip really helps keep my wig in place and it's nice and thin in the back. So it doesn't it, we don't have that bulk. I really like it. I think it is just such a cute fun style, but let me let me straighten it out a little bit. I love this color. The bangs are a little long on me. My forehead is only two and a half inches and the bang is 3.9 inches, so I'm just gon na pull it back a little bit, so it won't be so long on me. We have a nape of one and a half, the crown is nine inches and it weighs only between 3.3 and 3.7 ounces. This is giving me a a pretty retro look, we do have permatease, but I don't feel that it's unmanageable. We don't have that um. A lot of that pillowy permatease, but there is definitely permatease there. I just want you to be aware of that density is not high. The volume that you're seeing is due to the waves and the curls really pretty curls in the back. I think all right so because we don't have that really high density. We can tuck it in and pull out a few fibers on the sides. We could wear it with a headband. Look how cute that looks. I think, if you're looking for a style that is easy, a real throw and go you just want something short and a little sassy. I think Phoenix is perfect. I think that if you like a lot of if you like uh some volume at the top, this will be perfect foreign. So we can't wear it off the face. But if you wanted to wear it with the side to a bang, you can do that. Just move it over a little bit and that will be perfect. I have a 21 and a half inch circumference. I did cinch it in just a little bit. I feel that Phoenix runs a true average here is the ear tab. As you, many of you know, I have a very low hairline. So I'll just add some root powder right here and here, but most wigs fit me exactly the same way, but the ear tap Falls exactly where it should. We do have those fibers coming down from the ear tab, so we could always leave some fibers hanging down. Thank you, everyone at wig studio one. We appreciate you spending this time with us. Please let us know what you think about Phoenix and please let us know what you think about this brand new color bronze, hazelnut R we'd love to hear from you. We hope that everyone is having a fantastic day and we will see you next time. Bye,

Wig Studio 1: Thank you all for visiting! We hope you enjoy this presentation of this new Rene of Paris, Fenix in Bronze Hazelnut R.

Crazywiglady: This is too cute Marlene and that color is beautiful! Thank you for reviewing this new style for us! xoxo

Barbara Hart: Love this wig and the other new ones. I'm getting them all.

CJ H: Great review. I really enjoy seeing your videos posts…you make me smile. The style is a bit puffy for me but that’s an area I struggle with…I tend to like a more slimmer profile than Fenix. Thanks for all you do!

Marisa Licata: Looks like a good work wig, nice color

julie moses: I have ordered Pax in the new Bronze color.

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