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Underneath hey my loves, welcome back and to my channel, i hope you guys are all doing amazing. Thank you so so much for stopping by here again today. I really do appreciate your support, so today's video is a collaboration with clay hair. I hope that's how you pronounce it clay or clay um. So this is another headband wig review and they were kind enough to send me a bunch of headbands, as you guys can see in the video and um. They also sent me another headband that i've never like had before. So the orange gray and red one is like a totally different material and totally different design to the regular headbands that we see around. You guys are gon na see that later on, in the video um, they did send me a wig cap, of course, and i found another headband in um the packaging. So all together i received about six headbands. If my math is correct. If not, then my teacher is going to be mad at me, so this is the unit and it is a 24 inch highlighted headband wig. Now this wig is giving me color 1b slash color 30 and a bit of 27 highlights, but on the website is a totally different name. I will put that in the description box, but in case you don't understand what that color means just basically know that it's a color, 1b, 27 and 30.. It does have dark roots. As you can see, this is your standard headband wig guys it comes with a comb at the back, a comb at the front and two combs at the side, and also a black spandex band and a velcro as fastening. I apologize guys. I know i'm sounding like such a broken record right now, but if this is your first time seeing a headband wig, you know i just have to explain that to you. Apologies for those who already know what headband wigs look like, but believe it or not. Some people actually don't know what a headband wig is so um yeah, as you can see, i'm attaching the velcro just to make sure that the hair is secure at the back and the front of the hair wasn't laying flat like it was kind of falling to My face so i decided to use some got to be glue just to make sure that it lays flat, and my headbands can look nicer. So i went ahead to apply the first headband as you guys can see it's a totally different design to the regular headbands. This is a lot thicker in width and um. It'S a different material. This is definitely not cotton. It feels like one of those turban materials is that polyester? I don't know what material that is, but those very stretchy um materials yeah, but it's definitely not cotton. In my head guys, this style actually looked nicer, but in person i don't know, i think it's the red lipstick. Every time i wear red lipstick. I just feel like i look so weird, so i just don't think the red and orange were working, but i think it's a really cute style. So please, if you do, have nude lipstick, you can try it or just use another color, headband um, so yeah. I went ahead to try other colors of the headband, the red one and also um. You see all the headbands each one in the video so more specs on this unit. This is the 24 inch. Density of this unit is not specified, but it definitely feels like a 180. I really do love how soft this hair is guys like it didn't shed at all. This hair is supposed to be um silky straight, but it did come with some waves in it, and you guys know that when it comes to straight headband wigs, i like it when my unit has a bit of like curl and texture to it, because i just Feel like straight headband, wigs, don't exactly suit me, maybe because of my forehead i don't know, but i just decided not to straighten it, because i wanted to have more body, but you can definitely straighten this unit and i believe when you purchase the unit, you do Get all the headbands for free according to what i was told. So this unit, which is a 24 inch, is currently 201 dollars, guys and you're saving 134, because the original price is 336. So please guys hurry up and get this unit. This color is absolutely gorgeous. It'S very subtle at the same time, it's you know very vibrant, and you can also check the description box for some discount codes, so you can get extra dollars off this unit. Honestly, i feel like this hair is so worth it guys. I'Ve always wanted to work with clay hair, so best believe the hype that the hair is really good quality; okay, guys in terms of shipping, i am in nigeria and it was shipped to me using fedex, and it came in like five days, which is actually okay. So you don't have to worry about um your unit taking forever to come or worry about if they ship to africa or not, they do ship to africa. Everything else you need to know will be in the description box. Please make sure you do check it out and i hope to see you in my next video. Thank you so much for watching and god bless you

Klaiyi Hair: This highlight blond color looks so cute, and you are so beautiful and amazing with her. Thanks for your kind sharing, honey.

Feeneishia Rodgers: You rocked it!

Feeneishia Rodgers: Yes Sis, I am loving the color.

Feeneishia Rodgers: I always love a dark root.

Papayahair: A beauty Queen

That's beverly: C for consistency

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