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Hi guys welcome back to my channel. Thank you guys for tuning in in today's video we have a headband wig from beauty forever. This is their water wave in 20 inches. I have my hair in 10 plaits. This is what makes the style easy, because you don't have to braid your hair down. This is how the hair is coming out of the package. It'S nice flowy, bouncy shiny. You know all of that, and this is the natural wave pattern i did not wash the hair. Yet the wig is constructed with a comb at the top and a comb at the bottom and then two velcro pieces that connect in the back. Now i'm taking the eco styler gel the green one and i'm just going to make sure that my edges are laid down once i've got my edges, how i want them and i make sure that they're laid i'm going to tie it down and sleep on it Overnight this is my hair. The next morning, i'm going to reapply some of the eco styler gel, because, after laying on it, it gets a little out of place, but for the most part it's laid down once you put the wig on you're, going to adjust it and fit the combs into Your braids and make sure that it's how you want it then you're going to put the hair up and get it out of your way, so you can take the straps and attach them in the back. It'S just a lot easier. That way. This wig really reminds me of back in the day when we used to wear the half wigs, but this just has a band around it and you're able to pull it up, but i love it because it's so easy. It'S quick! It literally took me like 10 minutes, maybe to put this on now. This is the band that came with the wig and i'm going to tie it around to cover up the black part, and with this you can either wear the black band that comes on the wig, or you can add your own headband in different colors and styles, And this is how my hair is looking. I love it, it's so cute and it took me no time at all. This is the final look. I slowed it down, so you guys can see how pretty this hair is and again it's a water wave from beauty forever, they're, hip and wig, and it is in 20 inches and i'm also going to show you at the end how you're able to put it Up and what it looks like when it's in a bun, you

Shéyenne Reaves:

Yvonne Carter: This entire video was with the hair straight from the packaging did you end up washing or adding product to it off camera?

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