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What'S up you guys welcome back to my channel, my name is destiny dove and today's hair review is being brought to you by best hair by this company sent me this beautiful headband wig to review for you guys here, i'm just showing you what comes in the Box comes with a tan wig cap, a bag. It also comes with a promotional card that tells you how to get free stuff when you purchase with them. This is the color of the unit, and this is the beautiful texture. The hair was so soft. You guys it comes with the basic construction of two combs at the side, a comb in the back as well as adjustable straps, as i'm showing you here. This is what the hair is looking like. Okay, so i previously gel down my edges to save time. For this video, the wig itself comes with a nice thick band with a velcro on the back, as you can see here, i'm just tucking it behind my ear and i'm going to velcro it and use the back comb. I don't necessarily use the side comb because it pulls on my edges, but this is pretty much what it's looking like straight out of the box, you guys no comb, no, nothing! I absolutely love the texture of this hair um. Here i am just trying to hide my cornrows, so it looks like a natural look. Almost and personally, you could probably wear this unit without any of the headbands, because the band itself looks like a headband. If you know what i'm saying the wig came with four beautiful headbands, it came with a yellow one, a red one, a green one and a brown one. So you get multiple headbands to wear with this unit, and here i'm just showing you guys what it looks like without a headband just in case. You want to wear it without one and, like i said before, i'm in love with this wig already, but if you're still here, i'm pretty much just going to try on every single headband and try to give you a little versatile hairstyles for each one. So sit back, relax and enjoy the video you all right. You guys this is pretty much it for this video. I hope you enjoyed watching me unbox and style this unit. If you like, to check out this company for yourself or, if you're, ready to purchase this beautiful wig, please check all the information down in the description box. Once again, my name is destiny dove. I hope you enjoyed this video and i can't wait to see you next week with another wig bye.

Pamella kaye-Newell: hi destiny

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