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Honey blonde headband wig

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Hey y'all welcome back to the channel, i'm going to be doing a y, wigs haul of wig and headbands. So we're going to be looking at the honey blonde, headband wig by white wigs and look at the new way that they sent me the wig. They sent me this really pretty pink satin sack i'm keeping this and the one day i don't have on pink. I do a wig that comes in a beautiful, satin, pink drawstring with tassels bag. Oh my gosh! This is so cute for, like overnight, i'm keeping this definitely um. So they also sent me some headbands to try on with the wig. This is a cute little pink. Ribbed one and this um pink and gray, and then the scarf like multi-colored, okay. So first, let's see what comes in the package, i already took the hair net off of the way because i did open it already. So i need to put a hair net on because um i'm not prepared i'm going to prepare myself. Luckily, they sent me this with it, as always: there's always a wig cap in here packaging. So i'm just going to leave my ponytail in place. Actually, it was a bun earlier, but we're just going to we're just going to go ahead and stick it all up in here pull for the best. I don't feel like doing it the proper way. So, let's see if it still works so it'll probably lay down once i get the wig on it, get in there all right. Okay, this is the honey blonde, headband wig and of course you all know about that. Headband that headband wig comes with a headband and it's a velcro in the back and there's combs inside. So there's no lace: um, there's no lace front, so you don't have to worry about any glue, any cutting any plucking and here's the inside of the wig there's adjustable bands back there and then combs all around it. I'M going to do the adjustable band and this is a really pretty color, and so, if you've never tried a blonde wig before um, maybe this one may be something you could try, since it's not being directly on your. You know your head. You have like that. Headband buffer and there's dark roots, so you can kind of get away with it. You'Ll see, let's see the dark roots, you kind of get away with it if you've never tried a blonde. So i'm going to secure these combs first and show you guys how it looks with just the headband like if you just don't want to show any of your hair. This is how it looks, and then you can just strap the headband with the velcro behind your and put the comb in the back too. So now i'm going to just and if you have like a small head. This is good because you can pull the the headband and velcro it like an adjustment to keep it super tight or looser, depending on your hair or your head size. So this is what the look. The look is with the headband dolly, and it's try on a headband over the black headband first, so they sent me this pink one just cute. I wish i had on pink today. This would have been perfect. I'M also going to pull it back like if you do want to show your edges or the front of your hair and just have it look kind of like a half wig, that's also possible, but for now i'm just kind of push the black part back, and This is kind of cool, okay, that's cute! So imagine if i had on a pink or just black, this would work and you can curl this crimp it wave it flat iron it to get it even straighter and it does have the dark roots. Um, there's not really a part, so you don't have to worry about plucking it. You just pop this on when you want to go, run some errands. Oh, i got to go to walgreens y'all. I don't want to wear no bonnet. I don't want to have to do my lace front. I got to go i'm going to put on this cute. You know ombre blonde, with my pink headband, my little pink tracksuit and my little pink whatever grab my pink purse whatever and go see. This looks classy. It'S classy, but if you uh it's like okay, well, you know my edges are at least done. At least, let me show a little sub, so it looks like there's something kind of my hair. Maybe it could be my hair, you know and go ahead and show a little fun, so you can kind of push it back to show a little bit of something and, like you know, do your baby, hairs or whatnot. The cones are still pulling me tight. So i look like you know: i'm feeling ariana grande vibes when you put this in a ponytail down, put the headband on okay, so you could do half of half down. You could do the ponytail um. I do have a brush. Let me brush this off. This is very um. Moisturized hair, like it, doesn't feel dry at all, very healthy moisturized feeling, sometimes because when they color it it could get damaged, but this is really well conditioned so um. I do have my ponytail sticking up right there because i did not take it down, but if i had let's see what's up, this is a little bruising look right here. Um, if you like volume, you can kind of like have some volume. Do a curling iron type situation. This is very preppy looking, i think, like with this pink with this pink heaven. So she also sent me some wine wigs. This really cute multi-color one, but i like the pink but i'll, show you guys what it might look like. You can pick your headband when you pick your wig, your headband wig they'll, give you an option of which headband you would like to receive. The pink one is really nice. I'M just gon na tell it's like a baby pink and it's just it's it's great for casual or just like you know, running like everyday cute, girly girl, kind