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Hey loves, thank you for tuning. In again, it's cutiepie88, i'm here with a headband wig review from you, nice hair. So let's jump right into it. As you can see, i got some color y'all. So when you open a box, you do find the unit as well as a headband and a package with some goodies in it. Wig cap, a nice head, wrap and some cute eyelashes, sorry about my gum, chewing you guys in another cheetah print headband super cute and also a cute little christmas bracelet. I did give these to my daughter. This is so cute and look at this color y'all. So, like i said it did come with an additional band inside so two bands total this one's pretty cute. I like the pattern and the color all right. Let'S hop right into the wig whoa. As you can see, this is blonde. You guys so honey blonde ombre headband unit wow it's much brighter than i thought, but that's not a bad thing. They colored it very well. However, the color does kind of cut off. It'S not really faded. But if you don't mind that i don't mind, it does. Come with one long comb and two short cones near the ear one comb at the nape, it does have adjustable straps and also the velcro strap in the back. It is stitched very nicely and it's a nice natural density. It does have some layers in there. So, let's jump right into putting it on, i did adjust the straps make it just a tad bit tighter and i do like to wear a wig cap with my headband units. You just want to protect the moisture of your real hair. I don't know why i was struggling, putting this headband unit on it wasn't the wig spot. It was me, but here we go so it is on um. I think i push it back a little bit more um further in the video, but just to let you guys see the density. It'S not super thick, but it's not thin and i wasn't getting any shedding and the color is very, very gorgeous and bright if you're into this bright, honey highlighted color. So this is one of my headbands, a part of a set that i ordered off of amazon. For like nine dollars for like 12 of them got ta love amazon and i'm just loving this burgundy for the holidays. So here it is you guys i do find that the inside of the unit i had some space left, so if you can imagine it was kind of like some space left. You know how you touch back there and it's kind of you can feel that space. That'S how it was so it's not super tight, which is a good thing, but if you pull the wig back you're going to have some extra space, so i think it's a medium to large, head friendly because i have a really tiny head. So, that's probably why i had some extra space back there, so i did go ahead and put some curls in this unit had to style this unit. I just wanted to see how the curls would look in this beautiful color, and this unit holds a curl gorgeous. Like so so well, i didn't even need hairspray and even though it's colored, it was not crunchy at all, so super silky smooth, no shedding or anything guys. I wish i could color my own hair like this, but i don't have to they did it for me. Of course i had to show you guys how this unit looks in different styles. So i'll start out with the half up, half down style, my favorite when it comes to headband wigs. So this is actually my second favorite. I like the low ponytail to the side very, very simple, but it makes a statement, especially in this color. I actually like the ponytail low better than i like the ponytail being high with this color, it's just so cute and it it's cute on my skin tone. I never thought i would like it and last but not least, of course, i have to show you guys. The high ponytail now these headband wigs make it super super easy to do. The high ponytail - and i thought it was super cute, especially in this color. So once again, shout out to you, nice hair, for allowing me to show you guys this wig check out the information below check out this unit on amazon and i'll catch. You guys later bye.


mcelweewife: Does it look golden in real life like it does in the thumbnail, or is it cooler/ashy toned and more muted. I was looking for a golden honey blonde and I hope the thumbnail is accurate. In the actual video it looked cooler toned . I already ordered one so I hope it looks good on my skin tone. Cool tones are unflattering on my unfortunately

Ronnieka Key: You’re beautiful

Mzcici181: Why do you need to wear a wig cap under?

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