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It'S fake hills, hey guys! Welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is kimberly or you can call me crownk, whatever works for you to my returning subscribers. Thank you guys so much for stopping by it's always a pleasure to do a video for y'all. So i hope you all enjoy this video and like this video like even before, watching just like it, because you already know it's gon na be cool. That'S gon na be cute. We'Re gon na do some fire, but yeah like this video subscribe turn your post notifications on so like you never miss when i do upload so guys. Today'S a video is a happy awake, video yeah, it's a headband wig video um guys have my wigs can't like get old because they're quick, they're super affordable and you ain't got to have no kind of experience or nothing to rock them, so yeah team headbandwig. So today's hair is sent to me by beauty forever shout out to beauty forever for sponsoring this video, so y'all know how the box looks already, because i do a lot of a lot of videos with beauty forever. They did send me their piano, color, headband, wig and yeah we're gon na just like get into it. Um the hair is 22 inches. I think it's 22 inches. All the information will be in the description box down below, so you can just like check it. So this is the hair and i received a few uh free gifts. I got wig caps, i'm already wearing one, so we're not going to use those, and i received this little like bag, which is super cute and it has all my free gifts there. So i got a headband well, i got a bandu and this is super pretty oh, i didn't even know that this was what was in there. Okay, so we're matching the shirt and i didn't plan this. I promise i did not check the headbands that were in the bag and they sent like the cloth. Headbands have a beige one. Is that beige? Well, it should be beige or that, like nude kind of color, a purple one, i've been getting a lot of purple. Headbands lately - and i got this uh burgundy colored one, so we're gon na just like jump straight into this hair. You don't need to use glue because there's no lace, you don't need to use gels or nothing like that. It'S like super easy straight out of the package on your head in like a minute, so this is the hair outside of the packaging and y'all know i live for highlights. I live for highlighted wigs, so this is definitely pretty. This is super pretty um on the inside. You have the combs at the top. You have two combs on the side, ah comb in the back, so this is the hair on and it looks super cute and look at how easy that was since that took me. Like a minute, so this is the hair like straight out of the packaging i'm not experiencing shedding like at all, and this is color treated here. So i was wondering if i would get any shedding and there is no shedding it's a very full like it's very full and nice, and it has a good density to it, but it doesn't look crazy. It still gives you like a natural vibe. I love the color the way how they did the highlights in this hair is amazing, so kudos to them, for that, like beauty forever is like one of my favorite hair companies. I do a lot of reviews for them, and this is just like my unbiased opinion. I really love their hair. The quality is always bomb always so yeah. This hair is pretty nice, it feels good. It looks good and we're not shedding. Let me spin around so you can see the back, so that's all the hair in the back. I think it looks so good and i actually like the headband wig with my edges, done. What do y'all think this is me trying something new, because usually i don't be trying to do anything extra on my edges, but this actually turned out super cute and it looks so cute. This is the length it's 22 inches, so it stops like right below um right below my bust. Almost at my waist area super cute and you can straighten this hair because it is a 100 human hair and i believe this hair is brazilian hair. All that will be in the description box below so be sure to like check that out, i'm going to maybe um straighten it just a little bit just to get like the little crinkles out and then we're gon na try the headbands on okay guys. So this is the first headband and i love it. I like the little bling bling, that's going on. I like the little razzle dazzle that has given me and i think it's super cute. What do y'all think i do have the other headbands to try on, but these really dress the head male wig up, if you got somewhere to be, i feel like these are definitely good for like the holidays, if you have some kind of christmas party, some kind Of outing - and you know you don't want to do a lace, you want to do something. That'S quick and that's cute. This is definitely it like a headband wig is it you just have to get you like a dressy headband like these, like these look like um, they look to me like crowns. That'S why i love them. It gives you like that little yeah that little crown look when you have it on. So that's why i like these headbands personally, so if you're going out over the holidays - and you don't want to do - no laces - then no worries - you can do this, because this is a really cute guys. I really hope you enjoyed this video. I had to try the nude head man wig on or is this page? I don't know you tell me, but i just had to because nudes are just yes um. Let me know down below what heaven did you prefer? Do you prefer the cloth headbands or do you prefer, like the hard um acrylic headbands with the blingage so guys my crown crush today is mohawk hockey follow lord. I know i did not say that right, but thank you sweetheart for supporting me i'll leave her comment here on the screen, so y'all can definitely see that. Thank you so much for supporting. I really love and appreciate y'all. I say that every time and i'm dead ass, like i love you guys so much, and if you want to be my crown crush, if you want to get a shout out in one of my videos, then you know what to do spam. My comments smash the like button and yeah just spam me. So i see you so i'll. Definitely give you a shout out. All the information on this hair will be down in the description box, so be sure to check that out. If you are interested in this hair, thanks again to beauty forever for sending us this hair, i really enjoyed this and i hope you enjoyed this video be sure to leave me a like a comment subscribe and tell your pr and turn your post notifications on. Oh, my god, i can never just smoothly do my outro but yeah and turn your post notifications on, so you never miss when i do upload. Thank you guys so much for watching. I love you guys so much and i'll catch you, my next one bye, you

Chekyia King: First

Beauty Forever Hair: Wow,Kim,every look of you is perfect,this hair is so bomb,love you~

BEG4truth: I love your videos! You make the hairstyles look so good!

Tdo K: I really love your channel and content, you literally inspired me to start my own YouTube channel❤️ thank you and keep on inspiring.

Emeth: They did a good job on the color. It looks great on you.

Tenisha Renee: Love your videos, and you’re mad beautiful

Natalie CTV: So beautiful, I love headband wigs, ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Andrea Purchase: I love it!!

Smooches B: Hey Kim I'm here honey love this wig

Enoabasi Harris: I love the nude headband and the black one too

Chantane Myers: Love this your very pretty

Dee Luther: QueeN Another Video StunninG thumbnail tho U definitely slay this look Beyond beautiful as always Ur makeup very cute Enjoy your night too Stay Bless n Safe always

MrsChelC: Love this look!! Where did you get your earrings?

irene mbachan: Hi love all your videos And you are so beautiful ❤️

vivian Okoh: I always like before watching . Beautiful hair but it’s the smiles for me

Enoabasi Harris: It's looks good with your edges

Abigail Holmes: !!!

TK Knowles: Super cute


byfeyisayo: letsss gooo, literally was on crowned wig before this

haris glam: never disappointed

Misha Mi:



Naddi_24: I want these lashes please tell me where you get them?

Misha Mi:

J: Always on they necksss

Zainab Kubra Bah: So cute #Crowned k 2amill ✌

tashia jones: Yesss

Dorothy Jackson: Got the same wig, it was not that full. The people that blog about their wigs, they send a better version

Karl Bradshaw:

Bossladyvibes: It’s the black headband for me

Bossladyvibes: I like the yellow headband to

Faye King: Good evening

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