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Is my baby tell me, i understand again tell me this so hi guys welcome back to my channel. So if you like videos like this, make sure that you like comment subscribe and make sure you hit that bell so you'll be notified every time girl upload, because you know sometimes you have my schedule. You know you to be playing and make sure you share my videos, so i can get a little exposure. So, let's get on so why you hurt hey? Oh, why you weird! Yes, you see me baby unites just likes me or did not. They just had been to me, you know what i'm saying so shout out to you, nice hair, for sponsoring this video and the others to like hello, so uh. This is the battle of the bands, but just the battle of the band. So i wan na know if y'all like this red, the red one that i just did or this one which one do you prefer baby. Okay, let's get into this like y'all, know about the hairband wigs they are just so convenient and they, finally, you know they're not anything new, but they are the trend. Now so don't worry, i will be doing a synthetic um version of these for my affordable options, but this is just so cute like if you want a little custom color. You know what i'm saying you nice got you. You know what i'm saying i do like that: it's a dark root at the top. I really do like that. So, let's just hop right on in so um. First of all, i did my specs and things will be down below. I think i did get the longest length, though, because i want to be giving beyonce so yeah. I think i did get the longest length. I wanted to show you guys, like the ease of it like i have. You can just pop it out the box and put it on, but i do suggest that you watch these before you. You know put them on, and things like that. I just didn't. Watch it for the purpose of the video. I want y'all to see how easy it was baby, i'm sure that y'all know, but this is giving custom color. You know what i'm saying, and i appreciate that. I, like the ones that have uh you know they have the custom, color and stuff like that. You know just a jazz yo look a little bit, you know what i'm saying and this one came straight out of the box flat i mean like it is flat and y'all my foundation is not flat, so i really do like that. It has every imperfection that you have um, i it did have a chemical smell y'all. So that's why i said another reason why you should wash it um. I haven't received any tangling or any shedding like maybe a couple strands, but i do expect for it to you know kind of shed because it is like blowing first of all so yeah also, this is very secure like this is not going anywhere. I didn't use the combs, but there are actually four kinds of eyes: one two and it's another one right here and this one at the back. It has adjustable straps also, and then you know you have that velcro and it's the velcro is just tight. My head is big so, and it's also about this uh band also is it doesn't have an excess uh like velcro, look part you it's giving what i need to get. You know what i'm saying so you get all up out of there um. I love love. Love these headband wigs. You don't have to have your edges out. If you do not want to. I did showcase that in the styling clips for you all that suffer from like alopecia, you know just hair loss in general. So don't worry about that. I got you. You know what i'm saying i do have my edges out right now, because y'all know i have a lower hairline, so i really can't hide it, but um it looks good with and without to me you know what i'm saying so yeah, whatever your preference is so Uh, you guys, that's all that i have for you, because it's a hairband wig, it's not really much to talk about so which one did you prefer the red one or honey blonde baby. What'S what's t tell me in the comments down below if you haven't watched the initial one, the red one i'll put that in the cards up above and thank you shout out to you nice hair for sponsoring these videos? I really appreciate it and i'll see y'all the next one. Bye

SAWLIFE: Which color would you pick ?!!!!! Honey blonde or 99J ?!!!! Love you gang ♾

Nyla Allure: Loving the highlights these headband wigs are taking over

Kie RaShon: Come on color bae!!

Fee-Bee Romero: Here sis still loving headband wigs. This color is everything yes dark roots. Beyonce vibes for sure.

Jae Dun: She's beautiful! Color is bomb on you. I like this one over the red.

Lindsay Erin: it’s cute, love the color!

Sammy Da Goat: You always be looking so gorgeous and you always be killing every look like every time

Shanise Nicole: This color on you is so pretty! C’mon slow MO

Kie RaShon: The pauses took me out lol

Carrie M: The red is cute, but I like this 1 too, I can't choose!!!

Magikalblackness: Come thru honey blonde

morenabella: Just curious, what does your screen name mean? Is it a reference to the movie SAW??

Shanise Nicole: To why you here, why you here OWWWWWWW. Yasssss ma’am to the theatrics we missed you !!!

Shanise Nicole: If I would have heard Hi Guys I was clicking OUUUUUUUT

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