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Hi you guys i'm back with another hair review video in today's review video i have a wig sent to me by a company called don milly. I don't know if you pronounce it domily or don milly, but they sent me this unit and it is a headband wig. Y'All i've never tried a headband wig. This is going to be my first time trying a headband wig. So i'm actually really excited to see how it works out. For me, this is the company right here and they have their amazon store details, as you can see so yeah. I'M excited y'all, because i've never tried a headband wig like this is going to be honestly. This is what you're going to you know refer to this wig as your emergency unit, so in the back, so they sent a headband and then so inside we have a stocking cap, a wig cap, and then we have another headband. Oh this one is even like. I love floral print like i really really love floral print, it's crazy! How much i love floral print and they sent me a floral print, wig um, a floral print headband, and let me tell you this is beautiful. So i'm already feeling this here is the unit y'all wow. It looks as though it already has a band attached to it, though this is how you this is what you'll use to apply it, and it's like this beautiful um wave. This beautiful wave pattern on the inside you got a huge um comb in the front there to secure your unit to your head, and then you have two more combs at the sides here and then a comb in the back. So this unit is going to be very secure. This is actually built into the unit, so this is what's going to secure it on your head as well. Provide you some more security because there's velcro at the end of the band, so you would just wrap this around your head and then attach it like so, and so i'm gon na go ahead and try this unit on. In my case, i didn't wanted to baby here is because of the simple fact that my hair, underneath my um underneath my cap, is actually blonde, because i have bleached my hair to color it green, but i'm about to just try this um temptation on my hair And this is basically temporary hair color in a spray can - and i usually use this on my lace - to like finesse. My parts when i over bleach or just to like get a more clean part. So i'm gon na use this on my natural hair. I'Ve never tried this on my natural hair, so i'm gon na put this on my hair and see how it goes all right. So y'all see my hair is blonde right now and it's it's a mess. It'S looking a mess, so i'm gon na put on the stocking cap. I got my stocking cap on and i'm about to just i'm about to just spray my edges with this. Basically, so this stuff is cold, okay, so to remove it. You just have to um shampoo it. It is highly waterproof. Okay, i'm gon na go get to my got to be um gel. I got to be glue gel and be ready, see if i can make some baby hairs. Okay, let me tie my edges down and i'll be right back my edges probably look kind of gray, but honestly, if it doesn't match well i'll, just put the bands further down onto my forehead, you don't have to leave edges, but y'all know me personally. I just love having um some type of edges shonen, and it's that easy y'all, like i swear this is gon na be my emergency unit like this unit, is definitely gon na, be my go-to for when i don't feel like doing my hair. My hair looks a mess and i have errands to run and i need to be out the door, i'm pressed on time. I don't have time to really style. My hair, like this unit, would be so convenient for that and because you have a headband, you can actually do a cute ponytail. You can honestly do like a cute ponytail like this now y'all like this is so convenient. It'S honestly the easiest freaking hairstyle like you, don't have to do. Y'All, see that, like you, don't even have to do nothing like i'm a baby here. Type of chick, like i've, said that in so many videos already, and if you see my other previous hair videos, you'll see that i'm just into baby hairs. If you're, not a baby here person, you don't got ta do baby hairs, but i love baby hairs. I'Ll leave the um direct link for this unit down in the description bar. Let me go ahead and give y'all the specific details on this unit, because this unit is so bomb. So this is the water wave 16 inch headband unit from dominican and it is human hair. It'S obviously a glueless unit. You you don't need to do anything to it. Literally, nothing. You could do a messy bun. You can do a ponytail, you can rock it down. You can do even a half up, half down kind of look if you wanted to like there's so much you can do with just like this. Is this is honestly amazing to me it's so cute and it's so convenient like this is gon na? Be my emergency wig like this is the true definition when they say an emergency unit like every every female has have to have. The emergency unit, like y'all, have to anybody that um wears wigs y'all have to have that emergency unit that y'all go to like this is gon na. Be that for me honestly, it's so so freaking easy to just throw it on and be on your way like i'm trying to find a freaking um elastic band, so i could leave it up. So y'all can see how cute it is. This chair is making mad noise. I apologize if y'all hear that in the back. But honestly i just came here to get this is so beginner friendly too. This is this is an easy in-store wig, it's beginner friendly. You don't got to use no glue. You don't got to do too much. Finessing just remind me of them units from back in the day when they used to have they used to make something like similar to this, the wigs with the um built-in headband in the front they bring them back, because i remember my mom used to have one Growing up, i think i'm gon na go and see if i could find a rubber band and i'm gon na come back y'all. Do you see her? She is so cute and convenient hey ms convenient! Oh, my goodness, you guys and then when i get home i think i'm going to color my hair back to black. I don't know i don't know y'all, but let me know what y'all think. Thank you guys for tuning in to this video subscribe to the channel. If you haven't already catch you guys in the next one

Niesha W: I love it! I be wanting to try wigs but I just don't know how to fix them. That wig looks cute on you and it seems easy for beginners to try. Thanks!

Natural Naya: I love the whole idea overhead bin with him can you give me some tips on how to get hair or hair products sent to me?

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