of vibes. This one is also cute, but i think the pink goes really good. With the the hair color, so i did link all the links below with my coupon code to save you, ten dollars go ahead and eat it. If you like it um, you bought some on amazon but they're smaller now yeah. These are thicker, they stretch so and that's a good thing like when they have a good stretch. You don't have to worry about them over stretching and so that you can use them in much longer and they'll last much longer, so i'm gon na pull it back up. So you guys can see what it looks like without showing all the edges. I think it's kind of cute actually on this one. I think it's kind of cute, just with the pink um hip being without showing all the edges, because it kind of gives you like a boujee vod. You just push it back a little bit, pull it over. My ear it's a pink boujee body and y'all: yes, grab it and glow baby. I like it because it's so convenient and it looks kind of cute with the pink um yeah no edges will be good when working out mm-hmm um. I bought a headband sort of like this like a while back. It was by park ivy park beyonce's, you know brand, and this feels exactly the same, the same material and everything. So it's a good quality. The headband i give this wig two thumbs up and it's very simple, but you get a pop of color. I wish i would hide on my pink. Let me just do this. I wish i had on my pink, but i'll have my black, so i can look extra bougie. You see how this gives you bougie vibes, especially with the black, come on um. I'M feeling this. The pink looks cute on you, but i don't like the headband, which headband would you prefer? You can get like a cute, a cutesy one with all the sparkles on it. Like i normally wear you get multi color one or more muted color. They have so many options of the headbands. They just sent me the ones that they think i would like, but yeah. You can also pull this back. If you don't want the headband, the black headband that comes with it just looks like a regular black headband, and if you can see right here, it doesn't look like much. It looks like just your hair is right under it. So if you don't even like any of the headbands, you can buy your own or just rock the one that comes on the wig and call it a day so and like matching your black, so you can look like a villain and get your black shades. I need to bring me some shades in here so that i can show you what it looks like with some sunglasses on which you could imagine super bougie right, um yeah, just imagine some big black shades, black headband black sweater cloak or whatever you coat or whatever You wan na wear some red lips perfect. They also have these in different hair colors. If you don't like the blonde, you can get um like a natural black brown, but um they're, also sending me another one in the future and um. So it's a color that i've never tried before, so i'm excited to try it. Hopefully it comes soon and you'll be able to see that um. I love you. Some honey blonde on black with red lips reminds you of vampires. That'S so that's true. I was feeling that pink headband, though probably with another outfit. I was trying to be seen today with the yellow on um, so i can see i'm also going to curl this i'm going to give it some body i'm going to take the you know the curling iron. What do you think should i flat iron it should it be straight. I should do some in the future, because i'm probably going to be wearing this tomorrow or the next day or in one of my future videos. What do you like to see the curls, so y'all gon na see the curls waves? Yes, and you see how thick it can get all the details of this wig up below it by the way. But you see how like much you have to work with so took my other black headband bob wig. She took it from me and she's using it for cosplay. She took some of the clipping bangs and clipped it onto the wig. She like she folded this all. The way back and did the clip-on bangs, and now she has a cosplay wig, even though i just bought her one on amazon. She says she likes human hair better because the cheap cosplay wigs on amazon tangle up very, very bad. She she took the real one. She said these are better mom, she doesn't know any better she's i mean she plays in my wigs, so she can't go to the synthetic or the party city wing who's. What i call them, she cannot do it. She just she says, no um, but i was you know it she'll wear it but um. She prefers to use my wigs so um, i'm going to try this headband off see what this one looks like. So i can see this in a pink sweater with some. Like in the winter like on a ski trip, with a like a pretty pink sweater to match this with, like some um, maybe some i don't know what do they call those plates? Those tight slack pants - i don't know they still meant like banana republic, like some gray, uh slack trouser tight, they look like jeggings but they're. You know a solid color and they're more structured, so they have like a zipper and a button on them, and this will go cute with like a pink sweater and those type of pants and some like cute boots for the winter or the fall. I mean like a ski trip. You know they always wearing those headbands anyway, i might as well get the headband. You said yoga pants, whatever ski boots and whatnot, with your hot cup of cocoa and oh, the weather inside, see that this is giving me those type of vibes like sugar, daddy ski lodge fives. Yes, you got your ski. You got your ski gear. No, you have to take me