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Hair detail : highlight straight headband wig 20 inches

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Hey you guys welcome. What'S up you guys in today's video, i am super super excited in today's video. I am so excited. I got some goodies sent to me and i will be reviewing it and trying it on for you guys. So, let's get it so in today's video i will be reviewing julia's hair julia's hair was so kind enough to send me a piece of theirs and i'm so excited to review and try for you guys, because this is something that i have that i have never Ever ever tried before this is perfect timing, because um i know i may seem a little weird. Lately. I'Ve been coming out with a lot of hair videos, but hey i cut off my hair and when you cut off your hair, what do you do you play around with your hair? You play around with different looks so i found this to be the most perfect timing to sent me over this unit, so they sent me a headband. Yes, a headband wig girl, like you got yo. I don't know why. I'M so freaking excited i i don't know. I guess i just i just really love hair like i'm, not i'm not a fan of like being a like. I don't want to be a stylist or anything like that, but um like i really love playing with my hair. You know it's a little um knotted, because i was playing around with it earlier, i'm going to try it on for you. The hair is really really soft. I'M going to give you guys the info right now, so the one that was sent over to me was i'm out of breath. Julia highlight blonde color, headband, wig quality straight human hair, wigs, quick and easy install it's 20 inches, and it's in the color ib slash. Tl412, that's the color, it's oh! I really really love this color a lot. You guys know i've really been loving blonde hair. It'S like a kind of like an ombre ish. It just has like black roots blonde tips and some very nice pale highlights. The hair is super soft, like so so so so so soft silky it smells something about this hair. This is the first hair that i've ever gotten from a company where it smells really good. Like i don't know what kind of they put some love and care into this man, so this is what it looks. It'S just a headband in the front and it has like velcro at the ends, and this is the construction inside. It comes with a lot of clips. It comes with one two three four one right here: you have your straps adjustable straps, which is great, some really cute headbands. This is like my favorite one, the cheetah, so we're going to try this one on what i'm going to do. I didn't think this through what i'm going to do, i'm going to put a wig cap on just to flatten my hair a bit. I guess and i'm just gon na like comb back my edges. Well, brush back my edges. I just washed my hair uh today, so i don't really want to put any uh gels or product in my hair, so i'm gon na just soak it back. Whoa. Look at that forehead girl, so i'm just putting on the hoo hoo hoo hold on. I just put the clip in the back now i'm gon na. Let me get a hair tie. You can get a clip whatever you want and i'm just going to tie the hair so that i can secure the headband. Oh, this is nice and snug yeah, so i'm just going to adjust it to my liking. So i just grabbed the two and it's going to snap it together and it's cool because it's adjustable so i didn't tie mines too, tight, oh, but look at this hair girl wait yo! This hair is so soft and silky. Like i love it, i love it. I love it. It feels so good, like really good quality hair. I honestly think well let me make this a little tighter because i feel it's slipping out of all of you know the hair websites, because i've tried a couple. You know i tried you nice. I think i tried ally pearl and now i'm trying julia's hair and i feel like out of all of the hair textures. This is my favorite, like it's really really nice hair, like look how freaking cute, oh my god, like do. I even want to put on the let me let me just try it on. Let me just try it on just gon na show a little bit of my forehead. You know. Well, actually, let me just bend this and let me look like this just like my aunt from the 80s. Oh, my god, yo, this hair smells so freaking good. This is the hair. Oh i'm gon na curl it for you guys because i'm dying too, like it even has beautiful layers. Look at this look at that. Look at that bomb. I'M gon na use this half a one and a half inch barrel from conair. I got it from target. I'Ve never seen anyone curl these like every time. I see someone um install these. They just put it on and that's it, but i want to see how it looks straight and how it looks a little kind of like a blowout type of vibe. Oh look at that look at that, so i was gon na say on the real, like really really really, let's say, for example, if i have somewhere to go like nowhere crazy, like let's say i have to go to work or i have to run errands when I don't want to do my hair, i just put on a wig, but honestly i don't have the patience to do it every time. Every time i'm not always on time like i don't always have the time to install my wig, like it's a joke. Most of the time i wake up late in a rush, even if i don't have makeup on. I still want to have my hair done when i go out, because i accept myself with no makeup, but i need to have my hair done like. I really need to have my hair done and i feel like this is the perfect thing, because when i used to go to work - and i'm like damn like everyone's all glam, but i'm running late, like all i can do - is put on a wig before these Came out, i would take my regular wig and i would just tie a scarf on it so that the scarf can hold it down, but sometimes the scarf doesn't even hold it down enough. I always joke around with my co-workers that that, towards the end of the shift it looks like my wig is right here, but that's because the scarf is in the way. But my wig is literally back here by the end of my shift, because it's just slipping back, but these i really like these, because it has that very secure headband where you tie in a bag and it has very secured clips. I never felt clips that were so like they latch on to your hair, like most of the wigs that i have. The clips are very like they're, very flimsy they go all over the place. They don't stay like like snatched onto your the roots of your hair. Literally, i only have the one in the back and i just have the headband securing it. Oh yeah and anything that you guys want to know about this wig or, like the direct link, the website, i'm gon na, leave it in the description box so that you guys can go check it out. Oh, and especially, this is a perfect time because julia is having a black friday sale, so all their sales, all their sales, all their wigs are on sale. So i really suggest that you guys check it out. I honestly might buy one because i really like their hair quality is really soft, so cute look at this hair yo. I can't believe it i was so like. I remember a company tried to reach out to me and they wanted to send me a headband wig and i was like no i'm not, and this was before i cut my hair and i was like no i'm not interested because i'm not going to wear it. I'M going to be real, honest and i don't want to waste your time and then for some reason. This time i was like you know what let me try this look at this: okay guys. This is the end of the video look. How quick and easy look? How quick and easy this was yo, like no installment. All i did was put this on my head. Clip one boom tie headband another cute headband to keep it secure, oh and then i just curled it real quick, like is this really about to be one of my go-to like when i go to the supermarket when i'm on my errands when i'm running away, when I'M running late for work like this is um. I really do suggest that you guys check out they're having a black friday sale, so i will say, get on top of that before it is too late. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you guys. So much for watching leave a beautiful, positive comments down below and i will see you guys soon.

Tabitha Marie: Absolutely gorgeous hair!

Lauren H.: So happy you curled it i just ordered the burgundy version of this one from Julia’s. So excited.

Dee Bloxz: The amount of confidence it takes to cut your hair

Kayla Nicole: You kinda look like Sza your so pretty

Austin Levy: (Friday pt1) DAMNNNN

Ariel Davi: Why my dumb ass was waiting for the HEY love this video review babyyyy

terica terica: you could’ve styled this better ..

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