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Hey it's your girl, jay, coming back to you with another wig review today i am reviewing a headband we from supernova. Thank you so much supernova for sponsoring this video. So a little bit about this headband wig that i'm going to be sharing with you all. It'S from their amazon store, it's in the color, four slash: 27 honey blonde and it's a short bob. It'S a 10 inch and right now it's going for 59.63. Also, the hair came in this setting bag. It says supernova super, affordable, hair, one hundred percent on the hair, so i have got like two different headbands too with it, and i also received a wig cap, and this is like a head start. It'S pretty into the cap. Construction on here is the typical construction for a hair band wig, the combs are different, so it has the smaller cones and it has quite a bit. It has one two three four five about five of those combs in the inside of the cap. This is the inside of the cap, how it looks the elastic band, so i'm gon na go ahead. I'M going to put her on i'm going to show her. I will be using some heat protectant spray because i will be using my flat irons to just straighten her out a bit, but you'll see all that in the next clip. So i'll be back with my final thoughts. It'S not my fault. You'Ve been lying saying that i took away your peace drowning by yourself. Now you wan na blame me like you, have no options. I take your options. I knew you lost your mind when you dropped that bump girl. Are you crazy yeah? You must be crazy. I'Ve been thinking lately lately, it's for you put it on me but baby. So i am all done styling her. She was definitely a easy throw and go headband wig. I just only had to bend her a little bit as you seen in the clip to just kind of get her to be a little straighter, but this stuff is bomb. This heats protective spray and it smells so so good and i'm so glad that i added this headband because i think it just like really gave it a really really nice look now. The texture on this is silky. If you do not like silky texture. This is not for you at losses. The length on her is nice for the spring summer. However, i probably wouldn't order a headband wig. This short, i think the shortest i will probably go is about 12 inches, because this is definitely on the shorter side, but to each his own. Some people love it short. This color is pretty nice. The color blend is really really nice. The hair texture, although is silky, it's just nice and straight, i didn't get any shed and of course it may last a long time because it's shorter, even though it's color, but it's humid hair you could even that is a natural color. If you want to, i mean you can do whatever you want, because it's 100 human hair now i have done reviews for this company before so make sure you check those reviews out, and i thank you once again, supernova for sharing this wonderful headband unit with my Fam so comment down below. Let me know what you think: what do you think about her? Do you think she's definitely giving spring summer vibes? How do you think they did with the color blend? Just let me know your thoughts and again this is affordable. So you know you're not gon na put a hole in your pocket. If you choose to go with this option because there is some headband wigs, that's almost just as much depending on the length you get as a full lace front. So i would definitely link everything down below and if you watching this video and you're, not a part of the fam, what are you waiting on? Go ahead and click that subscribe button and tap that bell so that you will be notified with the rest of the film and, as always, don't forget to follow me over on instagram and until next time don't slip on the tree. Can you keep up with my tempo

Roshonda’s World: See I’m currently making a list of bomb units I want to get for the winter and this one is definitely getting on the list I love that it’s short!

LQ Love: Super cute, I love a good bob and this color is everything!

Cutelilvoice: Cute short everyday unit, she’s beautiful and you look gorgeous

DeAnna Monet TV: I love me a good headband unit and this color looks great on you

Rasheeda Cooper: Cute bob and the color is beautiful. This is bringing out you face, Sis...gorgeous!!

LQ Love: Pretty sure I have this headband too lol love it!

LOVE THE AJs: Love the color so pretty

Iam_ Mrsrice: She’s definitely a look for sure

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