shopping for it, but i do have a headband and i need to match an outfit. To this. Give me your credit card. I'M gon na go shopping online. Sure thing those are some pretty colors um. Thank you, or this is giving me what kind of vibes does this give you? Let me see so what vibes does this give? You is this tropical? Is this: what is this um preppy beachy? Okay, i would do a jamaican accent, but i don't know if that is offensive and it will probably be wrong, but let's go hang out at the beach which i'll do the nicki minaj. Then starships, i'm going way back. She was on the beach beach. Yes, darling bring me my green juice by the spa this morning, i'm at a spa in the islands, yes, small vacation in the islands, getting ready to get my massage and getting ready to drink my green drink, green juice or whatever. Let me fix this and i can't be bothered can't you say: i'm rich. This is, after you've, already become a widow or when you're married and your sugar daddy's on vacation, with his mistress and you're having your spa vacation separately like oh spare. No expense richard's worked hard for this, so i have to spend his money. Who knows where he's at probably off with some trollop somewhere, so i'll, take i'll, take the full treatment? Thank you, then, later we're gon na go. Do some shopping. Yes, do you want something you've been an excellent masseuse. I'M gon na get you a gift. It'S not my money right. This is giving me vacay rich wife vibes, even though i should have pulled this back further, so bg vibe or country club golf country club, brunch, brunch, brunch vibes. You can't sit with us vibes out on the patio during brunch tennis, tennis. Yes, 10 doubles or singles fix my earring, oh muffy improved at your game, but your breath is still horrible. I don't know how richards can stand. You muffy, please have a tic-tac. Yes, you might have won buffywood. I won the game's life by the way. Where is richard, is he spending this weekend with his wife? Don'T worry, he'll be back next week, it's her week today, it's her week this week and unless y'all have switched, i don't. I can't keep up anymore. So, yes, i love the headband. Okay, janet all right that character, kiki palmer does miss lady and uh. She talks to janet - and this is her with the southern uh southern belle insults it's hilarious on instagram. Yes, she should get her own show. Based on that character. You said road road, equestrian, jockey vibes, yes, yes, yes, i have to go. I have to go ride ride my horse. You know so this wig gives me, like you know: bougie vibes, definitely bougie vibes. I have to go ride. My horse, then, after that i have to go check in and see what what you know what we're having for dinner and then i have to go and meet with my um yoga and pilates instructor. Then i have to spend some quality time with the children. Make sure that they're, you know doing well in school and with the danny um? Yes shira: where did you get your lipstick? Well, i never tell why would i tell where i got them done? These are natural, actually they're, not natural, but i don't tell people i get my stuff done. I got it done at a place that does lips injections. They have them everywhere, dolly wherever you look, you can find one just go to the good side of town and get it done. Okay, yeah, you got ta go to the good side of town. Don'T if you want something of quality, go to the good side of town, get what karen and becky and all of them are getting honestly or else you might end up with home depot lips. I call them don't get them done at someone's house in the back alley unless they've paid, you know a professional to come and do like a party or whatnot, but still i didn't trust it. Yes, um so bougie vibes. I love this wig and by the way you guys, i was using the color boutique by level of cosmetics on my lips, because you know um. The bougie lady doesn't have all that extra makeup when she goes out to you know, do all her errands and um meet with um attorneys for obvious other reasons, and you know to go, have brunch with the girls we just wear. You know a little bit. We don't go all out like she was seven, does we're not on youtube. We have to be seen the light of day and you know um. They spend so much money on their botox and and stuff like that. They don't really uh need to put as much on and they want to show off like that. Honestly, i just didn't feel like doing eyeliner or lashes today, so i did a more natural look. Uh-Huh. My friend is a boogie from the south. She spent literally 3k on boudoir photo shoot for her fiance, but never wears makeup otherwise. Well as long as you look good in them outfits, i guess i would never spend three thousand dollars on a boudoir um as myself, a boudoir photo shoot. I i will get my iphone. I will set that timer and i will run back and forth or i will tell siri to snap the picture and then i will photo edit it and i will tweak the lighting and you will not be able to tell the difference, darling. Okay, then i will tell him it cost three thousand and he will pay me back for something i never bought. Okay, you, yes, i would have bought stock with that darling. Yes, i looked on my stock um app today and zoom, which i'm invested in, went up. 11 point something percent: in one day, i made a lot of money today for doing nothing, because that money would have been sitting in an account or savings only getting seven cents a year. So i went ahead and invested and let me tell you it was well worth