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√ 100% Human Hair





√ Busy day, unplanned meeting, any other occasions you might need this!

Just throw it on & you're ready to go, done in 10 seconds!


Hair Length - 18 Inch

Hair Density - 130%

Cap Size - Size 2

Hair Color - Same As Pictures


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Hi beauties very soon, it's gon na be christmas, and i'm selecting the winner of the winter giveaway on the 1st of december. You would like to participate then make sure that you're, a subscriber of this channel, that you like and comment on my videos and you follow me on instagram at katiefrinbee hi beauties, welcome back to beauty channel today, i'm coming back again with a brand new video and I'M so excited affordable weeks, affordable works so guys today, i'm bringing you another affordable weeks and, of course, this time around. This is a collaboration video with my first week and indeed funny enough. My first week was one of my first human hair that i actually wore. So it's quite funny. That is also called my first week, but guys, let's just go straight into the video, but before i do that, make sure that you click that subscribe button and the notification bell below so you'll be notified. Every time i come with a brand new video, i bring you everything, affordable, easy human hair. I got. Is it synthetic hair i got? Is it fashion i'm gon na have very soon. So, if you're interested with everything that is about affordability and cooper code and discounts, then make sure that you subscribe right now, i'm just gon na go straight into the video and i'm just gon na go straight into the hair. It comes with a wig cap guys. So i'm excited - and it also came with a lot of goodies with a lot of headbands that we're gon na use to style the wig as it is a headband wig. Okay, look at this beautiful color, look at it! Oh and it smells also nice. So this is a plus kudos to them. One point from me: so another point for the beautiful color, so two points for me. So far you can choose the cap size that you want isolated. The cap size that best suits me, which is a medium 22.5 inches circumference. So let's just go straight into the wig construction. It comes with two combs at the front, one comb at the back. It comes with a velcro adjustment and the wig itself. It is stretchy. This week should only take you 20 seconds to put on so let's just put it on right now: okay, sorry guys, just a quick correction! I just noticed that it's another comb, so it comes with three combs at the front. One come here: one come here and one and another comb here and one come at the back and adjustable straps. Let me just give you a close-up, a close-up of the wig guys, so it is a number of colors. So, of course, you just have to prep your baby hairs as you want, and then you leave a little bit of hair here to make it look more natural, but if you're suffering for alopecia or any other hair condition or just you're losing or you're just losing Your edges, you can have this wig literally starting from here. You can bring the other forward and start it from here, and the wig will still look nice, so you don't necessarily need your hair out or your edges out, not just my opinion, but i think it would look good either or okay. So let me just push it back a little bit, so we can see the hair to its entirety. So my hair, the moment is pressed so it's quite silky, but it still blends with the color. Even if my hair are not curly at the front like they don't need to be curly at the front, they don't need to be curly, but overall i'm liking it. So let me just give you a quick, a quick, quick, quick 360.. This is the way guys it is lovely, so i'm just going to wet it quickly. Just use water, whatever you got unbelievable, my whole top is wet guys. My whole top is wet and these curls are still big the whole wig. I still volume, i'm shocked. So you can literally go in the swimming pool and come out and you're still gon na have a lot of hair like that, like still voluminous, so i'm impressed, i'm honestly impressed so i like it, so i'm just gon na get a brush and show you a Close-Up of the wet hair, your high brushes real soft, see how you brush it and that the curls pop up real nice real real nice. So this is guys it's 18 inches and then look the curls are back up and this is fully wet and it's dripping water and it has volume. Y'All, don't understand what i'm saying you don't understand what i'm saying. Okay! So, let's just start with this nice headband that they provided us with cheetah color, i'm not good with animal prints. This is cheetah whatever it is. We'Re gon na wear it and all the details of this and all the details of this week are gon na, be in the description box below with the inclusion of all the headbands, where you can buy them, what colors, what prints they have and all that guys. I provide you with discounts as well, so make sure to look at your discount and cash on those discounts, guys cash on them: okay, okay, dogs, so i like to first