Deethens Ombre Blonde Long Wave Headband Wig Review

Deethens Ombre Blonde Long Wave Headband Wig Body Wave Synthetic Hair Wigs Machine Made Headband Wigs No Glue Easy Wear Headband Wig for Daily Party Use (Ombre Blonde)

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Black, what's up guys dusty here, welcome back to my channel. Today'S video is going to be hair review on this week right here. I'M super super excited. This is the detailed long wavy headband wig and it's in the color ombre blonde. I love how their roots are. Dark and then it goes to a blonde tips um you guys. This wig is perfect for summer. When i saw this color in this texture, i was obsessed i was like. I cannot wait to review this unit. I'M gon na go ahead and show you guys how long the wig is super long and just look at this texture. You guys i'm absolutely obsessed and this headband wig did come with the extra heaven. I always let people know that you guys can wear the headband that already comes with the wig, the black headband, but if you guys don't want to, it does come with a cheater one which, if you guys know me, you guys know i'm obsessed with cheetah print. Just look at my banner on youtube. I love it so when i do see that it comes with a cheetah headband, i am super excited to try it on like it overlaps you guys can see. So i'm putting that like this, as you guys see my other headband wig reviews i like putting the hair over because i don't do baby hairs. So when i um put the wig over like this, i think it's really cute like this. I just really really like it super cute super easy. How long did that take me to literally throw the headband on put the headband over the headband wig, i'm ready to head out just like this or as well ponytail high pony pony to the side, whichever you guys feel comfortable with super cute wig is also heat. Resistant, so you will be able to um flat iron, it curl it. You will be able to use your hot tools on it. As you would use your everyday hair, you guys you can use dry shampoo. I always treat my synthetic or my synthetic mixed hair, as i would human hair, the better you take care of your wigs, the longer they will last. So i always like to tell people that you know make sure you put your money to get you, so i have no complaints with this whatsoever. If you guys are looking for something. That'S quick, easy and cute definitely check out the link in my description on this wig. I do believe this wig is going for about 22 to 23, very reasonable, um, very affordable, so yeah. Definitely, if you guys check it out, let them know i sent you so here it is in the pack gon na go ahead and open it. So you guys see what all comes with the pack, the ombre wig. Now this is the details, long wavy, headband wig. It is in the ombre blonde. I love how it's dark at the top and blonde at the bottom. It does come with my favorite cheetah headband, two wig caps and then a thank you card from the wig company. I'M gon na go ahead and show you guys the inside okay, i went ahead and took the paper and the netting off just had the little tag for the code for the wig. You guys see the adjustable strap the velcro that connects to this part. It does have also adjustable straps on the bottom to fit your head size. There'S a comb at the bottom, let's see if there's combs up here. Yes, a comb on the side right here, a comb on the other side up here, and so it's just these four combs and another comb over here. So you guys look at the quality of this wig, so pretty so long. I love the color perfect for summer. Definitely recommend, thank you guys so much for watching this video and i'll see you guys my next one bye,

Petalisbless DIY: Looks very nice my dear and I love the colour too

ladynefertitibk: That's cute. Perfect for summer.

Shannessia K.: Love that color!!

Anthony T: Beautiful love that color on you

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