it. I paid 130 for the stock and now it's almost worth 300 dollars and i'm like smart thinking, um so like this wig gives me boujee vibes, like bougie country club bougie. You know uh, you can't sit with us by fuji. You know whatever vibes, especially with this headband, and you know a lot of those women wear these headbands to cover up their scars when they're trying to heal from their face lifts. I don't have them, but you know they do so they may be rocking these temporarily or just yeah, so to catch the sweat from walking outside too long in the golf on the golf course. Yes, i do need that bougie cup. I left it in the other room. Hmm, i'm looking for props, but i don't have any in here um. I really wouldn't oh yeah. I do have a tea cup. I have my louis vuitton cup and i have my little tea cup. I kept my lipsticks in there. It doesn't match, like i store my little lipsticks in here little little cosmetics, but speaking of getting something to drink hold on, i did need a drink. Bougietto vanipes, your lipstick packaging is so is too cute. Thank you. I i thought i thought it would look really pretty like something very vintage and chic that you can display on your vanity or whatever, because i believe that quality cosmetics should also look pretty like. I find it hard to spend money on an expensive lipstick that comes in a boring plain case. I need some drama, so i i really like this reminds me of like a dior vintage dior and then this, of course, just some diamonds. It'S really pretty. It looks like a little potion bottle with a diamond on the top, and this looks like a vintage dior so trying to go for that vintage thing where i got the cup um designs by nikki on instagram. She also makes masks t-shirts and so much more. She also sent me a really cute shirt. I had it on yesterday and she sent me this mask with the lv on it or the louis vuitton kind of print, and i haven't worn it yet because i don't want to get makeup on it. I just think it's so cute, so i'll have to wear this. No, she did tell me these little things to go. Does it go inside yeah? She gets through these little packages to go inside. I have to wear it when i don't wear lipstick or a lot of makeup um but yeah. She has a lot of cute items on there. You should go check her out. Tell her, i sent you okay, i came from shira7 channel or she was seven instagram. Wear it over another one, then i won't be able to breathe for real. Do i send money on your boyfriend on his birthday going out etc? Do i send a grown man money when he's going out um if it's five dollars and he can buy himself a birthday drink, a cheaper favorite? I ain't gon na, send him no money girl that list it's five dollars here. You go happy birthday, collect the rest. When you see me - and i won't be in cash - i'm your guest, um, hey sure i keep falling in love girl. Why do they do they fall in love with you? Are they falling in love with you? That'S the question. Don'T fall right, you can't hear. Let me turn it up. Can you hear down? Is it better? I have this mic. Is that battle? Those are too loud. Am i too loud? I have this mic and i'm trying to adjust it mm-hmm they're, so he filed his side chick and told him what he found a statue. Okay, my mic sounds nice. My mic sounds nice. You need some more money. To get your mind off. Love, that's right! Golden blonde is nice. Why thank you which headband did y'all like the most out of these three? Let'S vote or let's take a poll in which do you like tropical or you know no, i'm called country club ski trip or um pink, bougie errands running errands. I don't know you like the pink one me too ski trip, i kind of like it these two. I do love these two look, these look like underwear and it came in this really cute. I i hope they start using these instead of the black, because this is too cute this the wig came in here and it's a pink sachin. It came in this box, of course, in this bag with the headbands, so i hope they start using these. These are really pretty and you can use these for like packing your um, bras and underwears. But if you go on a trip you can use this for a sack to you know to put all of your hair accessories in or something like that. But i just think it's so pretty, and it's so soft and statutory so um. I like i like that they're improving. If that's going to be a regular thing. This is so pretty and if i every time i get a wig, if i get a bunch of these, this is all y'all going to see around my house pink stuff ever. Oh, i can make a pillow out of this or i'll just store a lot of my things in and drawers. You know you can put your bras in here and put them in your drawer. I don't know this is just so pretty i don't know you can repurpose these use them for gifts. What not someone says crystals um my makeup brushes are so cute. Thank you. I might start. Can y'all see them back here? Oh yeah, i might start selling these again because i did sell out of those, but for now i have the two sided level up: cosmetics, brushes and they're baby pink. I don't know if y'all can see that and they are very high quality brushes, so you're getting professional, high quality brushes and for you know less you have actually it's a rose gold finish, but you have like eight brushes, but you only have four brushes. This would even be cute in here, that's so cute, so yeah. I love those brushes and a lot of people. Don'T think that they can store these brushes like diagonally. Well, i do and they don't have any problems