this flat like so then leave this other one flat like so i like to leave some Of the black one here and then that one like so give you front close-up this nice, headband and i'll leave some of the black one out here: okay, really, nice headband! So i'm gon na remove this headband and try another headband and also give you another style. When i used another headband. Oh, let's try the yellow one. So this is a yellow one with a knot really nice. It has like that sweater material. Oh, you could have it like that yeah and don't push this so with this headband. You can just have it halfway down here and all i did to have achieved this nice drop this hair were here. All i did was push them up to the front. Let me push that down real nice real good right, so this is another style. So now i'm going to use another headband to show you how else you can style your wig and, as you can see, the hair is hair drying us we are standing and talking. So it's even nicer. So now, let's go with the harder headband headband they provided us with just a nice different print. Like i said, all the links are in the description box below you can go and check the website out, get the headphone, the wig that you like and get the headphone that you like you can just have it down like that. That'S the usual style. So i'm just going to get my elastic band, so you know we are full of them and real cute real nice. So let me think of another style or you can just have it all at the top here and just have a not cute nice messy bun. You can just have it like that guys. You can't tell me i don't look cute, i'm a queen. Let'S talk about logistic, how long it took me to receive it. It took me if i'm not mistaken. I need to check how long it took me guys, because your sis needs to go on her emails and check when she ordered the hair and when she received it okay, so i can give you all the right information. I'Ve ordered it on the 15th of october and i received it on the 22nd of october so guys it took me seven days to receive it. It'S good, it's good! It'S good! I mean. I know that my to my fellows americans in the us y'all can get your puzzles as fast as two working days on free working days, but for us in the uk every time we order hair guys it's 23 days, it's two weeks, it's three weeks. So when i see five days four days seven days, us is all good, it's real good. So for me, the delivery in terms of fast how long it took seven days is reasonable. It'S real good and i'm giving a 10 out of 10. like to me. It'S a 10. I used to wait 23 days to receive awake, damn it no more. No more so you know, i'm all with me. No more amen. I don't know they just impressed me. They were so professional. They were so nice to me from the beginning. To the end i mean that's just point blank, so the customer service was a1 was like 100. For me, oh the actual hair. What would i give them i'll give them an eye because of the color i'll give them an eye because of the texture of the wig i'll, give them an eye, because the curls are nice and puffy. I think they literally washed the hair before sending it to me. It doesn't have that industrial gloss shine that most of the way come with. It was literally deep, washed and deep conditioned and sent to me already, because the hair feel did not change from how i received it. You know, usually your hair comes really dull, really flat and then, when you wash, it becomes poofy and nice. This one was already puffy and nice at first glance and even after i spray a lot of water and then it went down and now it's getting puffy again, it's exactly the same as when i put it on at first, you didn't see any change, so the Hair is an eye. It'S a strong, strong nine. Would i recommend my first wig, of course, due to history that i have to them and yes, due to history, mainly i'll give them a 10.. I recommend the hair. I like the hair that they sent me. I mean period and thank you very much guys for joining me today and i'll see you next

Lara Opong: the hair your lipstick the makeup All scored a 10 !!!! this headband wig is really gorgeous

La'Joia Creary: I’m loving this wig on you boo the color is soooo gorgeous I love the headbands as well !!❤️I’ll rate this wig a 9.5‼️✨

Olivia Geordie: Ooo YAYA another video can’t wait to enjoy watching it . I appreciate all your time and hard work xx

Feeneishia Rodgers: Yes, I am loving the ombre!

ARA xvi: I never wear headbands so I was unsure if a headband wig was for me but you make it look so good! It seems so convenient too i’m considering getting one now haha x

Alina: another great video, wow the colour is really nice

SimplyMarahx: The hair looks sooo nicee on you omg girlllllllll defooooooo a 100/10

Feeneishia Rodgers: Yas, bring us the affordable wigs Sis.

Alina: this is a 10/10 for me

Feeneishia Rodgers: Curls are POPPING!

Feeneishia Rodgers: I love your intro wig too.

Markfrancis Obeng: First few seconds of watching and I have already liked the video

Solo: One video after the other

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