Bomb Blonde Highlight Headband Wig |No Heat Styling Needed| Wowigs

Love My Wig from @wowigshair

It's a 22 inch VIOLA 150% Density Highlighted Loose Wave Headband Wig

Wig Name: VIOLA

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The wig I am wearing:

22 inch VIOLA 150% Density Highlighted Loose Wave Headband Wig

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Hello, hello, everyone. I am back with a wig review from wild wigs hair. This is a 22 inch blonde highlight loose wave wig and i am really excited about this one. This is a very beautiful unit. So just doing an unboxing here comes with two headbands: a silk scarf and a little edge brush for free, and i love this packaging so cute. When you're done with the install, you can put the wig right back in the silk bag. So i'm just expecting inspecting the hair. I love the waves on it. It'S a little frizzy, but that's normal with blonde wigs. You just need something to slick the little flyaways down. So let's go ahead and jump right in the install like i said, i'm loving these curls, it's more like a color number, four with blonde highlights, and then the roots are a little bit darker, which is nice. It does come with four combs. The tag here does say it's a 22 inch from wow wigs and i love love these bouncy curls. Now, if you wash the wig, of course, the curls will fall, but it's really really nice, for if you don't even want to style this wig, you don't even have to put a curling iron to this wig. It'S literally throw on and go so just installing the combs. One thing i wish it had was a comb at the middle in the front, but it only has a comb at the top of your head. If that makes sense, it doesn't have one at the front. It only has two on the side and one at the top of your head. So very, very quick install only takes a few seconds just installing the velcro in the back. I do like to adjust the headband on the unit. I don't like it to cover up all my baby hair in the front, so i just slide the wig band back a little bit, but this wig is super super comfortable. I think it would be medium head size head size, friendly um. It could possibly fit a large size head as well as well as the small, so it's very, very comfortable and i'm loving these curls right out of the box y'all. I haven't put anything on this wig, no products, no heat styling, anything the highlights aren't too chunky either. It'S very, very beautiful, so here i'm just adding something to smooth out the hair. This is the mitch stone like leave-in conditioner and just to smooth out those frizzy hairs. This wig has a lot of body to it, which was a very pleasant surprise. It'S not super super thin, but it's not super thick, but i guess the perfect density. Adding this cute headband that came with the unit for free and y'all look at this wig straight out of the box. All i did was brush it. It has so much body, it is so bouncy so cute. This hair is surprisingly smooth as well and literally does not tangle, so i'm just going to do a few styles with the wig, just some style options, and one thing i like about this unit is well. I heard a lot of ladies complain about headband wigs when you put them all up is very bulky in the back. This wig is actually not bulky in the back, it's surprisingly flat, which i love. So if you do want to put it all up high in a ponytail like this or in a high bun, it will not be super chunky. Of course it does depend on if your hair, underneath the wig is flat. That'S a big factor as well. It has to be flat underneath, but this wig laid nice and flat with a wig being this loose body wave pattern straight out the box. It is so super convenient like y'all, don't understand, i don't even have to pull out my curling iron. So for some reason on blonde heaven, wigs the half up half down style is my absolute favorite. It is just so cute, so i wanted to show you guys. A tip that i usually do with my headband wigs for some reason i just don't like when the hair ties shows and comment below. If you feel me on that. For some reason i just don't like when it shows it looks kitty. So i just take a piece of hair and i wrap it around for the sake of the video i didn't put a bobby pin in the end, but definitely just bobby, pin it in and it just makes it look more. I don't know more unified, more grown up if that makes sense. So that's it you guys thanks so much for watching, please remember to subscribe and help grow. My channel, i appreciate you guys so much definitely check out the links below thanks wild wigs for sponsoring this video definitely check out my wig store below as well as this wig may be on sale. Alright, you guys bye

Qtepiee88: Not sure why my lighting is extremely bad in this video so I apologize! But I appreciate you viewing the video!❤️

PrettyChawq: Sooo bomb looks great with your complexion

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