Under 5Mins Wig Install...Ft.Wequeen| Blonde Headband Wig

Hey everyone, thanks so much for stopping bye my channel. In today's video its all about Wequeen.. This is a 20inch headband wig 100% Human Hair. More details in the hair link below.

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Hey guys thanks so much for stopping by my youtube page in today's video i'm doing a review for we queen now that we queen did send me out a headband wig. So let's get right into unboxing this unit. So this is a loose wave, headband wig. It does come with a set of headbands. I got set three. If you don't go on their website, you can see which set you would like to get so here are the headbands. I have different colors. I think i have five or six headbands that go with this wig and also they do provide a duffel bag. So if you want to store your wig inside a bag inside of the box, this helps protect it and make it last long guys. Look at those curls on this wig, so it has the two-tone like an ombre effect. This unit does come with four combs three at the top one in the back adjustable straps, as well as a velcro strap that goes on with the wet um headband wig. So, let's get right into installing, like i said um, this is a headband wig, it's 20 inches 100 human hair and, as you can see, i am raking through the curls to make it have the loose wave effect. This unit did come curled already, which is a plus for me, but i love like a wavy texture curl, so i hope you guys enjoy the rest of this video and stay tuned to the end. For my final thoughts, bye foreign, you already know what the deal is, if you stuck around to the end. So my final thoughts on this wig is this: wig is pretty it's light. The length of it is perfect. The color i might dye the color, the hair itself is really good. I did experience some shedding with this unit, maybe because i was using my hand to comb through it other than that you're good to go. So this was a quick, easy headband tutorial. This one is really good. The fit on my head is very snug. This is 100 human hair, and this is how long it looks on me. As you can see, this is the lid like, i said before. I hope you guys enjoyed this video on this unit from week queens. If you are interested in this headband wig, the link will be down below. Don'T forget to use my code right here, i'll wait for you go ahead, use the code. I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching and i'll see you on my next one, bye c

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LIBERTY GUERRIER: WeQueen has great units

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