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It'S not a game, oh so cheetah. So let's go ahead and jump into the review um. This is going to be um brought to you by you, nice hair. They were kind enough to send me out um this cute little christmas packaging is just so doggone cute um, so i have their ombre honey, 24 inch body wave headband unit. She is going to be 150 in density, you're gon na get a you know the velcro headband, and that is attached to the unit and then you're gon na get a total of four combs. You have two combs here at your temple, one here in the middle and one at the nape with adjustable straps. So let me show you guys the color, here's all the hair to the front. Now she does come in a natural body wave. I did go ahead and wash her already, so this is what the hair looks like um after it's been washed and conditioned and air dried. So this is what the unit is going to be looking like. So you know we already know what a headband unit is at this point, so i'm not going to go ahead and just you know, keep regurgitating it back to you. What i'm going to do is i'm going to show you a simple style with this unit and then i'll come back and talk about her okay. So just give me one moment: let's go ahead and get to styling her september we met. I could tell by a smile you hadn't been with a good girl. Like me, in a while yeah you were impressed. Couldn'T leave me alone text me every time that she'd pick up my phone and i had control in the driver's seat, but my hands are slipping off the wheel. Now the tables have turned now i'm up all night, i'm picturing you acting like a fool. I'M on the other side er i used to be chill now. I can't catch my breath when you say my name, i feel tight in my chest can't handle the space i need now. The tables have turned now. I'M up all night, i'm picturing you acting like a fool, i'm on the other side and i'm up all night up now the tables have turned now i'm up all night, i'm picturing you acting like a fool, i'm on the other side. I think so all right. My doll, so i'm done styling my hair and i obviously love it. It'S so doggone pretty i'm really loving how um the curls came out, um, so dolls, all right. So let me go ahead and give you like the good, the bad, the ugly okay. So this one does not shed, even though it is colored, it's not shedding a whole lot, which i do um appreciate, because sometimes, when you color hair it'll shed like a dog, but this one very minimum shedding no tangling. This is 100 human hair. So, of course, you can dye it permanent bleach it. What have you you know go through all that whole gambit um, as you guys seen it curled very very easily. I didn't have any problems curling it. The curling iron went straight through it. Um the cap is comfortable. The unit does come in other inches. So if you want to do a different length, you can definitely do so. Of course, i will leave all purchase links in the description box, for you um guys to purchase her um. Obviously i would give this a go because you know it's coming in a different style: different color you're gon na get versatility out of it because of course you know you can wear it in a little ponytail. You can do a high um ponytail. You can do wand curls, you can flat iron her straight, like you have styling versatility, even though it is a headband wig um you, nice sent over a lot of headbands. You get, i believe, a total of five headbands um with your headband units and so yeah. This is really really pretty, as you guys can see like. I am not mad at this. The density is perfect. I really really like this density um because it gives me a way to you know it gives me voluminous curls without having to go in, and you know trim her up tremendously um. So i do like the density on this unit. It'S not too heavy. It'S not too thin, it's perfectly done um, but yeah other than that. I don't. I honestly don't have any cons about this unit um, but other than you know. You know for those who choose not to show their hair, they don't have to show their hair. If you don't want to - because i don't even have my own hair out, so you definitely can get away with you know, just wearing your head been over it and going about your business um but yeah other than that. I have no complaints, no qualms, you know so yeah um. I believe she is priced under 200., 200. Of course, if i'm wrong um, you know all that you know any purchase. Information will be in the description box. Wigs they're not going anywhere they're here to stay um so and i had to go ahead and jump on board. But i'm honestly at this point we're just basically showing you more or less the options that are out there with the headband wigs, and i like that. The headband wigs are coming out with you know, coming in different textures colors, and you know so. I really do like that. So dolls. What i'm going to do is i'm going to go ahead and go. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much for watching once again merry christmas to you, your family from mine, and i will talk to you later. You

Love Yourself: This is beautiful A total vibe Love your makeup Have a Nice and Safe New Years Eve

OMG It’s Katt !: Love the final look with the curls, it made her pop loving this look and thickness of this unit ✨✨

Such_A_Virgo11: Beautiful curls & yes I love the different options that’s coming with the headband wigs

rajirasmom: The color is popping and the curls curled niceeee too . Looks great on you as well very beautiful . Happy New Year to You And Your Family ❤❤❤

Beautiebymark: The headbands are so pretty. Love the color. The density is natural. Lippie poppin.

Tacha's Society: Happy new year’s sis!!! I love it the color and the density is perfect

Arnita Vonzell4: I’m glad I was able to make a premiere. Again I love all your reviews. Love your spirit your energy and honesty in your reviews. 2021 is going to be your year!!! Stay blessed and safe and again Happy 2021

Tina BlackberryRose: I’m in Love with this color You look Gorgeous. Happy New Year to You and Your Family

lneal2800: Ok! I see ya sis! I'm ready for this look!you look beautiful!Happy New Year!

Silky Saks: This is really pretty. I love the color and length. Your makeup is also beautiful by the way

SIMPLY MARVELOUS 4: Beautiful ❤️ love the color looks so pretty tfs!

Tammy Moore: I'm sharing this on my Facebook. Gorgeous

Kendre Tripp: Aya_All_Day you slayed this unit per usual doll! I'm sharing the link to this video to my bestie who kinda favors you. Unless you're over the headband/half wig trend, do you mind reviewing Outre Converti Cap Synthetic Hair Wig - Cascade Queen, please? It's one of Outre's new synthetic units & super cute on their website, yet I haven't seen any reviews or tutorials on it. I appreciate your reviews & tutorials because I you ALWAYS give us girls the raw truth. Happy 2021 to you!

Carrie M: You look so pretty boo! I love the color, I need to get my curling skill sup like u!!!

Tamika: Love the color and style

kmariamv: It looks very full

Tammy Moore: Yes Queen❤ Slay!!!!

Kimira Jewels: Sorry I missed the premiere. This is beautiful ❤️. You didn't see my message on messenger . Lol. It's okay. I know you are a busy lady/momma / wife, etc. Your makeup is on point as usual. Great review

Jassy Nicole: Very pretty

Tammy Moore: Make up poppin!

passionatereader isme: Wishing you a blessed coming new year!

Arnita Vonzell4: ❤️Happy 2021

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