How To Install : Beginner Friendly Straight Hair Installation Ft One More Hair

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Hey guys welcome and welcome back to my channel, hoping that you guys are doing good, so today's video I'll be showing you how so this beautiful unit and giving you guys a review absolutely in love with this and how it feels really soft. So so, if you guys are interested in watching the rest of the video stay tuned and let's get into it, also also, if you're not yet subscribe to my Channel, please do hit that subscribe button and turn on your post notifications. So you can know every single time that I post let's go so guys, it's the little bag. The hair came in. I'M just going to show you guys that my hair is 22 inches, okay and just taking out this little knit. So I can show you guys. The texture and the lace, and also the clips inside and how you can adjust the hair. So this is me adjusting the wig, because I noticed that it's a little bit big on my head, because I have a really small head. So that's me adjusting it then. I just measure how the lace fits on my head, so I can cut the excess part out so that I can fit perfectly so right after that, I'm going to install the wig I'm using the cut to be free spray because I just want to put the Hair in for like a day or two, so I'm just gon na use the got to be spray and I'm not doing the board cap method. So I'm just going to spray it on and just wait for it to dry and then lay it down and put my um headband that thing. What do you call it yeah, but before that, I'm going to spray on some more got to be just to make sure that I've got every single part of um the hair down and I'm just going to comb The Roots so that they don't get glued down. Respect so now it's time for my styling and I'm going to go with the middle part. I don't know I just feel like a new wig. You need to test it out with a middle part first before any other style. So this is me being typical. So I'm going to be using my card to be waxed to lay down the ends on the hair, and also so I can get a really perfect um metal part and it's nice and flat yeah. You know I want you to me for somebody like me. I might be crazy in my room and after some time I'm going to take out this hip band and um fix my metal part, making sure that it's nice and perfect nice and straight me for somebody like me and sooner after I'm going to be cutting my Lace in parts so that I don't make any horrible mistakes and now I'm using the cut to be to melt down the wig. You guys know this trick is sent from the heavens okay. So just this is just for melting, the wig and making sure that you know what transparent baby I'm alone baby come on, come on, doesn't a headache in my face cause she ET privacy, then, as you can see right here, I'm just taking out my baby hairs And preparing them to actually lay them down and then go ahead and do my edges and then after do my edges, I'm just going to put back the headband on and then this part is just self-explanatory. I'M just straightening the hair, because I love a nice straight wig, okay and after straightening, I'm just going to take out the headband, and this is how it looks. It looks really really good you guys. So this is also pretty much self-explanatory, but I am putting some concealer like a darker shade of concealer onto my middle part, so that it can have more definition and looks more a bit natural. That'S what I'm trying to say, yes and then also apply some on. My edges too also for it to look nice and transparent, and this is the results. This is how it looks, I'm absolutely in love with it. Let me know in the comments what you think of this hair bye. This is

One More Hair: Soo pretty!Thank you dear

Life as Iviwe.n: babyyyyy face:serving✅ hair:laid ✅

yanga babah: How do i get it. I love it. I love you babe

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