Natalia By Paula Young In The Color Sunlit Sable 4/16S6

This video will look at the wig NATALIA by Paula Young, in the color Sunlit Sable 4/16S6. The things we will look at are cap construction, what she looks like right out of the box, the style she is cut into, as well as exploring styling options for her and suggestions on how to correct box hair. You can find her here:

The wig I am wearing at the beginning of the video is MAKE WAVES by The Wig Company, in the color F394 Bright Red and Auburn Plum Blend. You can find her here:

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Circumference: 22”

Front-to-Nape: 14.5”

Ear-to-Ear (TOP): 13”

Side: 8.5”

Nape (Occipital to hairline): 3.5”

Widow's Peak to Chin: 8"

Ear-to-Ear (BACK): 12”

Ear-to-Ear (FACE): 12”

Ear-to-Collarbone: 8”

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Hi everyone welcome back to my Channel today we're going to see a new Paula Young lady. Her name is Natalya and this is her in a brand new color. So stay tuned hi. Everyone welcome back, I'm Coco, and this is Coco's hair solutions. Today, I'm going to be looking at a new wig to Paula Young, her name is Natalia and she is in a new color. It'S called Sun lit Sable, I think. Well, let me double tap sunlight Sable. Yes, four slash 16 S6 and she looks to be like a really beautiful blend of light, Browns and blonde highlights, which is right up my alley. Well, every wig is right up my alley. So here she, the Box, oh gosh. I hope you don't have that problem, but this is your numbers: oh dear okay, well, let's get her out of the box and look at her okay, so she is very blonde. Whoa! Look at all these curls, my goodness! Look at this yep beautiful lots and lots of little individual curls all the way around down to the back. Let'S take a closer look at the picture in the magazine, so we've got this picture here of the front and there's a picture of the back. Let'S take a look at her Cap Construction, alrighty she's, these Eagles very light, and it no wonder she's got an open Cap Construction. She does have some clothes lace right here on the crown and coming down the middle to the front wide band of Velveteen to go across the hairline, but she's open wefted on the right and left on this on the top. So that's going to give you a lot more breathability, a little light, lightness um, maybe even a little bit of stretching there so a little bit more comfort and then, of course, we have the open ear tabs with fibers stitched. On the bottom side, we have velcro closures on the right and left of the nape, and it's an extended close nape see that okay and then lots of wefts all the way around. So that should be really nice. Oh she's, pretty looks like she's got a little bit of a longer bang right here too so now to think about. How am I going to, I don't think I'll disrupt these curls to begin with, so what we're going to do is I'm going to take my brush and I'm just going to kind of Comb, the very top of the part where the zigzag part was at okay. That'S going to lift up the hairs, make it a little more realistic, and it won't look quite so boxy and um we'll go ahead and put her on then and see what that looks like okay. What I have on right now is a wig from The Wig Company. Her name is make waves and I did a review on her before she's a great wig. So look her up in my videos all right. So let's go ahead and try on this young lady. Here I said: Natalia okay, okay, the cat feels very nice. Oh look at this whoa! It'S been a long time since I saw myself and cross the song long time, okay! Well, let's look at this. The hairline doesn't look too bad and it looks like wow. Okay. So the picture they have her looking much smoother around the face and the top and the crown down to the sides. So maybe maybe that's what we want to strive for almost looks like Gail, though, doesn't it almost with the the bangs? Well, let's, let's go back to Natalya, that's a new style yeah! These curls, these curls, look quite a bit different than these curls. These look more like body a little bit more body than it does curls, but let's see wow, I feel uh. I feel kind of racy in this okay. Let'S see she's got a far apart on the on the left, so she's got. She comes from the left over to the right with the part. So let's see how that works and the bangs come down across yeah. These things have a lot more curl in them than the the picture. The picture that doesn't mean it's bad. It just means it's different right. Different is not bad or good. It'S just different we're going to let it be different. Okay, well wow! This is this is kind of fun in a way now, if I can get these guys to lay down the way I want them to now because they cover beam. Let'S see they cover my my bio hair about average, but I would definitely have to treat treat my my grow out with a root cover up, because this is uh pulling away a little bit because the curls are pulling it back away from from the edge of My my hairline, so that would have to be fixed and that that is an easy fix. That'S a really easy fix, but with all this curl I think it gets in the way of expecting that the side bang is going to sweep down over here to the cheek area and have it be nice and smooth. So we can see, there's a lot more curl in here, but again it doesn't mean that it's bad, it just means it's different. So what would it be like if I cut bangs into this young lady, she would look a little bit more like some other hairstyles in the magazine um. We could take advantage of these curls a little bit better. Okay and let's see if I wan na fluff this out a little bit more from the underside to preserve the individual curls, then that might not be bad. Let'S just let me do a spin for you. This is a really curly girl. Isn'T it and I know it's the right box, it's Natalya, yeah Natalia, I was worried. I got the wrong box, but I'm talking about the wrong wrong. Wig, Natalya yeah, that's that's her yep new style, new color, okay. Well, let's talk. Let'S look at the dimensions: okay, alrighty, so she's, 4.8 ounces. She is um, seven inches in the front. She'S got a 10 and a half inch top and Crown so this top part is 10 and a half. This part is ten and a half, and then we have 11 and a half inches sites. Sides. Okay, maybe that's this! That'S got to be this one and the upper back is eleven and a half inches. The nape is 10 inches, so see how far down that goes, 10 inches down the middle of my back, almost yeah almost to the middle okay. So there you go. She comes in 22, colors and um, plus this exclusive color of sunlight Sable, which I think is very pretty. I think it's a very auburnish. I have some red undertones and lots of gold and blonde in it lots of golden blonde. But that's that's kind of fun. Isn'T it doesn't, doesn't look too bad that okay, so that that's where playing with these bangs? We would want to trim those bangs a little bit and, of course we could use all kinds of Clips to pull her back and do all kinds of fun stuff. I could actually get my headband and hold some of this back. That would look cute, wouldn't it yeah with that. Okay and then, of course, we've got our clips. We could use our Clips to pull our hair back a little bit more right. Oh my gosh, and we could definitely we could definitely pull this up and leave 10 rolls all the way around. Couldn'T we that would look okay, let's try that! Well, you can see how that would work if it was done right, but look at this. This is really kind of cute, isn't it I've never really considered myself a real curly girl, but I'm getting to like some of these Styles they're kind of fun and, of course, a little bit longer in length who says that I can't wear long hair? Not you guys anyway, so we can play with all kinds of things and you could even use scrunchies, but I kind of like the messy look: don't you yeah? It would be kind of fun to have just wavy curly hair just for fun. Well, this is Natalia. At least this is the Natalya I got. I don't think she looks quite like the book and um because she looks shorter in this one than this. This does and less curly. Doesn'T she look like that to you, but here again I'm not sure if you're hoping to get this style that you'll get her, but at least you'll have this color. You know this color is is different. This is a brand new color. So maybe that's something worth looking at and maybe if we brush her completely out, some of those waves will settle down and um might be looking pretty good, huh. Okay! Well I kind of like this. Actually, I might go see what my husband says. I'Ll give you a report: okay, all righty! Well, thanks! So much to thanks. Thank you so much for joining me today. This was kind of fun. It was a an eye-opener and something different um, but it's still fun. Isn'T it so something brand new from Paulie young? Something brand new something different and it looked great so we will see you next time in Paul Impala. Well, we'll see you next time in Coco's, hair solutions, okay, be there or be square bye-bye