with it. So i don't know. Okay, thank you. You just bought a wig rose. Gold is your color. Yes, your royal highness, i'm weak. I feel so bad for you, oh y'all, talking to each other. Okay, your ex still your whole brush set. Oh no. Why would he steal it? Was he using it too darling? Oh no, he said he was using it for what he wear makeup. You know, i'm glad he's your ex, then girl, i'm glad. Well, you know them some good brushes with these all them y'all better go get your brushes. He probably stole some underwear too girl hit the like button. Thank you. So excuse me. I think this is like um. I don't know is this: this is this honey blonde there's no like there's not a lot of different ombre in the lower part. So it's not like a highlighted like a heavily ombre or highlighted. Look it's just only the roots at the top, so you're, basically getting the the honey blonde at the bottom. Um yeah, but i really like it. Y'All have my candle burning back here for my aesthetic, for you guys i put a little halloween or fall looking decoration up here, for you guys, don't pay attention to anything down here. It'S just a bunch of junk but look y'all. I went shopping at michael's and i got some halloween stuff and i did a haul on my asmr channel. I don't think it sounded very good because i think the mic - the volume was up too high, but aren't these cute? I'M i'm gon na incorporate this back here. Somehow this at least this thing y'all check this out. Thank you percy. She was since listening to you. I increased my income so me and ben franklin. We have sort of an entanglement, go ahead: percy sprinkle, sprinkle percy. I appreciate you, i'm glad you got that money in look at this little booty doll, it's in the floral section at michael's, and i'm going to incorporate this this one. This one is going to be named dusty. This is dusty. Ladies dusty's going to sit right here and every time we get them out of dusty, i'm gon na plug it. So isn't it cute. It has like a little pink heart and it was like in the floral section right um. We got michael's next to this. This is also in the floral section, so i think they use this to make like those wreaths or flower arrangements inside of pumpkins or something, but i'm going to make them something else: duster and dusty up there when we get mad at dusty's when a dusty troll Comes through we're gon na grab that and poke it, and i also make this little craft thing as well. I made this y'all. I took some um, these styrofoam styrofoam glittery, um skulls and some little dollar tree um flowers and stuck it in here entire ribbon around it, and then i took the top with the top to it. I stick a little sticker, a 3d sticker on it. So i made like a bigger one like this, but this is like a mini one, uh yeah that cute. I got all this stuff at the dollar tree. I think this anyway, this stuff and that was easy to make yeah. So she did. She don't have no hair, so she had to use some flowers because that's all she had on the braids, but i like how she worked it and this one right here. She died, meditating and praying that her dusty would change and she's still trying to figure it all out trying to calm her nerves from dealing with this dusty. Look what happened? I don't let that happen to you. She'S stuck in the sunken place. Okay, she's still she's. Still meditating and praying for some change. Please let him become the man. I know he's supposed to be girly. He if he ain't, become the main supposed to be about 45 to 50. He ain't ever going to come back. Please let him propose to me and marry me how long have been 20 years he ain't proposing album unless he need a kidney um right. She died because she healed her breath waiting. That'S right, she's, waiting on a ring. Okay, where is rafiki rafiki, is upstairs. Y'All. Might see me upstairs filming as well soon i'm going to be between here and upstairs this season, so y'all going to see different backgrounds and stuff, so i'll probably be upstairs tomorrow. This is my other office, slash level up cosmetic. This is my level of cosmetics office, and then i have my big office upstairs and it's not a huge bedroom that i use for filming and storage and stuff like that um. Yes, i need a different headband. Just like this one's, not matching my clothes. Actually, none of them match my clothes and the black matches by itself, but the pink was so cute. Put that pink one back on right. What'S in here, um, thank you, black hair magic spring sprinkle all right, putting this back on you're moving to la any tips! Girl, i don't know anybody live in l.a. They can give her some tips la people. Someone is moving to l.a and needs some tips. I couldn't tell you because i don't live in l.a. My tip is visit michael jackson, uh star on the hollywood walk of fame. In hollywood, take a picture, that's my advice. Go right. This is so bougie gives me bougie vibes. I could see myself in like a little pink um sweater or a print of the pink tracksuit in the winter time, and i just feel like going to walgreens or something, and i just want to look like a match and maybe some monochromatic outfit with some little Sunglasses on stick this on still look boujee polished and put together, but didn't have to spend a lot of time on my hair, never never lived in new york either right. You went to get your nails done and thought of me midnight destroyer. You did. I need to do my nails, i'm trying to figure out what color i need to put on them. So what color y'all