This Is A True Banger!!! Blonde Headband Wig | Black Friday Ft Donmily Hair

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Welcome my Loves Here’s another banger from my friends o we at Donmily! They never disappoint.

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Hey loves welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, brandi gizz, and i'm back on your screen, and today i have a fun video for you guys when you see the scarf. You know it is a wig review and today i decided to come to you today since i had time to review uh to review a wig unit and it is from domini. I'Ve worked with them before and i love uh their wigs. It says be special, be you and you see their facebook uh and their youtube, i'm sorry they facebook, their instagram and their youtube handles right. Here it comes in a really nice pink box. What girl doesn't like pink, okay, so inside you have the unit and we'll talk about that in a minute. It came with this cute little um pink headband, and we also have this uh. Silk wrap, tie thingy and you have your wig cap. So that's! What'S in the box, now, let's get down to it, we have any 20 inch headband wig y'all, and not only is this a headband wig, but it is a honey blonde. Look at that, it is so pretty so i'm gon na give you all the specs and all the information about the wig in a second, but first, let's look at it. Oh, my goodness. This is so pretty. This reminds me of something this reminds me of my um hair color looks like so, and i'm going to spray it just a little bit. It smells like uh that baby down here and i just spray some uh heat protectant on it and let me brush it again, make sure i get it all straight okay, so we don't have a lot of shedding. We don't so we don't have shedding. Okay. I know you guys are probably sick and tired of these headband wigs, i'm not because i'm having fun and a lot of people don't actually watch youtube on a daily, so once they click on, they see the video and they're probably interested in it. Okay yeah! So this is a cute unit and before i put it on, i just want to let you all know that this is like a really quick alternative to uh, making yourself look good, sprucing yourself up without uh, putting in too much work, because sometimes, let's face it In the morning time, when i'm getting ready in the morning, i don't have time to be, you know, being all glamorous. You know i give probably about five minutes to my face and maybe two minutes to my hair. Now that i have these units, i can just throw them on really quick and i'm out the door so um, i'm gon na show you guys what this wig has. It'S constructed really nice and it's um, it's full! It'S not! Although it's like, let me see yeah. It'S constructed really nice, in my opinion, it's full it doesn't have like. How can i put it? It'S not like uh a track space track space, although it is like that, is you can't tell yes it's full, so you have your headband, and this is like the velcro that you place and you'll see how i um put it on, but this right here it Just so you have your velcro and we're gon na see how the comb is constructed. I'M sorry, we're gon na see how the cap is constructed. You have actually, you have two big cones, which is good because it won't pull your hair out, but you have a comb in the front and you also have one in the back the nape. You don't have any on the sides but from how the cap is made. It feels like it'll fit your head, so we're gon na try this on really quick. Okay, so i'll make sure i put the comb in the back and push it up, pull all this hair out my way. So if your hair is not blonde all over, it really doesn't matter because your hair, in my opinion, it just looks good. It'S like that. Ombre effect, so what we're going to do? Is i like to push this a little bit back and um i'm going to take some lot of body or you could take some water but i'll take some lot about it and i'm just going to apply it to my edges and just soften up my edges. It doesn't make it look hard and crusty and i'm able to um get it on my face. I'M able to do my edges really quick for y'all. I just do that so that my edges won't be looking. You know white if i have product already on my my hair okay. So now i'm going to take this headband and i like to um, take this headband and i'm going to clip it up a little bit. Get it out the way. Okay! So i'm going to take this band and we're going to put it towards the back and snap it in place. Yep like so, and it fits really really well. So now i'm just going to tuck this part of the hair in like so okay, and it looks good like that. Okay, now i love this color. This is so pretty look at that y'all. It just goes with my complexion and everything. This is all that, okay, so i'm gon na comb it out. I'M loving these honey blonde, wigs, it's beautiful, i like color, although the blacks are really pretty classy. Looking elegant. Looking, i sometimes um. You need a little color in your life so when they said they were gon na, send me this one. I was like okay, yes, yes, yes and you don't even have to curl it y'all look at that. That is so pretty and you can wear it like. So this is cute. Okay, let's put the headband on and when you wear these caps make sure i just want to say make sure that you wear your wig caps to protect your hair. You want a protect it on your head, so we're going to add this bad boy. You guys will see this wig a lot, because i love this color. This is like. I think this is my favorite wig, my favorite headband wig. This is so far. This is my favorite headband wig, i'm in love, it's so pretty yes, and it seems like he's just it seems like they're. Just paying attention dominique seems like they're just paying attention because they got the color right. They got the headband right and look look how long it is y'all. Let me stand up. Let me come back a little bit. Look how long it is. Oh, yes, honey! What? What really quick now look, how quick that was to get ready now i didn't even have to blow dry my hair flat out of my hair curl, my hair. I just put this on and go you just do your little makeup and your hair is, and you don't have to worry about your hair omg. Look at that. Y'All can't tell me nothing okay! So now i can come on here and i have to worry about. Oh, i got ta do my hair for this video nope, i'm gon na throw in one of these headband wigs, for you not only make some really nice headband wigs, yes, y'all need to get into it and don't forget you guys, because i see a lot of People asking me where did that uh headband wig come from i'm like everything's down in the description the description box check it out. This is so pretty. I am feeling it so i did my edges for y'all. Let me lay it down just a little bit more because you know my edges be acting funny. You know sometimes you'll have some good days where your baby hairs will work and then some days you're, like okay, you acting up, but this hair is so beautiful. Okay, this hair is so beautiful. All you need is some perfume omg we're gon na put some perfume on because i'm just feeling it. Oh, yes, i'm just feeling i feel fun. You know this is like that. Flirty, that's school, that this is like that flirty hair. This is super super. Pretty. Let me bring my camera so that y'all can see, can y'all get into it. I am, i am loving it. Okay, that's enough you're doing too much but yeah. This is so pretty okay. So some of the styles that i would rock i'm not gon na talk, i'm gon na just play some music and i'm just gon na freestyle, because i don't know how um i would wear the styles but yeah, i'm gon na freeze that so so okay. So i just did a little twist, but i just want to say that if you are a woman that loves color like i do, i love a honey blonde. I love a honey blonde, so if you love color in your hair, you might want to pick up this unit. This unit is bomb you guys. The length is perfect. It'S perfect. This is like my favorite unit out of all the wigs that i've tried on the wigs that i've. This right here is hands down. Donnelly did their thing when they uh did this unit, you guys and the headband is cute. It'S cute. If you don't want to wear the headband, you could opt and you know throw on a cheetah hairband. I don't know, but this right here is everything. This hair is giving me as they say life, and i love it. Yes, you can do so many styles with it um. This is the style that i just opted for um, just trying different styles on my hair. I love this. Thank you so um again check out the um description section so that you all know what um so again check out the description section for like coupon codes and links and everything - and let me tell you about this here - okay, i just want to let you know That the color is tl412 and you guys, if you don't like, like the color headbands, they have them in 99j. They have some in platinum. If you want that platinum, uh color, they haven't been black pearly kinky. They have y'all check out dominantly. They are bomb. You guys let them know that i sent you. Okay, let's talk about the specifications. This is a straight hair wig. This is an average cap size, so your circumference should be like 22 inches to 20 to 22.5. The color you get the blonde highlight going on. They start from like 14 to 26, and it's 150 percent density and the base material is swiss lace. You guys this right here is awesome. This is the you can throw it on your head and go in seconds. Okay, do you hear me get ready for work in seconds, okay and still be rocking it? You don't have to wear a full face of makeup, at least with some earrings when you're doing a little headband? Yes, but um. You might not put on lip gloss, but you can put on your little mask as long as you. You know you got on some mascara and you put your mask on okay. Put your little mask on make sure your eyes is done. Your brows go! Get your brows uh arch and you looking cute, i'm so crazy, but i'm telling the truth. Y'All know i am but yeah. This is right here. This is awesome and then i see that they have a black friday sale, so y'all might want to check them out. All right, you guys, let me get off of here. I am really enjoying this here unit. I like to wear it straight. Your girl likes it. She wants to wear straight so straight. Look at that y'all y'all! All right, love, y'all! You

