Blonde Highlighted Headband Wig Ft. Luvme Hair

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I am truly satisfied with this wig. There was light to no shedding, the color was amazing and looked natural. And most importantly the install was so quick and easy! This is definitely a beginner friendly wig for those who have little to no experience with wigs. Let me know below if you liked it as well!!

Wig in this video:

In 22 Inches!

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Hey beauties welcome back to my channel, it is ty anna if you are new, make sure to hit that subscribe button, and if you are returning hey boo, as you can see, i do look a little bit different. That is because your girl is rocking a headband wig. I love it. She'S beautiful she's soft she's long she's, giving what she said she was supposed to gave okay. So shout out, love me hair. They sent me over a headband wig to review, for you guys, and i am in love - that's all i can say so. We'Re gon na get right into the video. If you guys want to see the specs on the hair keep on watching. I got a discount code for you guys for some coins off. If you want to check it out, everything will be linked down below and yes, let's get into the video, don't mind me right now: i'm looking a little bit crazy. If you didn't know from my last video i dyed my hair orange after i dyed my hair orange, it got severely damaged my hair used to be so so so healthy and then, after i dotted orange, it went downhill from there. The upkeep with the orange hair was just too much on my natural hair. She did not like it, so i dyed her brown that helped, i guess a little bit, but after i dyed her brown, i decided to get a sew-in. You know a little protective style on my curls. I left some leave out out, as you can see right here. It'S like completely straight. It will not go back curly. All back here is pretty much curly and this is natural natural state there's no product in it. No, nothing it just washed and dried. Naturally, so it's all curly all around my head and then, where i left my leave out she's straight. She needs to go bye-bye. She needs to grow okay, but yeah. It'S only like my root up here that curls and then the rest is completely straight. So i'm so happy to do today's video because i've been wanting to try a headband wig for the longest time, and i think this is going to be my solution until my hair grows back out and i can chop this off up here. There'S my background story on why i wanted to try a headband wig. So first i want to show you guys the packaging. We just got a package. We just got a package. I wonder who it's from it's from love me here shout out them. They sent me over a beautiful headband wig. Oh they sent me over some goodies. So i believe this is a whole bunch of headbands, so we have options, we have options and then i sent this other cute little goodie bag. It'S like this cute iridescent little bag. I believe this is a little scarf, a cute little edges scarf. They sent a brush for your edges, cute little love me, hair, clip, um, bobby pins and some tweezers not too sure what this little band is, but that was also in there. They also put a wig cap in the box and then the wig it's in this cute little drawstring bag, so here's the wig and she's in a little net that they put over it. Okay, look at the color, oh my gosh! These highlights are fire. I love the little blondish highlights in the brown and it's so soft and bouncy. Look at that, so she already comes with this pearl in it. I think i want to straighten it, though, because i don't know i just want straight hair yeah, i'm just feeling straight hair today. So but oh my gosh look at the color that is beautiful. That is beautiful. It has these clips on the inside. So there's three on top one in the back the headband around and then it has the velcro before i put her on i'm going to what am i gon na do? What am i gon na? Do i'm just gon na put two braids to the back, so it's a little flatter. I don't care how these look underneath this wig child. I don't care about this part. I'M gon na make it do what i do. Here'S a little! It'S a little nappy! I'M gon na take a little bit of coconut oil. Okay, same thing with this side, i'm just gon na make a little bun with the ends back here or actually. I actually think i'm gon na bobby pin them up like just take them like this and bobby. Pin them right here so that way it's a little flatter, i'm gon na. Do that, put it on and then i'll probably do my edges after just so they don't get messed up. When i put it on it's so soft and i'm not seeing any shedding so far so look at the color, though i'm like obsessed just scoop that in okay she feels tight. Okay, so there's three clips. I want to make sure i'm getting them in one two. Oh, my gosh, i'm so excited feels very sick here. I love that. Okay, all of the clips are in so i'm just going to tie this up, so i can velcro it in the back. Okay, oh who is this? Who are you? You are tiana 2.0, so this is with no edges out. You can do that, but i'm looking a little crazy, so i'm gon na fix that real quick. I just did my edges real quick kind of rushed them, but whatever i'm about to plug my flat iron in and get to styling, i'm so excited i'm gon na spray, some heat protectant in it. They sent me this wig in 22 inches. I love how soft it feels this is how long it looks straight. Oh yes, period, i'm just going to spray a little bit of a little bit of argan oil in it y'all. I am so pleased with this hair like it is just so soft it straightened. So well - and it just looks so natural i've never had a wig before, but but this is such a beginner friendly type wig. You don't have to glue nothing down. You don't have to um, try and hide a lace or blend a lace in none of that. You just throw it on. Do your edges style it? However, you please and yeah. She looks good and she looks good. So now i'm going to try on some headbands for you guys, so you see the full effect um. You can wear it with just the black. On it, i don't think i will be because i want it to look a little bit more natural. Let'S try this one on first okay, so we got the cute little polka dot, one cute cute. We got the cheetah, it's giving. You know, cheetah girl, cheetah sister. We got the plain white, the gray velour, with the gold stars, and last we got like this beige velour with little pearls on it. You guys have no idea how excited i am because this is about to be my hairstyle for a while until i can grow out my hair again, no heat on my real hair. It'S quick! It'S easy! It'S simple and, most importantly, it's cute. The hair is amazing. It'S so soft. It'S straightened so well. Honey! Yes, shout out again love me hair for sending me this wig. I just love everything about it, especially the color, though i love the color. If you want to check out this headband wig, everything will be linked down below the direct link to the exact wig again this one that they sent me is in 22 inches, and i also will have a discount code. I will put it on the screen and i'll also link that down below, for you guys comment down below if you've tried, headband wigs and your experience with them, i would love to know, as always. Thank you guys so much for watching my videos. I am back. I appreciate all my supporters, everyone who has stuck with me thus far and subscribe to the channel love you guys so much. You

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