think it's fall. I don't know whether to do a natural color, a darker color, a pink um, i'm not going to do any weird colors um, not that they're weird, but like no orange, no blue. Nothing like that. Sorry, ox blood, pink, coral, red maroon. I think i have like a a burgundy and a bunch of pinks. Of course, i know so we'll see. What'S up you house and your recommendations very nice to meet you hi miss tyrell 2.0. Thank you well, on this channel. We really just talk about relationships mainly like in the favor of women dating men um, but today i'm doing a wig review and it's a headband wig y'all. So you can look bougie on the go. In fact, this could be your gym week or your spa day. Wig or your vacation at the spa wig, what do you recommend botox or jupiter? I'Ve never had botox um i've had the lip filler juvederm. I think that's what it's what it is, but i've never had botox, i'm afraid, i'm afraid to get botox. I, like the idea of headbandwig, it looks good, i mean thank you, girl, appreciate it. You, like my lips, thank you, girl, red or yellow you're, wearing nude and black accent, nail with glitter and pumpkins. Oh, that sounds cute see now you're making me want to go. Get some pumpkins on my nail, but i i'm wearing my real nails. So i don't know. Maybe i could put one on there, maybe closer to halloween, but i'm wearing my real nails and doing the gel with the uv light. Because i have i bought the set to do at home and it's so much faster and easier, but you know basically having like the shellac nail so um nail sticker, it's a full moon on halloween this year it will be on. It will be a full moon on halloween this year 2020. It would be. Did y'all, see my meme on um instagram, where the jeepers creepers um guy, it's like this is the year this dude come back. 2020 must be the year jeepers quickly come back has to be was hilarious. Yes, everybody hit the like button. Thank you. Thank you, gianna! I'M sorry! No thank you. Evil, kitty, she's, always telling people to hit the like. Thank you. Thank you. Evil kitty64. She she always looking out for me. Thank you, you're a nail tech, okay, cool yeah, jeepers, creepers kind of cute. He was cute, though, what about it? It doesn't really scare clowns. Don'T scare me never have. In fact none of those monsters scare me. Okay, the only thing i was never afraid of any of those monsters right only only thing that ever scared me was the movie there's two movies. That scared me, but i was the child, so they don't scare me more, but when i was a child, the exorcist and cujo, those are only two movies that ever scared me of the other movies. I think the evil dead was kind of up there with it. The evil dead was kind of scary, but those are the only three movies that really made me a little bit scared, i'm not scared of clowns or anything like that. Jeepers creepers, don't even scare me because we, you know, we probably hit it off, i'm a little. I'M a little strange, i think those those type of dudes would probably be my type. You know the poultry guys yo. That was a good movie, though yeah um, don't laugh. It'S not fine. Do you still post on your spiritual channel every every time like every week, yeah, maybe once or twice a week, i literally just watched the human century. Oh, i couldn't watch that like i saw a trailer of it and i said no not gon na wash it. So it's an abomination, an abomination i couldn't even get through the trailer. I won't do that. To my mind, it is it's disturbing i've seen some disturbing things in my life and if i can choose not to see that i'm going to choose not to see that sure my life is a mess. Can i pay you to roast me and tell me how to fix it? Bitty boat, bitty rose or baby rose. Sorry, i couldn't see um. Do you really want that? You want me to roast you i'll. Do it on a different video? Not this one annabelle annabelle's, not that scary, but it's a good movie. I like i, like those, i like the nun. I like the annabelle series. I, like all i like those movies. Those are pretty good because they have that good background story and the conjuring it's good, but it's not scary. Oh there was one movie that did scare me condom. It was a more recent movie too. Sinister. Sorry, have you all seen sinister wanted to that one that one kind of strange right here that one's a little bit so if y'all haven't seen sinister, let's check it out, sinister is demented. Yes right! Imagine seeing someone dressed in covet 19, a bad, a big old, green cloud with black dots i would laugh hostile was disturbing. Did i see hostile? I think i did. I can't remember you're done with scary movies, i'm not a scary movie season. Y'All look! This is also a good wig to wear with your pajamas. Get you some popcorn. You know you date, you know, y'all are doing. The dating thing. Are y'all getting to be a couple or you don't want to be around your house in a bonnet. You know you get your little pink pajamas or whatever match your hip into your pajamas. Get your little slippers, get you some comfy uh blanket put on scary movies and chill you can even take little instagram shots because you'll be looking cute. How should i decide whether to stay in san diego or move to miami i'm a native new yorker from manhattan? I don't know what to tell you they're. You know, if i don't know um i'm moving where i know it depends on what you're trying to do in this world, like i'm moving where there's no competition, i'm moving to the little old town with like one post