Queen Infinite: Branny you crazy girl! Yes this was my favorite unit as well... got me breaking down to try one out for sure!

Monique P.: Loving the wig!!! You go Girl!!!! Loooking good Brannygiz Great vlog Happy holidays Stay safe Keep the vlogs going I’m here for them all!!!

Lyndah E: Honey blonde truly your colour.Every try on wig you do look fabulous on you❤️

TAMH82 !: I love it and it looks really good on u! Like you said it goes well with your skin tone And I love these kinds of videos too

Junebaby624: Absolutely gorgeous, you are slaying those wigs and I love the sweater you have on too.

Contessa Alvarez: Love the wig and color. You look beautiful.

Harris Party Of 5: Love it! Let me stop playing and order me a headband wig!

Hereigns62: Loving the unit and all your new content girl.

Renee - LONG NAIL DIVA: Yesss I ordered one from amazon. Cant wait to open it. This one is beautiful

💕 Peacelilly 💕: Hey Brandi I am NOT sick of these headband wigs. I love the ease of wearing them. They look good on you. All these colors look good on you. You are like Beyonce. You and Beyonce both look good with black hair but you both love to wear blonde. It's you alls favorite.

SimplyMe: Way to go Bran. Love the freestyle! You definitely have got this. Can you sometimes show without the baby hairs 1st?

Simply _Terneka: Omg, I like this baby right here. Your reviews are tempting me Brannygiz! You know I have grandbabies. You gonna have me spending they Christmas money‍♀️ Tfs

sunnflowerr11: This unit is cute!

Ms. Netta Price: You betta rock that wig Mrs.Giz I gotta get me two headbands wigs black one and honeyblond yasssssssss

dimpols0: This wig is beautiful, You're giving me Karen from Patomac. Now I want this color.

Kiki Dan: So Pretty

Mary Ross: Looking good Brandy

Leola Johnson: I love it too branny you go with that color

Hunny Gyrl: Gorgeous girl

Tanishia Hicks: I really like this color.

Anita Mckinney: Friend looking good love it beautiful

Meka Blessed: cute

PolishedOne: Your perfect color....


SimplyMe: Are there people who don't watch yt on the daily? Lol Okay lemme watch the video... why I'm always messing with you???

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