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Welcome Back To My Channel Guys! Thank you To Everyone Who Has Clicked On This Video. I Am Loving This Unit So Much & Y'all Know For A Fact That I Love Me A Blonde Unit. Let Me Know What You Guys Think Down Below & I Will See You Guys In My Next Video.

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What'S up you guys, welcome back or to my channel if you are new? Thank you so much click on this video. Thank you for everyone who has been returning. I appreciate you guys so much so, as you guys can see by the title. This will be a wave review on uni's hair, so i'm not going to hold you up at all. We just want to get straight into the video, so i have a package from eunice hair and this is going to be a headband wig review. First of all, let me just say i love your niece, like i've been getting their hair for a while, and i think it's so bomb okay. So, as you guys know, inside the box is the unit with the headband there's another headband, which is so cute, and then it has a unique package, i'll open it and show you guys how the package actually has these unique mink, lashes y'all. Oh, my god, i love lashes, so i'm definitely going to be putting these on. It has a wig cap and, along with a yummy stipend, i think this is a headband yes, so this is a unique wrap. Oh, my god, this is so freaking cute wow, and it has some nail polish strips as well. I'M feeling this. I think this is so cute that it has this little christmas keychain in it. Oh my gosh. This is so adorable all right y'all. So i'm ready to just try this wig on, so i'm gon na put the wig on and i'm gon na come back and we're gon na really talk about this unit. Okay, i'm loving the highlights in this way. So it's like it's blonde, but it has like the light hints of the lighter blonde and it's honey blonde honey, blonde brown at the same time. So here's this two clips at the top and there's a clip over in this side clip over on this side. So it's four clips so extra security and it is a stretch. So i like that this is really soft, though i really like how soft it is, and it's actually layered wow right. Okay, you guys so let's talk about this wig, so i did straighten it out. A little bit more and like i said before, as you guys can see, it is layered which i love so much, because it gives it more of like a natural effect, and i think that's really cute. So let me get into the details of this wig. So this is the unique ombre blonde highlight human hair, heavy and wave, and it is 16 inches. So it's a mixed honey blonde and i really like that. This is straight hair but as you guys know, it is human hair, so it can be curled and i definitely do plan on curling it in the future. If i want like a different kind of look, but i love straight hair on me - i think it's like so sleek and just like calm. So i like that i love the headband. This headband is actually my favorite, but i do love the cheetah one too. I do love that it's not thin, like sometimes you'll get um straight units and it'll be like really flat, but it's like still a lot of body to this hair with it just being straight. So just imagine when you want to curl it. So this human hair wig retails for 99.. So if you guys are interested in this wig, there is a coupon code down in my description box, but it's also going to pop up on the screen right here to save you, some coins, so the coupon code is love. You nice so make sure that if you want this unit, you can shop down below. That'S all i have to say about this wig. I really love this color. I love blonde on me. I just think it's so pretty hey. I see i put the lashes on like i love the lashes y'all know. I love my minx, it's so freaking cute, but yeah y'all with that being said, make sure you like subscribe comment and share comment down below what you guys think of this wig? Would you buy it? Do you have it? What do you think? I will see you guys next, video

Sarae Raveen: Ohhh snappp! I love how they put those extra things in your package along with the wig That color is so pretty on you!! Yaaas I love how its cut in layers, it gives off an old school vibe! ❤️ The cheetah headband is my fav lol I'm going to have to order from them!

AliceWalker.London: Aw, this hair is bomb, I love the colour. You look amazing hun. Thanks for the review ❤️

Roanna LaToya: This unit is gorgeous on you hun!! It's the color for me‼

Silky Saks: This is a nice wig. I love the color and layers

Lalaa Love: Your beautiful I love this look ! You did that sis

Carrie M: Ur face is flawless 1st off!!! Now the color on this unit is bomb! I love the layers , it does give that natural effect!!!

B Nicole: Love this color on you!!! Glad it doesn’t shed!! I think it will be so pretty when you curl it too.

Lola Slays: This color looks amazing on you. I gotta try a headband wig!

Fee-Bee Romero: The hair looks beautiful sis. Color is everything

itzchebae: This unit is so stunning on yiu

Facedimequay: Wow that wig looks so natural.

Magikalblackness: This is definitely a must have so purdy sis

Jen On Demand: So pretty sis! ❣️

Msash Lafontant: Make up is flawless I love the hair

marquez diaz: excellent video, your style and way of speaking I love it. Thanks for your suggestions.

Truu Blessin: When she’s giving us life ✨‼️

Magikalblackness: I love their lashes

Tacha's Society: So Whyy youtube unsubscribe me smh!!! I am back lol. Yesss come through red lip love it super prettyyy!!!! I love the hair and the lashes are so prettyyyy

Sammy Da Goat: This Look Snapped

HoangTV Cuoc Song Malaysia: Thank you video good

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