office and i'm snagging, i'm i'm i'm snagging. The local uh car dealership owner i'm a snag: the local surgeon for the the hospital around there. I'M a stag somebody, i'm not going to compete, i'm going to hurry up and get it and get it over with. So if you like to compete and you love to be out and about you're from new york, so probably like a lot of you - know people and stuff like that - i'm trying to retire, i already retired, but i'm trying to retire as quickly as possible. Thank you. Pumpkin blue sprinkle sprinkle appreciate that right, i'm going to the small town. Where is that ranch owner come come here? That'S what i would do if i were single and haven't to decide where to move i'm not moving to a big city, i'm moving to somewhere small, where there's no competition. You said farm life or city life in between life. You know small small city, small town life, because you can always drive to the bigger city. Just get you get you a little car. They can buy you a nice car. Take you a limo bus on his on his money and go to whatever city you want to the nearest city. Oh, i need to go shopping in you know um san, diego or i need to go out shopping in miami this weekend. So i i can get to the cities, but competition is fierce there. So you go out of the big cities and there's no competition. Hardly that's what i do, but then you can go once you snag somebody, then you can go hang out there. You know, spend the money out there you say come to los angeles and visit. Please. Oh, maybe one day i'll make my way out to l.a. Not really, maybe we'll see how to focus on priorities while leveling up it's so hard to be pretty and focused on work when beautifying myself takes the most time girl. I know i feel you that's why i was always late to work, but i always said better late than ugly guess, which one i put as the second priority: the job yeah the job was my second priority. I did not leave home looking crazy. I would not show up to work with no makeup on. I would not show up to work looking terrible, i'm showing up to work looking better than everybody up in there, and that was that um, because the thing is, if you look good and you get fire, you quit, you can just go get another job right there. On the spot, or you can go out and meet a man and not have to work again. Thank you, sprinkle sprinkle there, shallow sprinkle sprinkle. How would you dress to airport on a trip across the country plan on dressing up, but my girls aren't? I would dress very classy, but comfortable like this wig would be perfect, get your little headband wig, maybe a little cute. You know top like, or i don't know if it's cold, where you are yet like a cute top to match. Maybe some like jeans and some cute flats, you know you'd be walking around and something like that um or this would even be cute with like a white collar shirt and some cute jeans and some flat shoes. I don't know what type of style you're going for. What is your style? Are you preppy? Classy? Are you you know um trendy, i don't know, but i would always try to be classic in an airport because there's people from all over the world from all different cultures - and you don't want to be like you - don't want to nothing against them fashioned over models. But you don't want to look like that walking through the airport. You want to look high class so that you can attract all that is available. You know, so i would go for the bougie classic looks as far as clothing. I wouldn't do sneakers. I don't. I wouldn't do flip-flops or sneakers. I would do flats some classy flats. My brother's friend girlfriend is a nurse and her boyfriend. He says in front of people. Thank god. I met you because you will take care of me forever. Bill buy some flat sandals with pearls. They'Re on amazon, yes, y'all want to see my shoes speaking of cute sandals, okay, so i got these on she in see. She in these are cute um. These are pretty much go with anything because they're gold, with jewels and instead of a flat, if you want to show your toes, these are cute um. She in has some cute shoes as well, if you're just trying to get some cute little flats or sandals or whatever. Thank you raw sprinkle, sprinkle raw 101 um. I hear the homeless hat are so bad in miami. It'S an international. Oh, i don't know, y'all be surprised. I'Ve never been to miami. I'Ve never been to new york city. I'Ve never been to los angeles, i've been to surrounding areas. I'Ve been to new orleans, though i've been to cancun, cozumel, bahamas saint. Thank you. I'Ve been hawaii, honolulu, um, i've been to minnesota minneapolis. I got to see prince's house um. I went i've been to san diego in san francisco. I'Ve been to uh i've been i inspire you thank you. I went to colorado, did nevada, of course, las vegas. I'Ve been to orlando i've been to um other parts of florida. I can't remember their names um. Where else have i been um? Well, i don't know if you count driving through somewhere, but definitely we love you on here, in los angeles. Thank you. Sprinkle sprinkle midnight destroyer. I might come down there one day, we'll see um, which robert green book do you read on an ongoing basis, um the one that i always seem to go back to it just depends on. If i need it or not, but i think it's pretty much natural instinct in me, because when i was reading a lot of those books, i say i already do this 48 laws of power. I think 48 laws of power is natural. I think the artist deduction is pretty good, but i i you know