Inquiring Mind: I got this wig a few weeks ago and love, love love her. Hopefully PY will manufacture more styles in that color. I like it curly for myself and styled the bangs differently than pictured.

Mary Doyal: Thanks, Coco, for another great review! This new color is nice and the length looks good on you! We seniors can wear long hair if we want to!! Lol Hugs from Cookie.

M Kuti-Childress: It really looks fabulous on you. But you seem to be able to wear just about any cut and color and look beautiful! Thanks so much for all your work in helping all of us decide what will work for us!

Anita Lancaster: I ordered her and she was on backorder. Should be in the mail anyday now. great color and love curls and messy styles. Thank you for reviewing her.

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Coco! She is just so pretty on you! I really like all those curls. Love and blessings ♥️

LM Sossi: You have such an infectious manner! The picture doesn't look much like the actual wig, but you just go with it in the most positive, upbeat way!

Marie S: Hello Sandy, I have Natalia in Sunlit Sable and I love her. Mind isn't as curly as the one you received and yours also has box hair. It's hard for you to see it because of the curls. Spritzing with water should fix it. Mine doesn't look exactly like the picture either. It reminds me of how I wore my hair in the 80s. I hope PY will make more styles in that beautiful shade. I also hope they get more consistent with the styles. You never know what you'll get til you get it.

Dixie Seymour: Sandy you can really pull off wearing the wigs with length and curls, I sure wish I could. I have such a small petite head, they just swallow me up, but you look great! Pretty color too!

TIme Enough: Perfect color on you and tres sexy! Note my French accent. I can’t imagine your hubby not liking her. She would make great wedding hair as well. A boho wedding dress, flower crown….can you picture it? Lol You are the best Coco! So glad I’m not alone on my addiction!♥️♥️♥️

tanda1206: How would this one be cut shorter? Often, I like really the top and bangs of a longer wig, like this one and GAYLE, for example, but it is way too long for me. How would this one look cut just above the shoulder? I’ve cut many wigs to my liking, but I can’t quite tell if this one could be cut at the shorter row of waves. What do you think?

Bobbi: I like it so much better on you than in the catalog...but then I love curls!!!!

linda wampler: Oh I wish you'd styled it similar to the stock photo! This is the one time the stock looks great! But thanks for the color display--

Marylynne Cartwright: Hi Sandy! I love her on you! Very natural. 11:35

That's What "i" Said: Hello from Canada! Coco, besides Godiva's Secret Wigs, do you know of any comparable wig sellers that sell Large cap? I'm a titch over 23" and having trouble... Thank you for any help! Your videos have been so helpful already!

Libby Adler: She is really pretty!

Marie Barker: Happy Sunday! God bless you!!! ♥️♥️. Make sure you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour everyone! He is coming soon! Please don't be left behind! Accept and believe in Jesus Christ! John 3:16

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