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Welcome to my channel, I'm doing a tutorial on this wig sent from Sunber Hair. So if you like this video then do not forget to click the subscribe button down below, leave any comments and ill see you kaybirds next time.

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Switches welcome to my channel, so my name is kimmy k. I'M gon na be doing a headband um tutorial today, so this video is being sponsored by sumber hair. So thank you to them for sending me out this video um, make sure you like comment and subscribe down below, so it is gon na be um in this package right here. It does have summer hair and it does have their um social media handles um. This one is actually supposed to be a um jerry, carrick, jerry curl, jerry curly hair, and it is going to be um 18 inches. So these are the curls up close um. These curls are, like super super, pretty very, very pretty um, so you are going to get this comb bit comb in the center of two combs on the outside and they do give you the um comb in the back and also they have adjustable straps um. This is the first time i had a wig, they had adjustable straps and then, of course you do have the headband piece, that's in the front so yeah. This right here feels so freaking, pretty and soft, and it does have like a natural looking density so um. Let'S go ahead and put this unit on okay, so all you really are doing is just sliding in the combs, if you prefer, and then these two elastic you're just going to take around the nape and just clap them on see. If i can, this is so freaking cute, quick and easy um. You can wear this without any baby hairs if you do prefer, but it's really really cute. The hair is soft and pretty uh running my hands through it. I am getting some um shedding um, usually curly hair does shed. So that's like nothing to be like worried about and, as you can see this hair it does kind of have like layers. So it's not like one flat. You know type of curl, so it is pretty like very pretty it's really pretty that honestly, i don't even want to add like any water or mousse to it, like the hair itself is just pretty without all of that um what i am going to go ahead And do is, do do my baby hairs and then i'm going to put on the um headbands that this unit did come with. I usually don't put on the um headbands, but i'm just going to do it for this video other than that um. I, like my wigs with the black headband - i don't know if y'all noticed, but i like to wear black period so so is ah

Nizzy Mac: Okay this curl pattern is cute! Your baby hairs are swooped to perfection

Glenda Cunningham: Such a pretty wig. I also love love headband wigs for work! Do you have any makeup tutorials? Yours always look amazing! You are beautiful !

IsThatYourHairrr: A cutie! Love me a good headband wig!

Tonya Blakely: very pretty wig. I love your shirt where did you get it from?

Ms. Shabria Gxo:

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