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Lego is the original original original original badman original original original original, hey guys welcome back to my channel and thanks for tuning in, i hope you all are well so in today's video i'll, be showing you guys how i colored this hair using the watercolor method. So this hair is from so wigs and it's a blonde headband wig. So i'm going to show you guys the products that i used and how i used them. So this is basically how the week came um. They did add this leopard headband and the pain that you see right there. What is it called honestly? I don't even remember yeah, and so i'm going to be using the adore color in sienna brown and jet black. So first thing: i'm just using my t-pins to secure the wig on my canvas head that way, the entire wig doesn't fall into the water, so this is hot water boiled water. The first thing i'm going to pour the sienna brown into the hot water mix. It and then i'm going to dip the wig into the water, but not the whole wig. Just just watch the video and you'll be able to understand um what i did. Okay, so i'm also working with my brush and using it to like brush the hair into the water. Honestly, i don't even know what i'm talking about just just watch and follow exactly how i'm doing it. Okay, something that gave me that healing me. I don't want to tired so after that i brought in another boiled water this time around, i'm going to pour the adore jet black hair color into the hot water and then i'll mix it and repeat the same process like i did before, but this time around. I'M not going to put it all the way up to the way um. What am i saying? I'M not going to put it all the way up, like i'm just going to dip half of the wig like the tip of the wig into this um black color, but at the same time i'm still using my brush. I don't know why i was doing that, but yeah so basically just to make the tip of the hair darker than the rest of the hair yeah. If that make any sense. So that's, basically what i'll be doing, and after this i'm going to let the hair like i'm just going to hang it to a dry and then i'll come back to show you guys what it looks like so after allowing the hair to air dry all through The night, this is what it looks like the following day: i'm just going to apply a tiny amount of argan oil on the hair before straightening it. When i pull up fantasy lager, while i was straightening the hair, i realized the ends of the hair were dried, so i decided to just trim the ends with scissors them right so guys. This is the end result of this hair and i hope you guys love it same way. I do like i said before this headband wig is from so wigs i'm going to leave every details of the hair in my description box below in case you guys are interested. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please do not forget to give it a thumbs up, comment, share and subscribe to my channel if you're not yet subscribed. I love you guys and i'll see you all in my next one bye, guys anywhere

🧿GeeGlow🧿: Wow I love how it turned out

Cassandra Williams: This is so beautiful❤️.....Keep up the good work‼️

Paulette Waterson: Lovely stuff! Once you're with colouring the hair, do you wash it or you just dry it up? Can I also use any dye brand on the hot water?

thelma temeng: Can this be done on all kinds of hair?

Leketha Cooper: Beautiful! Sis

catherine onyeanusi: Beautiful

Akua Dwumaah: I love it

Lara Deji: Can I achieve this on yeye wool/yarn

Lara Deji: Can I achieve this on yeye wool/yarn

queen beauty: Waooo i love this keep pushing dear sky is your limit

Joy Aniedi: Beautiful How much is the wig

Wanda Moore: Yes... love it

Muwanguzi Frida: Can i do it to any type ov haire wig or only on human haire. Plz reply

mtouchmakeover Davies: Pls did u rinse the first brown out before dipping in black

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