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Million miles away, hey i'm back with some human hair, drips and y'all. It is from it's, i hate to say my most favorite human hair company, but it's between them and one other sunbell, hair y'all know i get. Is i get this little speech every time? I do human hair synthetic hair is my drip. However, if i had to recommend human hair sunbear hair hands down, you definitely go check them out good quality here at affordable prices. Now i know what they put in this little box. I have no idea. Okay, so we're gon na see together. Okay, oh it got, okay got ta, be headband weed because i got all these headbands look one two three four five and there's one in here with the wig, and we got us some stocking caps. Okay, all right! So if you buy this because y'all know i'm gon na sell it don't wear human hair. If you buy this, you don't get all them little headbands. This is color and it's in the color tl 412, which i absolutely love, this color to fall, and they keep sending me this color, not just this company, but all of them, and this is in 24, inches. Okay. Lastly, lord lost my earring okay um. Now i might have just butchered all the details on this wig, so what i encourage you to do is go look in the description box and you see the deep blue all right, so i'm just gon na take the wig out, like i said, another headband actually Came on the inside, but i'm gon na wear this leopard one. Since i got on this black shirt just taking the paper out that that color is so pretty to me for the fall. Look, how pretty that is! Y'All, i'm gon na have to run my flat iron through it, but y'all it feels so i'm sorry it feels so soft and thick, but you see how i got that little bend right there, so i'm gon na run my flat iron through it absolutely gorgeous no Hit no shedding or nothing but and you shouldn't get none because ain't no lace to cut off this jaw cause. If you look at the cap construction, you get a comb in the back like on all these things. Y'All a comb in the front. Is they big homes too? Okay, if you ball, like me, look how big the thing is: okay and then you get the headband velcro strap on it. Okay, what i'm gon na do is y'all, i'm just gon na plop this on my head, so you guys can see it but just know at this point you should, unless you've been on youtube for darn near a year, then with these headband wigs they offer so Much versatility, you can wear it all down. You could wear some half up half down all up high buns. You can do all types of stuff with this okay. I find it just easy to apply these if you pull the headband down and then put on the wig all right so little c, okay, so i just put my comb in and now i'm going to attach those velcro straps. Oh, i stuffed it up under the darn wig i was like. Where is it lord y'all? This color is so bomb for the fall y'all? Yes, yes, yes, lord, okay! I can already tell i'ma like this one, and i i will say that what i like what makes this different, because heaven weeks starting to where are they welcome, is the color. The color on this one is very, very, very, very gorgeous. I think what i'm doing. I'M gon na pull up the headband and then i'm gon na you know pull some up half down. I might pull uh uh, not a whole ponytail. I hop on the tail and then come back with my final thoughts. My final thoughts on this wig literally this way it's absolutely gorgeous, like i said the only thing that really makes it different from any other thousand headband wigs that i know and love because y'all i can't lie. I love these because they easy and i'm lazy is the color. The color is what makes this week to me. I think this is absolutely gorgeous for fall. So can i say, do i recommend this wig? Yes, specifically for the color? Okay, because i mean they make a thousand headband wigs at this point, okay, so the color is absolutely gorgeous. This wig is beautiful up or down. All i did was pull up in high ponytail, and this is what i got uh. I pinned some of the hair in the back, because i wanted to kind of look like a bob, so i absolutely love this wig. Do i recommend it? Yes, but y'all literally every week that i've had by somebody here, i love so look at the description box. Click that link they normally do give me a coupon code too: okay uh, unless you're lucky when they went on posh and got it for me, because i know ain't gon na keep it cause. I'M bald and i got a thousand headband weeks. You know so it is what it is: okay, yeah, i don't probably got rid of mine by now, but use that discount code. If you do want this one, it's cute mm-hmm, like i always say, maybe you're not in tweeze. Maybe your auntie tonya. Okay, maybe your uncle timothy. Would you ever want some big hair, get them right until next time, y'all should be very soon. I'M trying to go. Watch this election i'll, be honest. Love y'all, though bye

Jena Johnson: I do love this color! And it’s refreshing to see your hair in a ponytail! It’s cute on you!

Leilani: Thank you Jess! ❤️ My husband said you're very pretty - and you also made him laugh I can't wait!! She's gorgeous! I also purchased a Sunber water wave headband from your link from their Black Friday sale. My 3 headband wigs is all thanks to you, my husband and the Good Lord above. Many blessings to you ❤️

Love Yourself: This wig is cute and like the color and the ponytail with the leopard headband Blessings and Peace and Light

Banga Kay: That’s such a cute wig, the color is really nice. I look forward to getting a notification bells because they make my day, thanks for starting my morning off right.

rhonda rice: Hey Sis, I'm the first again happy holiday to you fam...Looking great, love to watch you being you(making us laugh). Keep up the great work!

Tina BlackberryRose: It’s Pretty!! I Love this color!!! That length is too!!

Linda Crutcher: The color is great with your melanin and the high ponytail is You and your Family have a wonderful BLESSED Thanksgiving!

Jazzy TV: I like it up! You can rock it all❤

Andrea Steele: The color is everything!!!!

Dewana Johnson: Jess your lashes are so pretty. Like how you pulled it up. You look so pretty.

Carmenthefiremanslady: Loving the color!!!!❤

Sasha Symone: Hey Beautiful loving this on you!!

Cynthia Cummings: Yes, Love this color!!!! ❤️❤️

Destiny Bogle: Ohhh yes I like this that color is poppin. It's really cute in that pony tail style but I'm on that color.

patrice moore: Love this color !

ebonywahine: That would look great crimped a good color on you!

Alisha Parker: Really pretty sis

Feeneishia Rodgers: GORGEOUS!

Pending Deletion Due To Copyright Violations: I love your accent ❤️

Feeneishia Rodgers: Look at that color Sis!

ebonywahine: Hi I was just playing a game on Facebook and a commercial popped up fro a wig company called Cocostalk. They utilized one of your videos a wig review on a short blonde wig. Have you ever worked with them? Just letting you know. Peace.

Dewana Johnson: Color is hot hot hot

Kimberly Kyles: Gm Jess I ❤️❤️❤️❤️your hair an Tht blonde Yupppppppp but this unit BAMMMMMMM

Reshone D: that color is fie

Sakita Clark: Hey notification gang gang!!!!!!

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