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Million miles away with a company that we don't work with before and y'all know, that's how i feel about human hair, because you may have really my thing i'm more of a synthetic girl. However, we will try it out because i know there are some of you guys that, like human hair and if we like it, you know i'm gon na be transparent. I'M gon na tell you that if the hair is trash, i'm gon na tell you it's trash. I'M dealing with that right now i recorded a video sent it to the company. The hair was trash. I said in the video, and i was like: oh you didn't like it yup and i'm gon na post it period. Okay, i'm not gon na lie to you, because this stuff costs too much now this company we have worked with twice now. This will be our third time and we really like them. They sent me a four by four and they also sent me a headband wig. I'M not sure, what's in this box, because y'all know i'm gon na give it to you bro, and i could i still don't know how you pronounce this. Damn cover the name, clay, i.e, clay days. Look there you go okay. All i did was take this out. The dhl packaging, let's see what it is, y'all it's a it's a headband weed because look at all these headbands, okay, some stocking caps in here and one two, three four five headbands okay y'all know: i'm gon na keep it. I'M probably i will see if i say it'd be on poshmark. If it is you gon na get it with the headbands, it was one in here too. Okay, this wig, i don't know it, don't give me all the details. Looking at the description about you to see, it is supposedly 22 inches long brazilian hair and the color is tl412, which i've used that color before, and i really liked it. Okay, let's take it out this little plastic see what she bopping on. Okay, like i said, there's another headband on the inside i'll, probably wear this one. Since i got on pink okay - and i will say, i'm not sure the order is being uploaded, but i probably got like three or four blonde headband wigs coming in, and this is the first one. This is the first blonde headband wig that i've done and that color is gorgeous. Okay, i hope i'm trying to get this stupid knit off my hand. Okay. I hope that that color is picking up on camera. You, oh there it is. You got some dark pieces and some lighter pieces that tl412 gorgeous okay and it's straight. Okay. Let'S look at the cap construction, it's like the cap construction on all these darn headband, wigs y'all. You get a big comb in a in the front. Sorry in the back, you get a bit calm and then you have the black headband part with the velcro strap on it. Okay, so easy easy, peasy! Okay, i'm gon na do this, which one i wan na wear we're gon na. Do this one okay um before i cuz i'm gon na play around with it, show you some we'll sew them down and all that okay, i find it easy to put the headband on first. Let me put on this wig. So y'all can see what it looks like with nothing done to it. Just on my head, all right: okay, so you just put it on and connect the two velcro pieces in the back, easy, easy, easy! Okay, you can insert the combs if you want, and i recommend that if you're pulling some up some down because you don't want to slip up off your head but y'all know i'm not okay, this is it with nothing done to it super gorgeous, and that thing Said it was 22 inches, look in the description box to make sure and there's that color up close, absolutely gorgeous y'all mm-hmm mm-hmm, all right. So what i'm gon na do i'ma style it a little bit put some up soon down all day now i'll be back with my final thoughts, all right, i'm back with my final thoughts on this hair. Do i recommend it? Yes, okay! So the reason why? Because y'all know i'm transparent ain't, no different between this and the other thousand fifteen hundred, you know videos, you don't see on headband, wigs except this color. The color to me is what sells this unit? Okay, absolutely gorgeous. I would love to see this in like a body wave in this color. That would really be my drip, because i really don't care for straight hair but absolutely gorgeous. Of course, i'm not getting any shedding and handling, and i really don't expect you to get any if you pick this up, because there is no lace to cut off okay but good quality here yeah and look at that color and i'm hoping that you can see It, okay, very, very cute, so i definitely recommend that you go pick this one up from clay ie already pronounce the hair. Look in the description box, i'll, put direct link to where you can go and purchase it, okay, but absolutely gorgeous. I do recommend it like. I always say: maybe you're not even into these - i don't know, maybe she cuz it's sarah, maybe it's your uncle sebastian, whichever one if they looking for a headband with human hair. You know this one. This will be a nice one. The color too, is really fall. Pretty until next time to be very soon

Leilani: ‍♀️YES! It was me, I got lucky and purchased this beauty on your Poshmark. This is my very first human hair wig and I'm in love with it! Thanks sis ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pat Dunbar: Very pretty! How about doing a makeup tutorial? Your eyeshadow is always poppin! I have learned so much about wigs since I started watching your channel a few months ago. Appreciate you sis!

Tina BlackberryRose: Love this color and length!! She Is So Pretty On You!! I Love It!!!

Cynthia Cummings: This is so Pretty! Love the color and highlights!!!

Kimira Jewels: Hi Jess . I just recently reviewed a human hair headband wig too. Kinky curly . I have a review coming soon for a lace wig that is similar to this blonde one. This is very beautiful ❤️

MzTura: Jess Thank you.. the color is my ish... A must grab... You are the TRUTH ❤️

Dewana Johnson: Hi Jess Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. This color headband wig is very pretty. Love the neon pink on you. You always looking fly. I would love to know where you got your shirt from?

Jena Johnson: Love the color ❤️

Feeneishia Rodgers: This whole look is YOU SIS!

Alisha Parker: These are so cute on you

Kimberly Kyles: Jess I YOUR STABBED BEAT LOOK an this unit now color is I like it Jess

patrice moore: Oh this looks cute on you !

Love Yourself: Good morning Hair is cute and love the color I love more wavy and curly hair too Have a Blessed Day

Jasmine W: Yesss , gorgeous hair color is

Bri Spellman:

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