Megalook Balayage Wig Review *Not Sponsored

Hi, I purchased a 22 inch body wave Balayage hd lace unit from Megalook hair.

This video is a hundred percent, not sponsored I paid for this hair with moment, I'm coming at you with another video and on today's video I am going to be doing a review for megala care company. This is the Balayage wig and yeah. I paid 207.90. For this unit it came in about four days which was really quick because it probably would have came in three days had there not been a severe weather warning somewhere in South Korea, but let's just go ahead and get right into the details of this hair. I'M gon na start off by saying that I got the HD lace rather than the transparent. That'S what most girls get as you're going to see in the reviews on YouTube, so the lace I say the lace is pretty decent. I could use a little bit more of um a little spray to like blend it in a little bit more right there, but yeah. The lace is pretty good. I would give the lace, probably like a seven seven out of ten, but I have been having some issues with the quality of this hair, so the hair quality is most definitely not the best like I don't know if you guys can see this, but the ends Are extremely amazing to show y'all the ends are extremely thin and split, and I've only had this hair in for three days. It sheds she has a Time that's hit time, but so I'm gon na definitely have to cut those split ends. The hair does not hold a curl at all like when I tell you I woke up this morning. I curled this hair, really pretty. I'M gon na try to insert some clips, so I can show you guys, but it fell like these. This hair does not hold a curl for more than 15 freaking minutes like it really be blowing me and then also the color. Is it's pretty, but it's very choppy in some areas for that as well. Now would I recommend Mega look care company personally, I would not just because of the quality of the hair is so poor, like you really can't tell, but I've only had this unit in for three days. It should not be shrinky like this, like I've been doing hair for over 10 years, like I know when some hair is bad, like issues like crazy, this is most definitely not the units that they send to the influencers like it's. It'S ridiculous, like I got ta. Do do a whole bunch of work just to get the hair to look like something also contacted the company, and let them know that the unit that I received, I will not be giving a good review for you know what they said. I sent them pictures of the drying, they said try using oil. It'S not that bad. It'S not a big problem. Look at these freaking that's a problem that is most definitely a problem and the fact that it's been shedding and I've only had the unity for three days. I know I'm gon na have to buy another wig pretty soon, because I'm not gon na be able to wear this one for very long look at those ends. But I am going to try to add some hair from a different unit that I have that's similar to this color. So that way I can, you know, try to get some use out of it. They did offer me 20 of what I paid at first and then when I said no, because I told him I was going to do the review and they didn't want me to do a bad review. But I feel, like my subscribers deserve. You know know what what they're spending their money on like the hair is, is not it to me like. It looks good. It looked pretty decent right here. Just because, like I got my face done and like the color is cute, I definitely do like the color, but these ends and they they said this was acceptable. This is acceptable to them. They say it's no big problem with the wig. That is most definitely a problem, but anyway yeah. I think I pretty much got my point across this is the review that I'm giving for Mega look care 100, not sponsored. This is my own opinion, so yeah, so guys. That'S the end of this video. I really wanted to keep it short and sweet, because I know a lot of people don't like to watch super long videos so yeah. If you guys, like this video, make sure you go ahead and like comment and subscribe, because I'm going to be doing more hair reviews and I'm going to be keeping it a buck with y'all. I really want to do a lot more, not sponsored videos rather than sponsor, because you really can't trust the hair that they're giving to influencers so yeah. I'M gon na make sure I keep it real with you guys all the time, but yeah peace,

Cynt Darling: You saving me money on all these reviews!

emmanuelle lemba: Merci pour cette vidéo j’ai beaucoup hésité à acheter le produit car sur les photos mais surtout vidéo je voyais bien un problème de qualité. Mais je me suis dit non vu le prix et le nombre d’influenceur qui achète cette perruque elle doit être de bonne qualité. Alors que non la plus pars font de la promotion

Destiny Ojeh: Naw, they are crazy. How can they say that is okay.

Paris Taborn: Ordered the same wig & it came exactly like that. 0/10 would not recommend. Sheds really bad, doesn’t hold curl, and lace isn’t good in person!

Shyanne C.: Which wig exactly was this because im ordering a highlight wig from there

T Henderson: Yeah the dye job looks weird and the hair is bad quality after only 3 days

A Catena: You get what you pay for

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