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Beauty Forever Honey Blond Ombre Color Highlight Headband Wigs Non Lace Brazilian Human Hair Long Straight Hair 16inch For Black Women 150% Density

Brand Name Beauty Forever

Material Grade 10A Brazilian Human Hair

Hair Length 14-26inch

Hair Style Highlight Straight Headband

Hair Color #412 Color

Cap Size Average 21-21.5inch

Cap Construction Machine weft wig with Headband

Quality 100% Virgin Hair, Tangle Free, No Shedding

Feature&Advantage 100% Human Hair, It works perfectly on a ‘Bad Hair Day’ or a twist out or a lazy day. Match Your Dress, Tops, Or Any Outfits For Normal And Special Occasion

Best Kinky Straight 3/4 half wig:

#412 Honey Blond Ombre Highlight Headband wig:

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TL 27 lace part wig:

Headband straight wig:

Kinky Curly 3/4 half wig:

T part Body wave Lace Wig:

Straight natural color lace part wig:

Hey hey welcome to or back to my channel if you are a returning subscriber, hey girl, hey if this is your first time clicking on my video go ahead, hit that red subscribe button become a part of the crew, the very nation, my name is very, very Means love so the love nation on this channel. We do options for affordable, wigs wheezing everything between we be looking bougie on a budget over here. You guys, i have missed you so much. I haven't recorded a video in i think. 15 days i've been on a little vacation. I just took a little break nothing wrong. This time, i'm just living my best life, okay, so anywho. I was sent this unit from beauty forever. It is an amazon based vendor um. This hair is 16 inches. It does have the highlights. I love how the coloring is on this unit. If you are interested in seeing me review this unit stay tuned. Okay, so, like i said, i would send a unit from beauty forever on the box. That says, beauty forever for your forever beauty. So i think that is so cute on the back of the box. It just has some hair maintenance, um suggestions and how to measure the wig, but i'm gon na tell you all of that in just a minute. This is the packaging that the box comes in. Okay, so you know on this channel. I always wait for you guys until i open my packaging, because you find out what i get when i find out what i get. You know no secrets here on this channel. This channel is all about looking bougie on a budget, so you know this unit was very, very affordable. Like i said she is an amazon based store beauty forever um. She is a grade 10, a brazilian human hair she's in the length 16 inches. She has highlights um she's straight and she's a headband unit. The color on here is stating that it is a 412 color. The cap size is a medium sized cap, so it's between uh, 21 to 21.5 inches in diameter parameter circumference, circumference, okay. She is a machine whipped, wig um, she is 100 beaut virgin, hair, she's, tangle free and shed free is what it claims um and it says you can wear her for any occasion, dress her up or down. So let's just open her up together. Do y'all see my picture back there that was drawn of me and my boyfriend. It was so super cute, so i had to hang it up, but anyway we're going to open this package up in here we do get um stocking cap nude. We do get a silk scarf to lay down your edges and we do get the wigs. So, let's just open her up. Okay in here she does come with a headband. I think i have this headband already look. I already have the headband, but anyway it comes with a headband. So that's super convenient. This is the wig y'all. Look at that color on this unit, so nice, like i said she is 10, a grade hair she's, so super soft she's in 16 inches. I love the highlights on this unit, so cute and the highlights go all the way throughout. Do y'all see that okay, so the construction of uh, these headband wigs, are usually the same. You get two cones on the side. The smaller combs you get the bigger um. Can you see it there? The medium-sized comb there at the top, you get a comb, the back, you get the adjustable straps and you also get the a velcro that is on the unit to strap it around your head. So what we're going to do is go ahead and plop this baby on we're going to go ahead and plop this baby on and see what she is popping for. Okay, i love the color. I love the color. Okay, let's get it on me. Okay, straight on our head, like i always say, trust the process. This highlights on this unit is so bomb. This is where she is falling on me in the back. 16. 16 inches, like i said, um trust the process. Okay, i know she's looking kind of wonky, but we're gon na get it popping. So just watch foreign true, oh, where do you get that from okay? So my overall thoughts about this hair, the hair is super super soft. The highlights on her are really really nice. Um the front of my hair didn't really blend well with the rest of the hair because of the highlights, but i don't feel like it looks that bad you could work it out. The density on this unit is very, very thin um. I did have a hard time of it like holding curl. For some reason it didn't really want to hold the curl um, but, like i said, for under a hundred dollars on an amazon vendor, i think this is like a a good buy, because you are getting 10 a grade, hair virgin hair for under a hundred dollars. Like i said, i got it in the length of 16, you know the price will go up depending on the length that you get, but on me, 16 is like a pretty natural length. It comes to my boobs um. I am like five six, five, seven on a good day. Okay, so if you are interested in purchasing a unit from uh beauty forever, i will leave their amazon store down below. I will leave the direct link to this unit down below as well. Like i said, the hair is super super nice. Just for me, it's a little thin like you can see here like you, can see the cap a little when i part the hair down the middle um, but it's an easy fix. I just swooped that baby over and it's okay, like i said she's, not i haven't gotten any shedding from this unit. I haven't received any tangling from this unit and i've been flipping her and doing all kind of things, so she is some good quality hair. I just feel like on me my personal preference is. I would like the density to be just a little bit. Thicker um, especially on a headband unit up in this area. I just feel like it needs to be a little bit thicker, but that's just my personal preference, a lot of people don't like big hair, but i kind of like some thicker hair, some fuller density um. What else? I think? That'S it but yeah. If you are interested, i will leave the links down below check the links down below. I think there is a five percent discount that they have now until the beginning of the year. So if you are interested in anything from their uh store because, like i said they do have more than this one unit i'll try to leave some of the cuter ones in the description box down below as well, because you know i'm gon na keep it 100. I'M not gon na lie to y'all. Why would i lie? I just feel like it's pretty pretty thin like. If i part it here, you can like see the tracks or whatever, but it's a headband wig, it's a throw on and go you put it on. You go, you know you do a couple of styles and you'll be okay, but until next time until i see you again, peace

Silky Saks: Love that this headband wig has some color. It definitely could use some more volume. Nice review

Key Nikko: Love the color!

as go: Pretty color just wish it was a little bit thicker for me

Tacha's Society: I love the color.... I agree I wish it is a Tad bit thicker

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