No Lace Front Wig Needed! Fast And Easy Headband Wig Tutorial | Myfirstwig Ombre Blonde Wig Review

This is a very easy headband wig tutorial on this wig sent to me from Myfirstwig. It’s a sleek straight headband half wig very similar to relaxed or silk pressed hair. The density is super natural making the the transition from eel hair to headband wig hair very nice. This is a pre-colored unit and they did an amazing job. Who needs a lace front wig at this point! lol ( Just kidding I need both options in my life)

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Just throw it on & you're ready to go, done in 10 seconds!


Hair Length - 18 Inch

Hair Density - 130%

Cap Size - Size 2


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What'S up guys welcome back to my channel xoxo shiva here, if you're new to my channel hello and welcome and if you're og subscriber what's good welcome back, so i'm back with another headband unit from my first wig. This one is their ombre silky straight unit and listen y'all. Look at this look at the detail like you want to talk about dimensions. They got this together. Okay, my first wig to me does such a good job with their coloring of the units like. If you saw my last headband wig video, the leo headband wig, they did a great job with the dimensions of that ombre as well. Like listen, you really getting some quality here like they don't come to play. This unit is really nice and really tame. So if you like the really easy pop it on and go, don't have to do that much work at all to it. This is the one right here, so i'm gon na show y'all how i install this unit and give you all the tips and details you need to know, don't forget to like comment and subscribe if you have not already, if you want to continue seeing videos like This you already know this wig is from my first wig. I just love how they send their units in these nice little garment bags. I just it's so nice look at it, so i have the silky straight. Ombre 18 inch headband wig. This is the inside of the cap here and it does have the velcro to attach the headband in the back of your head, and you know my hair is slick today with a little side swoop. It'S from another look but y'all see that later on, but i was like: let's do this for the headband wig. I haven't done anything like that yet so i am now attaching the velcro in the back, and i noticed this one didn't have a loop like my headband wig did for the leo unit, so i'm taking one of the bobby pins from my wig kit and i'm Using that to secure the back and that kept me together, so i'm taking my comb now also from the wig kit, and i am combing out the hair since it was in the packaging, you really could just wear the hair, as is out the package. If you want to it's not that badly, you know bent up from the packaging, but you know me being me i wanted it to be. You know silky straight, like it's supposed to be, like you see on the photos, so i took my flat iron through it. I'M using pretty chunky pieces, it doesn't take a whole lot because this unit is meant to be straight. It is a silky straight unit, it's giving relaxed, hair or just already straightened hair. So if you like that, look you'll really like this unit, like i told y'all before in the beginning, i'm just loving the dimensions of this ombre. It is so nice. The density on this unit is super natural as well. It'S 130 percent density. I did not use any serums or any type of product at all when flat ironing this hair, i'm actually even using my cheap flat iron, and it's just coming out amazing. It'S giving major bombs look press vibes. I did notice, it has some long layers. So if you wanted it curled, you should have an easy time doing that as well and see how just taking the time to bump it out with the flat iron for a few minutes gave it a nice polished. Look now, if you don't like as much headband out, you can fold it like you just saw me do just there. I know some people had questions about that and you can fold the headband and make it skinnier. If you want to. I really like this with the swoop, so i got some headbands. They did send me some headbands with this unit. They are available online. I have this nice everyday gray headband and i really like the cheetah print headband with this hair. It just goes together so well for me, it's actually still giving me like leo vibes, but, like you know, straightened out so take a look at these 360 views, so you can get a good look at the hair at this density and this link, i think it Looks really good in natural, especially with me having so much of my actual hair out with this one. It flows so well. So, if you're interested in this unit, of course, all the details will be down below in the description box check out my first wigs website because they are running a black friday sale. And i will see you guys in my next one. Bye.

MariaHarris: Love the swoop. It's a refreshing look for these headband units

IsThatYourHairrr: Hey pretty! This is easy and cute! And, of course, you can't go wrong with this blonde.

Silky Saks: MyFirstWig has some great units. The color on this and love the length. I need so more straight units. Great review

Love Yourself: This is a beautiful look and the hair is really pretty and color is bomb Have a Blessed Day and Enjoy Your Thanksgiving "Give Thanks in Everything"

Fee-Bee Romero: This Is pretty loving this color

30 yrs a nurse: They do do their colors well very nice is cute too!

Magikalblackness: Love this color on u sis length great

Miss Khrissy: Love the swoop!!

Ms. Shabria Gxo: Love ❤️

Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua: Hey sweet

Tori Tyler: You kinda look like Meg

Khalia Ivery: May God continue blessing you all and your family , friends , and loved ones endlessly ❤️!!know that God loves you so much more than you can imagine !! God has huge amazing marvelous plans for us all !! Jesus is the only way !! God is incredibly outstandingly amazingly great !! ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD ❤️!!! God will never fail us nor forsake us !! Jesus is returning soon ! We need to REPENT (turn away from sin and evilness and wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness of all sins and evilness and wrongdoings ) ! WE need to seek God whole heartedly !! God wants a relationship with us ALL! Jesus died for us .. OUR sins! Thank you Father !!! I’m wishing you all the absolute best during your journey with Christ !!! Stay Blessed !! I hope every last one of you has a beyond blessed and amazing prosperous day/night/week/month/year !!! GOD BLESS ❤️!!!! STAY BLESSED !!! God is so amazing ❤️!!!! All Glory Be To God ❤️!!!!! May God Continue Blessing You And Your Family , Friends, And Loved Ones Endlessly ❤️!!

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