Wig 4 Sale ~ Paula Young Yvette Headband Wig Curly Light Ash Blonde

Yvette headband wig in the color 16. US only, $15 including shipping and it's yours. International will have to pay actual shipping cost.

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Hi guys i have another wig for sale. This is a um. It'S new old stock is what i'm calling it. It'S a vintage paula young wig, i'm not sure what the year is for this. One here is the box. It comes with the box and the paper - and this is the box here. This is yvette in the color 16 and she's, really pretty she's one of those headband wigs and the other ones that i had gotten and have sold on. Ebay have sold very easily people really like them this one on the bottom, the hair looks a little distressed like a little dry. I have not tried to shampoo her. She does need a shampoo. She does smell a little old um, but i think for the most part, the hair fibers are in good condition. It'S a beautiful ash blonde, no highlights and she's quite long as you can see here so like i say i don't know what year these were made, but i want to show you this is what the inside looks like. It has a nice soft, stretchy headband and that's the front of the wig and then the back. It has the traditional wefts and tracks and the paula young tag. So i would take 15 for her and that will include shipping. Sorry about that guys. My battery died again. I think my battery is losing its ability to hold the charge so anyway um, so the um yvette, i'm selling it for 15, and that includes shipping. So if you are interested, send me a private message with your paypal email address and i will send you a request for the payment and um it's on. First, come first serve basis and if you're interested in yvette, i'm trying to show you how long she is here, please let me know like i say she might respond to getting a shampoo and that might help her ends. But if not um it's plenty long and the ends could be trimmed off if needed. So thanks so much for watching and i'm gon na have a few more wigs going up for sale, bye,

thebarbiewithmuscle: That is cute:) Have you ever worn one of these headband wigs? Do they look nice on?

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