Blonde Headband Wig


Today in this video i will be installing this beautiful blonde highlighted headband wig from beauty forever hair.

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#412 Honey Blonde Ombre Highlight Headband wig:

Good wigs from beauty forever amazon store (could get 5% extra coupon when you order):

Best Kinky Straight Half Wig:

U part :

T part lace frontal wig(have colored wig) :

Headband (have honey blonde color):

Cap wig :

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Hey beautiful and welcome back to my channel, if you are new here, welcome my name is kendra. It'S always a pleasure to have you guys here, anyways guys. Today i am back with another hair review today. I will be reviewing this hair from beauty forever here. I am absolutely loving when i tell you i'm loving, i am loving. This highlighted headband wig. If you don't think that you may be interested in this look then keep on watching. So, okay, you guys this is the completed. Look. I absolutely love. Love! Love! Love love, love this wig. Do i recommend this wig hell? Yes, i recommend this wig. This wig is bomb out of all of the headband wigs that i have received. This one is one of my absolute favorite. You don't have to do too much to the wig. All you got to do is brush your hair back into a low ponytail or whatever you want to do you put on your wig, you put on the headband and it's the goal, the color. I love this color. I didn't have to do no touch-ups, no coloring. No anything it blends right in anyways dolls. Should you go and get this wig? Yes, i definitely think you should. The texture on this hair is super soft. It just feels so good. I am loving the color anyways dolls. If you guys are interested in this wig. I will have the link down in the description box, but you guys can purchase this beauty anyways guys, don't forget to hit that subscribe. Button turn on your post notification bell. Like i stated in the beginning, it is very important, so you guys will be notified every single time when i upload. Thank you guys so much for tuning in till next time. I love you guys, and i will see you guys in my next video bye

Lyaaa_: Beautiful

Suri Ivy: You look so gorgeous

Ayana Peters: This makeup and hair look so pretty on you

LIFE WITH CHERRY: so easy i love this

Everybody Loves Jess: This unit is so pretty compliment your skin tone.

Carol KE: The hair looks so beautiful and it looks good on you

Kelly Tyler: You are flawless I love it

Latoya Dalley: I like how you style the wig I will definitely try it

Mecca Sexy: So beautiful

Owen Robert: Am loving this hair wow thanks for sharing

Maro and Mav: Sis you are glowing

Oduwa Gift: The hair is so Beautiful

Purity Family TV: Wao this is so wonderful amazing thanks for shareing sis

Blewusi Yawa: Beautiful hair

Stay happy vlogs: So pretty

Eno Loe: Look so pretty with the hair

Monday Efe: Wow, the headband wig so wonderful and beautiful hair. Gb

Tammy Love: Omg your so pretty

Wale Charles: Amazing hair ti

Favour Gold: Beautiful makeup ti

Tammy Love: Are you from the Caribbean? You have that look to you. So pretty

All Things Jah💜: It really fits you

Stephanie Odeh: ❤❤❤❤❤

Stacy & the D's: Wow thank for sharing new support

Tube Gtine: Cutie love beautiful one ti

shelicia jones: beauty full the hair is nice

God Loves Tv: Waoo this is really awesome and beautiful. It makes you cute and loquacious. Baby l really like your swags dear cheers. New friend

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