a lot of stuff that i already do. Naturally, so i was kind of reassuring, but the 48 laws of power is going to be really good because you can navigate most situations. I haven't read the one with 50 cents now 50 cent. I haven't read that one. I think he named it the 50 laws of power because of his name um. Once you have a following make: oh y'all talking to each other, which 48 laws of power is my favorite. I think it's the one where um never outshine the master. I think that's a good one, never outshine the master, because that's like. I also teach that when i talk about like women on dates when they start to talk too much or they start to compete, or they start to talk about their career too much um and not saying that the man is the master but he'd like to think He is and he'd like to think he is and he'd like to give you money in order for him to think he is. You know what i'm saying so, allowing the other person to shine gives them a sense of power. But you have all the power in that, because they're going to keep you around because you make them shine and if they keep you around, they get used to you and when you're not around and they don't shine anymore well, they want to keep you around a Little bit more in a in a permanent way. So what do they do, especially if it's a relationship they go ahead and get that ring? So, let's always tell people oh compliment him to other people like oh, this is this is richard? Oh, my god he's so smart he's the smartest man i've ever met. You know when you introduce people to each other instead of saying. Oh, this is richard. You know he's an accountant or and he's a ceo of this company. Oh, this is richard. Yes, he is the smartest man. I'Ve ever met, i'm serious like he blows my mind. Every time we speak, you see the difference. Most people are trained to introduce people by their profession or whatever introduce them by the qualities that you truly admire in them. Something very special and they will get that warm fuzzy feeling inside feel powerful, feel like whatever in front of these people, that they just met and also the people will have a big. You know grand first influence. I mean first um impression of them. So that's my favorite line, i mean my favorite 48 laws of power law, never outshine the master, and you can. You know, convert these laws into how to do things in a relationship how to make them work in a relationship. I think i have a video where i convert the 48 laws of power and kind of tell you how you can use them in the level up situation or in a relationship situation. It'S probably on my channel just going to the videos the video section type it into the search. Thank you christina. I don't want to focus on starting a career. I just want to focus on marrying this bag before 30.. Well, so you got to get serious. You got to treat that like a career, you got ta treat mirror in the bag like a career. You know, just you put all that focus in a career in in education in school. If you have put all that focus into leveling up, you know getting this game studying 48 laws of power. Sometimes it comes naturally to people, because it's just you could do it so easy. Do you see how many people are married that you probably look better than all right then um? Can you do what shira go to nyc? The girls will make you cry. Uh, like i mean what's there for me, are y'all getting me a sweet at the four seasons or something it's called, how to use the 48 laws of power or something like that yeah. I guess i don't remember the names of just type in 48 laws of power. It should pop up under my videos on my channel page, just click videos on my channel page and then type it into the search. It hurts to compete with men at work for promotion. That'S because you're not supposed to be competing with me, and maybe if you can't compete with a man in the olympics, why do you have to compete with him at work? Just saying, if i can't compete with you in the olympics, i shouldn't have to compete with you at work. How many men we should date at a time to find the right one uh-oh somebody's gon na be catching me. Thank you, deanna sprinkle sprinkle. However, many it takes baby until you find one that starts shelling out that money, that's what i say anyway, i'm gon na end this video, because i don't want to keep going on and on. This is like about the wig i might come back and get on on a separate video, but you guys don't forget to go check out why wigs and my coupon to save um ten dollars is below i'm probably gon na, come right back and do a topic. Video, maybe i'll change my shirt into something pink, so i can match. I don't know, but i will be back and i will see y'all in a few minutes.

bbahxg sgak: can I just say, everytime I watch your videos about men, I always think I’ve never met anyone else who thinks exactly the way I do. I truly am like woooow this woman is my mind haha! Also love this wig so much! I’m not in the US I hope I can still order it

Luv Vision: First minute and I’m already captivated lol- way to go Pisces

Lea Ortiz: I love it

Aminah: Oooh that’s cute I want one

je suis la royauté: It’s the lips and facial expressions for me

Skye Here On Earth: Muffy’s breathe ❤️ love you! I’m buying this hair now!

Abb8504: Thats a sprinkle bag!

Venty: 43:15 and 43:44

Shakir Lateef: ️

Antonija Jurić: She talks about leveling up and yet... she doesn't work. How the hell does she level up?

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