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This is different!! A headband wig? Watch this video to hear my honest thoughts on this new wave. I hope you guys enjoy :)

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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today i'm going to be doing a hair video, as you guys, probably already, can see by the title. So i'm going to be showing you guys how i installed this wig and this wig is a different kind of wig. It'S not like a lace front or from closure wig. This is a headband wig. When i saw this, i was like so surprised. I didn't know something like this existed, so i was like you know what i have to try this out and i actually really really like it so yeah, it's very convenient um i feel like this is the perfect way to like grab when you're like in a Rush or you're trying to just go somewhere real, quick. It'S super easy to put on and yeah i'm gon na be showing you guys how i installed the wig and then um at the end of the video i'm gon na, be talking about like the details of the wig and the company and i'm gon na be Showing you guys what i got with the wig, so um yeah and before you continue make sure you like comment and subscribe. Of course, i really appreciate it and let's get right into the video, be my them down. Bye, uh but be be be. Do do all right guys, so, as you guys can see, putting on this wig was super easy. It took me like 10 minutes to program this big. All i did my hair's embraced under this, as you guys um. All i did was um put a wig cap on, did my edges and then i curled the wig and then put the headband on um. I curled the wig with this curling iron, it's from hot tools and i got it from the beauty, supply store and yeah. That'S pretty much, it super easy super quick super convenient and this color is super different like i've never well. I attempted to do this color on myself before, but it didn't come out good. So when i saw this wig on the site, i'm like. Let me try this out. This is already colored and everything, and i really really like it. It'S super different and i feel like this big. It will be really nice for, like the full time since four is coming. This is like gives me four vibes and you guys know i always do black hair everybody. That knows me knows. I only do black hair and i feel like it's because i'm too lazy to like dying or i'll be watching videos on here and the way they get these type of colors. I'M like i'm too lazy for that. So when i saw this wig, i'm like i have to have it and it's super easy now, i'm gon na talk about like the hair company and like what i got with the wig and things of that nature. So this wig is from yg wigs um. This is the first time i heard about this company. I never heard about this company. I actually watched a video on youtube of somebody trying this wig and that's how i found the company, but this is the company yg, wigs and um. This hair is human hair. Before i installed it, i did wash it, i washed it with shampoo, and then i conditioned it. So i feel like it came out really nice. The texture is really nice. It'S not too like silky like it feels like somebody's real hair. So i like that about the wig and the wig came with two headbands came with this cheetah one, and then this white floral one - and i really like these two like these - are like my vibes. These are headbands that i would actually wear out. So i'm really glad that these were the two that i got. I don't know if they have other ones, but these are the two that i got and then the wig also came with two flexi rods: two flexi rods, two clips a wig cap and a edge brush. This wig was a hundred and twenty four dollars, including tax. I did use a discount code which gave me twenty dollars off, but for that price - and this is um 16 inches for that price - i feel like they gave a lot of stuff, so i feel like this purchase was really worth it um. Not only did i get the wig, but there was a set two headbands and all these other stuff, so i feel like that is very affordable and very worth it. So i really appreciate that. I really like companies that are inexpensive and they send you other stuff like they don't have to do that, but they did do it and yeah um super affordable and the i did check the prices of the other land. I believe the shortest length they had was um 12 inches, and that was around like 90 dollars, so this wig is super affordable and with it being affordable and convenient. I feel like there's no excuse, and this is not sponsored at all, so everything i'm saying is my opinion and i really feel like they did their thing. With this, i really like the wig. The curls came out really nice. I'M gon na wear this wig until the end of my day and i'm gon na see how the curls um hold up because that's like another aspect of the wig, that's really important how um well the wig holds curls, so i'm gon na see and i'm gon Na keep you guys updated, but yeah that's pretty much it for this video um. I do think i'm gon na get another wig from this company, but the black one, because i do like this color. But this is not something it is an everyday wig, because it's not super like out there, but you guys know me: i love my black, so i think i'm gon na order, the black one as well and so yeah, i'm really enjoying this wig so far. So this is gon na be the end of this video. I hope you guys enjoy this video and found it informative. If you decide to get this wig, let me know or if you're thinking about getting it. Let me know in the comments down below and yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you guys in my next video you

Bethany: I love watching videos like this , keep up the consistency girl .

Callia Kay: Thank you for sharing I have been looking for a place to get some new hair!

Moutiatou Chitou: Que dieu t’assiste ma chérie ❤️

J. Marie: This is so pretty, i love the color. I'm thinking about buying it. How tall are you and how many inches is this? I'm tryna have an idea where this hair might fall on me lol

Chastity Cheyenne: yasss thank you for the put on!

Breezy Monae: How long did the wig take to come?

YGwigs: wow dear, so beautiful

Bisi Verifiedpretty: OMG I thought this was a frontal lmaoo how was the quality of the hair itself?

Moutiatou Chitou: J’aime

MissAzzure: What length hair did you get

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