Blonde Ombre Brazilian Headband Wig Ft. Amazon Beauty Forever Hair

WELCOME or WELCOME BACK to my channel and thanks for watching my 5 MIN WIGSLAY OMG ! This is an AFFORDABLE, Blonde Ombre Human Hair Headband Wig! Thank you to Beauty Forever Hair on Amazon for sending me this wig to review. Let me know your thoughts down below. Thx for watching xoxo!

★Sponsored or not, gifted or bought I will always give you all my honest thoughts and opinions in my videos.

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00:00 - Introduction

00:52 - Unboxing & Try-On

02:59- Wig Details

03:36 - Pros/Cons

06:30 - Social Medias

06:56 - Closing


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WIG Details:

►Ombre Blonde Highlight

►Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair

►Glueless Headband Wig

►Color: T1B412

► Length: 18 inches




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I got my peaches out in georgia. Oh yeah, i get money from california, that's hi! Everyone welcome back to my channel! Thank you so much for stopping by. If you are new, please don't forget to hit the red subscribe. Button. Also, don't forget to hit the notification bell, so you will know each time i upload a video. I try to upload once a week, so you don't want to miss out alright. So if you are interested in this unit - and you want to know more about it - stay tuned okay, so it came in this white box um with their logo and their name on the front and then also on the back. It tells you how to maintain your human hair wigs and how to measure your wigs to make sure it fits your head properly. All i could want all. I could wish alone that we miss more days. We save the service. There'S no time i wan na make more time and give you my whole life. I left my girl, i'm in my york left. I don't think you want to know just where i've been all right, everyone all right. First, i would like to thank amazon beauty forever. Hair for sending me this gorgeous unit for me to review on my channel, i have become so accustomed to these headband wigs, you guys, since they have become popular um during the pandemic. I have become so accustomed to them. It'S to the point where i don't even want to wear a regular wig anymore. You know i'm just so used to the convenience of these headband wigs. First, let me go ahead and talk about the details of this unit. So this is a ombre blonde. Highlight human hair, headband wig: it is brazilian all right. It'S virgin hair, it's brown mixed with honey, blonde streaks. It can be worn, glueless and headband. Wigs typically are glueless, you guys, so it's glueless, there's, of course, no lace to cut no lace to install perfect. For me right now, it is a body wave texture. Of course it is human hair, it is 18 inches and the color is t1 t1b4112. I absolutely love this unit, so let me go ahead and talk about the pros and cons all right pros, easy to apply. Another pro the fact that it's human hair, you can curl it, you can style it any way you want to. I just wore it pretty much in its body weight texture, another pro. I love the color. The color is absolutely gorgeous. I think it looks stunning stunning up against my dark skin all right another pro. I love the own brightness of it. I love. I noticed that i love the color, but more specifically, i love the ombre. I think this is really pretty for spring and summer. I think it's going to look gorgeous outside once the sun hits it. Oh, my god, it's going to be stunning, it's going to be so so pretty another probe would be the density. I don't know if they mentioned the density in here. Let me see okay in the description, they didn't necessarily mention the density, but i feel like it is like 150 density um. I don't think it's like 180 at all, which i think it's very very doable. It looks very realistic, it's not too thick, and i like that about this. I love the length. I think the length is perfect, not too long, not too short, it's just a perfect lens, like it has layers in it how bomb that would be another pro. It looks like it has layers in it. The one kind i have about this particular unit is that it is a little big for my head, the headband, and so usually i have a small head. So i like to tighten my units very tight in the back, and so when i use the elastic um band to try to tighten it, it was it wouldn't tighten the way that i'm used to tightening it. And so this is kind of strange to me because before when i was wearing headband wigs before in some of my previous videos, the headband wigs were too tight in some of those other videos. So right now it's like a little bit too big, but it still can be adjusted because it does have adjustable straps, but i think that would be really the only con does it shed. No, i don't think it sheds. I was running my brush through it and i have like one or two strands i mean i guess it sheds a little bit, but it's not excessive. The shedding is not excessive, just a little bit. Does it tangle, it's not tangling as well. Yes, this is a solid unit. I think the price would be good as well. I will leave all the information down below so here. So if you're interested in this go ahead and look down below in the description bar, let me know your thoughts. You guys do you like this unit? Is it? How does it look up against my skin? I think this is another short video. You guys. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please follow me on all my social medias, my instagram, my facebook snapchat and now i'm on tick tock, you guys. So please follow me. There i'm having a ball over there, and so, if you want to see more head on over there to see some of my shenanigans, alright so take care thanks so much for stopping by, and i want to thank beauty forever on amazon again for sending me this Unit to review on my channel all right bye, i got my peaches out in georgia. Oh yeah, i get my wheat from california

Cocoa AlmondJoy: Thank you for stopping by and watching my video . If you want more Amazon Wig Slays, check out my playist here:

MsEbonyVee: Ooouuu Yaasss I’m so loving the color blend on this!! Absolutely beautiful!! I’m with you Sis...headband wigs are STILL my go to!!☺️❤️

simplydemi: I really love the idea that it’s human hair, the head band that comes with it is beautiful and stylish, love the color and yes I can imagine how stunning it will look in the sun, great it doesn’t shead a lot and tangle free, it does suit your skin tone ❤️❤️

Modela Simms: It’s so pretty love how silky it looks the colour is cute as well...awesome review

Carlene Wells: I like this headband wig. Great color and a great review as always.

lentina lum: Background music though. You always got me vining over here girl! I gotta say this is my favorite hair band of yours so far. This gold color looks lovely against your skin tone. I am definitely into hair band wigs because I sick with laying edges and with the love and stuff. I’m only getting human hair wigs moving forward and the price was pretty good too! Ombreness love it

WorldOfDej: Yes this color looks amazing against your rich skin , I like that it works for us big head girls lol!

DeAnna Monet TV: Hey sis! You look so pretty, loving this color on you!

Tacha's Society: Heyyy sis heyyy!! Gurl I feel u I am addicted to a good headband wig!! It’s so pretty sis

Fee-Bee Romero: I am still here for this headband trend love this color too

NikkyK’s World: I think I want one of this head band wigs I will check them out hopefully this will be my fist head band wig...this looks so good on you it’s beautiful

Tokslaboss Sanni: Beautiful yassss Your getting better and better.

DonNeeZee TV: What A Real Cool Wig. I'm New To Your Mansion :)

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